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Have you ever listened to a keynote speech that left you in awe? Or have you have ever watched an interview that motivated you to take action? The spoken word is remarkably powerful. It has the ability to inspire change, drive creativity, motivate people to take action, and educate. This is why a speaker is such a valuable piece of any event, meeting or conference.


Whether you want to motivate your employees to take more accountability, inspire those in the audience to take charge of their own lives, or encourage people to build an organization that is collaborative and innovative, a speaker can help transform your audience.


This power and influence is why choosing the right speaker is so important. In fact, we believe it's one of the most important pieces of the event planning process and will determine whether your meeting is a hit.


Choosing a Speaker: It's a Science Once you've determined the goals of your event, your audience and your benchmark for success, you have the right information to start your speaker search. Selecting a speaker is almost scientific. It's the perfect mix of content, style, approach, experience and passion. You want to make sure each of these elements align with your organization's values, brand and event goals.


More importantly, you want to ensure the speaker you choose can make a personal connection with your audience. The content, style and approach must align with their expectations, experiences and emotions.


As you browse our roster of world-class speakers, keep these three pillars in mind:


1. Ensure the content and topic the speaker is known for will be relevant to your audience and organization. You don't want to miss the mark.
2. Relevance is everything. In order to make the personal connection, you want to ensure the speaker isn't coming from out of left field.
3. The delivery style and approach is critical. You want someone who is as passionate about their topic as you are for planning amazing events. They need to bring a level of emotion and energy so they can get your audience engaged and willing to participate.


This might sound like a tall order. We'd be lying if we said it wasn't. But that's why we're here.


Where's the Value in a Speaker?


As an event and meeting planner, you know how much is riding on these engagements. The wrong selection can spell disaster. But choosing the right speaker can deliver huge results.


Regardless of your goals, the right speaker can unlock endless potential for you and your organization. Whether it's to drive sales, ignite collaboration or inspire employees to take more accountability and become leaders, a speaker can help your organization meet these goals in a creative, engaging and memorable way.


The passion, energy and emotion that these speakers bring can transform both personal and professional lives. Through their knowledge, experiences and insight, they can redefine how we look at the world around us.


The Bottom Line An engaging, relevant and inspiring speaker can have long-lasting and significant impacts on your organization, your audience and your career.


Have questions about where to start? Contact us directly! We'll help you set everything in motion.