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saul_millerMining for Excellence: Find Your Inner Greatness

Ever feel like a diamond in the rough? You wouldn’t be alone. Plenty of people know they’re brimming with potential, but they’ve yet to figure out an effective way to make their ambitions a reality. Despite how hard it may seem, we all have the ability to use our natural aptitude and hard-won skills to set and achieve practical objectives. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to chip away at the thoughts and behaviours that are preventing you from reaching your goals. The professionals that make up our Excellence Speakers are just those individuals, as they draw from their own successful experiences in order to unearth your inner greatness.

What could so easily become an hour (or two) of bragging isn’t at all. These professionals share with their audiences their phenomenal success stories in a way that inspires and motivates. They present to their listeners the challenges and adversity they faced while on the road to victory, demonstrating in clear and engaging ways the steps they took to overcome their obstacles. These lessons become the focus of their presentations, as they outline the key strategies, attitudes, and behaviours they adopted during their journey.

A particularly talented speaker can do this while acknowledging and identifying the distinctive challenges their audiences face, so they can tailor a message that resonates with the unique experiences, challenges, and goals of their listeners. We’ve spent a lot of time vetting the list of professionals in our roster in order to confirm their ability to connect with individuals. In addressing the audience, our Excellence Speakers divert the attention away from their own successes, and focus on the approach that would lead their audiences to their own success.

Speakers like Susan Ershler and Dr. Saul L. Miller are happy to meet with you and your planning committee so they can better understand the purpose behind your event. By speaking with you – or by corresponding via email – they can learn about your goals and objectives. They’ll also take that time to familiarize themselves with the challenges their future audience members face, so they can tweak their presentation in order to guarantee their occupational takeaways and messages of inspiration hit home.

Every single one of our speakers is able to customize their presentation to your event, but we suggest you visit each of their specialized pages. We’ve created an easy-to-navigate online catalogue of our roster, so you can explore their biographies, topics of interest, past clients, videos, and testimonials in further detail. By clicking through our speakers’ pages, you can find pinpoint professionals who offer engagement topics that seem like they’ve been tailored to your needs before you even connect with them.

When you delve into Susan Ershler’s page, you’ll discover that this business executive and best-selling author is uniquely qualified to speak about the power of perseverance because of her experience as a climber of the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest. In an engaging and entertaining presentation, Ershler compares her literal summit to the Everest-sized goals and objectives that your company may face.

Meanwhile Dr. Saul Miller is a performance specialist with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology that makes him one of the world’s leading mental coaches. He’s helped major sports teams, Olympians, healthcare workers, and global corporations assess their performance, drawing upon his experience as a psychologist to provide proven methods of thinking and behaviour that lead to personal and professional excellence.

You can find both Susan Ershler’s and Dr. Saul Miller’s pages on our website, along with the remaining Excellence speakers as well as other professionals with different areas of expertise. If you have any questions regarding their experience, skillset, or availability, our agents are ready to take your phone calls and answer your emails.

We look forward to speaking with you. Together, we’ll find the professional who is the perfect match with the right experience, talent, and charisma to make a connection with your audience so you can unlock the secrets to achieving greatness.

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