Spotlight on Past Captain of the Coast Guard Larry Brudnicki

Make the Right Decision Every Time – Even Under Pressure

If any of our regular readers consider themselves cinephiles, you’ll be familiar with the movie, The Perfect Storm. The motion picture, starring such Hollywood heavyweights as George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, was based on the creative nonfiction book of the same name chronicling the doomed fate of a fishing boat caught in one of the biggest storms ever recorded off the coast of New England. But the fishing crew wasn’t the only vessel to venture into the volatile seas at that time. The Tamaroa (WMEC-166) led by Captain Larry Brudnicki braved the hurricane to carry out two dramatic rescues.

larry_brudnicki_speakerNow retired, Capt. Brudnicki has left the US Coast Guard after a 30 year career to become a celebrated motivational speaker, and MCP Speakers is happy to include him in our roster. When he isn’t travelling the world as a speaker, Capt. Brudnicki spends his time as a commentator on television programs featured on the History Channel, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel. He’s also a published author of several titles, including, Leadership Secrets from the Perfect Storm: Practical Solutions to Keep You on the Right Course.

He’s a popular addition to a variety of engagements, as he’s an engaging and versatile speaker with the ability to enlighten, inspire, and entertain. Past clients have called his presentations sincere, eloquent, and witty and filled with actionable advice. With topics that include time management, risk assessment, and leadership, he draws upon his experience as a captain during one of the most harrowing rescue missions in recent memory to help business professionals make difficult decisions, over adversity, and reach their goals.

Capt. Brudnicki understands the pressure behind making important decisions under duress. He only had 100 hours to perform two dangerous rescues while the Perfect Storm raged on. With the lives of his crew and the crew of those ships they were meant to be saving on the line, his decisions as captain were a matter of life and death. One wrong judgement call and he could have endangered those offices under his command. It was his experience as captain and his ability to persevere that allowed him to make the right decisions.

During his presentation, Capt. Brudnicki addresses the difficulties of making tough decisions for time-sensitive projects, especially when these assignments are at the mercy of external factors that one can’t control. While he had to contend with the dangerous conditions of the ocean, he easily compares his challenges to the volatile conditions of the market, offering insightful takeaways and actionable strategies to effectively evaluate all possible risks in the business world. With an emphasis on teamwork to mitigate the strain of leadership, he provides his listeners with the tools they need to make reliable judgement calls in high-risk situations.

When you secure Capt. Brdunicki for a speaking engagement, he’ll outline the principles of risk management. In a style that’s been described as fast-paced and quick-witted, he shares with his audience ways in which to become a better leader by quantifying risks and improving teamwork.

When you’re ready to see what kind of lessons you can learn from this former commanding officer, give us a call. We’d be happy to secure Captain Larry Brudnicki for your upcoming keynote. You may also book the captain through our website, by clicking the green ‘Book Larry Brudnicki Now’ button on his biography page. Securing this consummate professional is that easy.

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