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Hire a Top Facilitator for a Fun & Engaging Learning Experience

Directing a corporate seminar, tutorial, or training session is a delicate process. Not everyone is suited to the task of providing leadership while delivering an engaging and dynamic learning experience. If you’re worried about striking a balance between the content and process of your upcoming function while remaining neutral in terms of decisions made by the group, defer to the experts. MCP Speakers has a roster of professional Facilitators who can lead your event with a deft hand, delivering essential information and inspiring motivation to tackle new and exciting concepts.

Theresa Behenna – Motivational Speaker with a Musical Twist
Unlike most of the professionals who have a place in our roster, Theresa Behenna uses the power of music – as well as her patented Aussie humour – to craft an inspiring and motivational engagement for her audiences. By setting her facilitation and keynotes to piano, she sets hers presentation a part from the typical stuffy corporate fare. The notes increase the impact of her message, which emphasizes the need for positive attitude adjustment as the key to unlocking substantive change in order to reach goals. Her experience as an entertainer, recording artist, entrepreneur, and international speaker allows her message to touch every individual in the crowd.

Eddie LeMoine – Employee Engagement Expert, Author, Corporate Trainer
Building on his experience as a senior executive, Eddie LeMoine has become a sought-after employee engagement speaker and corporate trainer. Using his unique ability to read and connect with any audience, he’s able to customize his engagements into a tailor-made experience. As a facilitator, LeMoine is an engaging and approachable figure who shares with his listeners an infectious positive attitude. As a keynote speaker, he delivers practical strategies to behavioural changes that guarantee happiness and success.

dinipettyDini Petty – Award-Winning Producer, Talk Show Host and Author
For years, Dini Petty entertained Canadian audiences with her daytime talk show, The Dini Petty Show. Blending lifestyle features with interviews with celebrity guests, Dini Petty skills as a television host and interviewer earned her 3 Gemini Nominations, several CanPro Awards, and the Iris Award from the National Association of Television. Now a best-selling author and inspired member of the community, Petty devotes herself to notable Canadian charities. As a facilitator and keynote speaker, she applies her quick wit, natural inquisitiveness, and quirky charm to each engagement, using her personable humour to moderate and MC any event.

Theresa Behenna, Eddie LeMoine, or Dini Petty would make an excellent facilitator at your upcoming event. When you’re ready to explore their topics of expertise in further depth, take a look at our online roster of Facilitator Speakers. These three professionals are joined by various business professionals who have the skills and charm necessary for leading complex discussions, training sessions, and seminars. Each of them has a full bio page complete with videos and testimonials from previous clients. Once you’ve found an individual who has the experience and expertise you need, go ahead and fill out our online request form. We’ll get back to you about their availability as soon as we can.


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