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Behind every great corporation is a crew of devoted employees who are willing and able to provide dependable, innovative, and creative support. That means your company is only as good as your staff, as your success hinges on their ability to deliver. Acquiring talented individuals you can trust can be difficult, but it doesn’t compare to the challenge of keeping these professionals. Qualified workers are always at a premium, and their loyalty is contingent on your ability to support them in return. If you can’t deliver, they’re more than willing to jump ship.

A low retention rate due to mismanagement can hurt your organization. When your enterprise has a revolving door (spinning at Mach speeds), office productivity nosedives along with your sales. Losing essential members of your team means the remaining employees have to take on more responsibility to meet deadlines and objectives. These individuals can struggle with keeping morale, as they toil under the strain of additional tasks – perhaps leading them to question whether they should remain at all. You don’t need to be told that this can threaten your ability to deliver on goods and services to your customers. Disappoint your clients enough times, and your brand’s reputation can take a serious hit.

The process of replacing these employees is also a huge waste of time and money. Recent studies suggest the cost of finding a replacement is equivalent of 6–9 months of the position’s salary, as you divert talent and resources in order to find, hire, and train a new employee. As you go higher up on the ladder, the cost of losing an employee increases significantly, making employee turnover a serious drain on your budget.

The solution? Squash your high turnover rate and make your most talented employees the most loyal ones on staff. But that’s easier said than done, especially if you aren’t sure why your management style isn’t complementing your workforce. Several issues can present themselves, including your staff’s increasing diversity, external economic pressures, and changing priorities that you may not be equipped to address. When you find yourself overwhelmed by the mountain challenges that you face, don’t attempt to solve them on your own. Enlist the help of a human resource expert who can help you identify and solve the problems that are causing your low retention rate.

The business professionals that form our list of Human Resources Speakers draw from their business management backgrounds to offer practical advice in an engaging and relatable way. They provide actionable strategies to solve issues regarding performance, diversity, changing demographics, and management styles that could be hampering your retention rates.

Take a look at our human resources experts to find a business professional who has the appropriate blend of experience, problem solving strategies, charisma, and best practices for your company. Our world-renowned speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, so you’ll be able to find one who’s absolutely perfect for your concerns; however, if you’re unable to find the name of a human resources speaker that you prefer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our offices. Over the years we’ve networked with the top business leaders in North America, and we can use our connections to track down a particular individual should they not be included in our roster.

With our help, you’ll be able to secure a professional who holds the secrets to solving your retention issues, offering you the tools and methodology to encourage positive change and create a positive atmosphere for your business. Once you’ve lowered your turnover rate, you’ll get back to the way things were – when your employees were happy to put 110% into their work.

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