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Terri Knox

Balance Inside and Out

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Terri Knox: Balance Inside and Out

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Terri Knox has been bringing inspirational keynotes and seminars to a wide variety of clients from every sector across North America.  A strong believer in positive reinforcement, Terri Knox power-packs her energetic and entertaining seminars complete with tools that will enhance your life personally and professionally.  Recognized as an international speaker, Terri Knox conveys her message through knowledge, skill and wisdom.

This knowledge comes from a wealth of experience working in customer service for over 22 years, in addition to working as the Coordinator of Education and Training for the tourism industry.  Terri has been previously nominated Female Entrepreneur of the Year, co-authored a book titled 'Professional Women Who Speak...Speak Out!', and is currently working on authoring her own book.

An experience that will take you from laughter to tears, Terri's presentations allow you to look within and recognize that the greatest gift we have been given is our life.  Taking the responsibility to celebrate our journey is essential.  Terri provides you with tips to increase your self-image, develop goal-setting techniques and enable you to achieve personal success.  Sit back and enjoy an exciting and inspirational experience with many of Terri's personal experiences that allow you to reflect on your life and discover the POWER OF YOU!

Balance... Inside and Out

Are you juggling everything in your life?
Do you feel like you are dropping more balls then you keep in the air?
Dropping some balls is okay, but some are crystal and will not bounce!


Learn professional tips and insights on how to balance your life
from the INSIDE OUT.

Start Balancing... Inside and Out today and discover the Power of You.

Some Suggested Topics
  • Impowering yourself with tools to increase life’s success, and enable a stronger inner-self
  • Reducing stress in your life now
  • Incorporate strategies to expand your personal power
  • Incorporate powerful self-coaching skills to enhance energy in your daily life
  • Use your emotional strengths, and overcome fear
  • Eliminate guilt in a new and energizing way
  • Expand your intuitive powers, creativity, and energy
Having a roadmap to follow your dreams and attain your goals, while living with less stress and greater focus is a dream for most. Terri's intensive presentation will accelerate success personally and professionally. Tap dancing in life trying to be everything to everybody robs us from energy and focus! Connecting to our limitless potential is essential. Included in Terri's session are proven tools, tips and strategies designed to turn on every individuals internal ‘success magnet’! This innovative program or keynote is developed to fit with reality of our day-to-day challenges and busy lives. Terri's energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and sincerity will be key to enabling participants to walk away with the sense that you have invested in YOU!
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