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Kimberley Richardson

Formerly one of Xerox Canada's top sales executives

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Kimberley Richardson: Formerly one of Xerox Canada's top sales executives

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Kimberley is the President and Co-founder of Imagemakers International – a leadership and personal development company that specializes in the creation of genuine leaders. Over the past sixteen years, through her keynote speeches, leadership training seminars and executive coaching programs, she has inspired thousands of individuals to reach their full potential.

Kimberley has been described as ‘enlightening’, ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘life changing’. Formerly one of Xerox Canada's top sales executives, Kimberley has appeared on national television and her expertise has been sought out for both radio and newspaper interviews. By inspiring people to be the best they can possibly be, she motivates her audiences to become genuine leaders and in turn, make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.
Leadership for Life: The Road Map
We are living in a 24/7 world.  Work is becoming home and home is becoming work. As the boundary that separates these two worlds is shifting quickly, our basic sense of who we are is being questioned. If we are to keep the human spirit alive and importantly, live and work to our full potential, developing skills that will help you find balance in your life, must be seen as a top priority.

This program will inspire you to clarify your values, establish priorities and give you an opportunity to discover how you can live your best life. You will explore the nine components of your potential, the importance of health and wellness as the fuel for unleashing your potential, how you can become a peak performer and the secrets to living a happy, meaningful and purpose driven life. A highly interactive and thought provoking session that will inspire and motivate and help you ignite purpose and passion in your life.

The Genuine Leader: The 10 Key Steps 21st Century Leadership

Today's economic realities has brought many new challenges for both employees and the companies that employ them. The companies that will thrive realize that they must create a culture of genuine leaders who have values to follow that inspire others to emulate them. This shift in culture will ensure employees feel valued and respected and in turn, inspire them to go the extra mile. And the increase in productivity and profits, will speak for itself.

In this inspiring and thought provoking session, participants will learn ten key strategies for becoming a genuine leader. They will discover the importance of personal leadership, the correlation between respect and results, the power of personal accountability, the importance of creating win/win relationships, the secrets to inspiring others from within and the keys to reaching their full potential. At the outcome of this session participants will have the tools and skills to create an inspired and engaged workplace.

The Power of Personal Vision

Michelangelo was once asked how it was that he created a magnificent angel from a huge slab of marble and his response was, "It's really quite easy. I simply have a vision and I just chip away at anything that isn't angel. In order to live the life you have always imagined, you must have a vision and be willing to chip away at the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

In this interactive and thought provoking session, you will develop practical skills that will inspire you to be the best you can possibly be. You will learn the five key steps for manifesting your vision, the importance of a positive self-image, overcoming self-imposed limitations, the power of visualization and how to integrate your values and priorities into your life. At the outcome of the program, you will have the tools and insights that will take you to the next level, both personally and professionally.

Leading from the Heart:
The Power of Compassion and Respect

Since the beginning of time, many companies have had a clearly defined vision. A vision that is supposed to foster loyalty, inspire, motivate and engage. Over time, however, their employees stop believing in it and work becomes nothing but a pay cheque.  Why, we may ask does that happen? Well we believe it's because many of the leaders within the company fail to recognize the power of respect and compassion and the vital role it plays in engaging the hearts and minds of those they lead.

Today, more than ever, we need leaders who care. We need leaders who understand the meaning of respect and the subtleties of respect.  True leaders who realize in the words of Jackie Robinson, "that a life is not important except in the impact it has on other people's lives."  In this insightful and thought-provoking session, participants learn practical skills and insights that they can use immediately to keep their people focused, engaged and highly productive. In turn, they discover how respect and compassion will unleash their potential and in turn, create a culture of genuine leaders.

“Your reputation as an excellent speaker with a great message certainly assisted us greatly in drawing a larger number of attendees than usual for January. Again, thank you for the excellent presentation.”
Nancy Little - Executive Director Advocis Toronto

“Your presentation was dynamic and held everyone’s interest until the end. It was also thought provoking causing the audience to reflect on their work habits. This is the first step in instituting change. I will readily recommend your services to other companies seeking ways to improve their image and communication skills.”
Jean Laurin - President and CEO GVA Devencore - Chairman Montreal Board of Trade

"Wow -It was great -the right balance -all the way!!! A+. Make it an empowerment leadership weekend."
Maureen Barnes Smith - Vice President Sandals and Beaches Resorts

“To have kept my attention for a full day is a remarkable achievement! This was a renewal of focus which is long overdue. Thank you Kimberley.”
David Roper - Director, Industry Relations Sandals Resorts International

“It was so great to have you with us, spreading your special kind of enthusiasm, encouragement, kindness and just plain “positive vibes”. At least one person said it was the ‘best yet’ and many people mentioned your presentation as the highlight. Thank you for your very substantial contribution to the success of our seminar.”
Margaret Smith - Director of Education Hospital Auxiliaries Association of Ontario

“There has been a lot of positive feedback and everyone was very impressed with the content and delivery of your presentation. You certainly left an indelible mark on our meeting and left a lasting impression with all in attendance.”
Randy Lennox - President & CEO Universal Music Canada

"Deep emotion -intense and fundamental learning -a life shift happened today!"
Pat Gonsalves - Account Manager Q107

“Re-tooling of my leadership methodologies and process. Keep doing what you are doing!”
Steve Koslowski – Software Account Executive Hewlett Packard Canada

“Fantastic group workshop. Great Group Dynamic: Comfortable and open.
Joel Pye – VP Operations Universal Music

"A lot more emotion than I had anticipated."
Allison Quennell - Career Manager Rottman School of Business

"This was truly such an inspiring experience -I am so grateful to have been here. Keep being Kimberley."
Aileen Baran - Human Resource Specialist

"A lot of self-reflection. I will take a lot of the concepts home and apply them at work as well."
Kathy Hunter -Assistant Manager Leadership Training and Development State Farm Insurance

"The presenter was real -she spoke of her experience and made us feel good about the challenges we face in the work place. Keep doing it. Great job!"
Anita Allen - Controller Sandals and Beaches Resorts

"A great chance to refocus on our own personal priorities and realize how that will ultimately impact others. Excellent. "Thank you for your openness and candour -it really made the session all the more wonderful".
Cathy Rice - Leadership Training and Development State Farm Insurance

“I was very impressed and so delighted to be part of this seminar. It was inspiring to meet other people that have good core values and a positive outlook on life.” “I would make it an overnight or two day program with more physical activity, but it was truly amazing.”
Katy Gonsalves - Aspiring singer/performer

General Audience Seminar Testimonials:

“Kimberley is very inspirational and a great speaker. Very touching and brings one back to what is important.”

“This was very inspirational. Kimberley captivated the audience”.

“Kimberley – awesome presentation – you are charismatic and a delight to listen to – great information that can easily be applied.”

“Kimberley really touched me not only as a motivational speaker, but as a human being. It was wonderful to share her insights and wisdom about ‘natural’ things, ie. respect. Thank you very much for being a part of my life.”

“My expectations were exceeded! It’s the best training I have ever attended! Very interactive and kept my attention from beginning to end. We did indeed learn, work and think a lot!”

“Made me take the time to understand where I need to improve – something I don’t ever make the time to do. Awesome job!”

“Kimberley was wonderful. She has very special qualities and knowledge. I hope in the future, that I will see, hear and experience another of her programs.”

“Excellent content and very thought provoking. Kept my attention.”

“Tears, joy, thought provoking ways to move forward and make my life all that it can be. Make a difference!” Change starts from within!”

“Clarity, definition and excellent presentation. Reservations please for the next millennium.”

“In my mind this is a necessary program for people of all levels and stages. The focus on self improvement is powerful and should pay big dividends.”

“Mandatory course for management. Great course.”

“Coming into the session, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The two-day session enabled me to take a closer look at myself. I will definitely make a point of taking the tools that I’ve been given here and apply them, to help enrich my life and subsequently, the lives of those around me. Thank you!”
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Federal Express
Fidelity Investments
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