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Carla Rieger

Expert on the Artistry of Change

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Carla Rieger: Expert on the Artistry of Change

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Carla Rieger is an expert on the artistry of change. Carla Rieger uses proven secrets from the world of performing arts to help your organization becoming a leader of innovation. She has been a professional speaker, trainer, facilitator, comedy improvisor, and performance storyteller since the mid-80’s. Carla Rieger is the director of YES Education Systems, a creative communications and innovation consulting firm since 1991. She has written three critically acclaimed manuals, The Power of Laughter, Speaking on the Funny Side of the Brain and The Heart of Presenting, in addition to many articles in many trade journals and magazines.

She has taught thousands to unlock the funny side of their brains, and to mine negativity both within and without for the key to innovative solutions. Her work has been featured on radio, TV and in magazines. She founded several theatre groups including Mad Cow Productions, the Vancouver Playback Theatre troupe and Mythic Café from which she wrote, produced and performed a one-woman show, Dancing Between Worlds.
The Artistry of Change:
The Top 3 Habits of Highly Resilient People
"Everyone is born an artist. The trick is to re-capture that innate ability as an adult and put it into all aspects of life." - Pablo Piccaso

The most indispensable people on the job these days are those who can reinvent, lead, innovate, and communicate while facing constant transitions. This program practically explores how to accept what you cannot change, change what you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference. After 10 years of research we have identified the top 3 habits of people who actually practice this wisdom regularly. We call these people Change Artists--and anyone can learn to re-access these innate skills through small daily habits. During this engaging and practical program your group will discover how to:
  • find the benefits from challenges.
  • shift a reactive state of mind to a problem solving state of mind.
  • customize this framework for your organizational setting.
  • create a culture of innovation one small step at a time.
The Artistry of Change® is a powerful framework that blends diverse fields such as educational kinesiology, western and eastern psychology, change management theory, creative process models, and neuroscience. Witness how these fields are merging in exciting ways to produce the new 'organizational artistry'.

Change It Up:
How to Avoid the Top 4 Mistakes Change Leaders Make
"The ability to creatively handle constant change will be the most sought after skill in the 21st Century." - Alvin Toffler, Futurist
Looking at the common mistakes of change leaders is a great entry into this topic because people often only achieve success through its opposite--failure. With all the changes happening in the economy, the demographics and the industry, leaders and self starters who know how to:
  • see change coming before it pulls them under
  • re-strategize to meet changing needs
  • get buy in from their stakeholders
  • move through awkward transitions with strength and vision
are the ones who will thrive. This is a high energy, entertaining and practical program for anyone who wants to help their business, company, or organization stay resilient in a world of constant change.

The Power of Laughter:
Managing Change with a Sense of Humor

"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities." - Jean Houston
Is your working environment too serious? Has overwhelming change made the Grump-O-Meter go up? Constructive fun at work contributes to employee engagement, customer loyalty and improved productivity. It activates your ability to successfully navigate the white water of constant change. During this practical, entertaining and inspiring presentation, your group will discover how fun can:
  • build rapport
  • manage stress
  • improve innovative thinking
  • increase energy and productivity
  • enhance daily enjoyment of work
  • make your workplace more attractive to top employees
  • Experience the joy of laughing and playing together, a celebration of people and life.

The Art of Communication:
How to Turn Differences into Collaborative Solutions

Conflict is an element like fire: too much causes damages; too little and no transformation can occur.
Costly communication breakdowns often happen between people because of simple-to-solve issues. If not dealt with you can lose productivity, income, well being, customers and employee engagement.

Diversity of opinions between people can lead to decisions that are wiser and more sustainable. This program covers the top habits of those who turn differences into solutions. During this engaging and interactive presentation you will discover how to:
  • practice 3 habits that prevent communication breakdowns
  • communicate your needs without causing defensiveness
  • switch from an unhealthy tension to a healthy discussion
  • have touchy conversations that lead to positive outcomes
  • win back trust and create goodwill where it was lost
  • Experience the joy of making open communication a part of your daily work life.

Taking Creative Risks:
How to Present Innovative Ideas to Decision Makers

Are you afraid of the people who roll their eyes or slam every new idea? If your workplace is 'change challenged' or addicted to franticness, it can be tricky to shift that.

Of course, all new ideas need what Edward DeBono calls “black hat thinking” or a discerning eye to make sure it makes sense. However, most people employ “black hat thinking” far too early in the process, leaving brilliant ideas on the cutting room floor. If you’ve ever tried to initiative a new approach to something and it failed, probably one of these mistakes happened. You were:
  1. Not paying attention to intention
  2. Starting with something too complicated or risky
  3. Giving no prior warning or purpose for the idea
  4. Being too vague or conceptual
  5. Starting but not finishing
  6. Giving up too quickly

During this interactive, energizing and fun program you will discover tips for preventing these problems from occurring, and ensuring the good ideas get a chance to make a difference in your organization.

Presentation Prosperity
How to Create Presentations that Attract More Business and Inspire Positive Change

  • Do people seem uninterested or resistant to your message?
  • Do you need better clarity on what to say during presentations?
  • Are you struggling with how to communicate the value of your offerings to others?
...then this program might just be for you. Win people over to your message with this step-by-step process.

Discover top tips for crafting and delivering presentations that build the value of your message to the specific people you are talking to. Discover how to:
  • build better rapport with your listeners
  • feel and act more confident
  • build more relevance for those you are there to serve
  • attract the results you need - more income, more credibility, more impact, more buy in
Available as a keynote presentation, breakout session, leadership/staff development program or on-going coaching program.

Storytelling in Business

  • Are your listeners not as engaged as you'd like them to be?
  • Are you finding it hard to convey a complex message briefly?
  • Do you love stories but aren't sure how to craft them?
...then this program might just be for you. People who can craft their message in story form are indispensable communicators whether it's a formal presentation, education session, running a meeting or one-on-one.

Most presenters need more stories, but either can't think of any to tell, don't know how to craft them effectively or lack the skills to delivery them well. During this engaging session you will discover:
  • a template for creating powerful stories
  • the do's and don'ts of using stories
  • how to delivery stories with greater impact
Available as a keynote speech, 1/2 day, full day and as part of a 3 day training program.

Speaking on the Funny Side of the Brain
"Blessed are those who can make people laugh, for they shall never be without an audience."

Here is a unique approach to unlocking your comic genius. If you want to stand out from your competition as a business communicator, you need to make people smile from time to time. Contrary to popular belief, being a more light-hearted presenter is a skill that CAN be taught. Discover how to tap into the funny side of your brain to:
  • build rapport with your listeners
  • open people's minds to new ideas
  • turn dry concepts into engaging stories
  • make your message more memorable
Available as a keynote speech, 1/2 day and as part of a 3 day training program.

"We have heard only excellent feedback on your presentation, and everyone wants you back for next year's conference!"
Canadian Institute of Financial Planners

"Carla's keynote was enthusiastically received by every employee who attended our sales rallies across Canada. She not only entertained us with some much needed fun and laughter, she taught us how to create the change we want to see."
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"This was one of the most helpful and uplifting presentations I've ever experienced!"
Overwaitea Foods

"Our franchise owners juggle many roles at once and often have to deal with negative attitudes on the part of staff. Carla's program on managing change and dealing with challenging people really hit home with us."
Molly Maid
Opthalmic Nurse's Association
Internal Revenue Service
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