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Jeff Adams

Two-time Olympian, Four-time Paralympian

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Jeff Adams: Two-time Olympian, Four-time Paralympian

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Jeff Adams is a two-time Olympian, four-time Paralympian, six-time World Champion and prior World Record holder in the 1500m men's wheelchair event.

For the past eight years, Jeff Adams has spoken to many corporations, and hundreds of thousands of students on diverse topics, but always with the goal of motivating positive , and stimulating productivity by teaching basic lessons about overcoming barriers. The stories I tell and the images that I show all have the same purpose - to connect with my audience about the things that matter most to them. Jeff Adams speak's about the need to recognize the excellence that surrounds us, and the need to be a part of that excellence if we hope to define ourselves in the ways that we dream of. I try to point out the easy ways of approaching the barriers that we all face, using my experiences as an athlete and a person who uses a wheelchair every day to demonstrate techniques that are universal, and guarantee success. It's not always about overcoming the barriers that we face, but it is always about having the courage to confront them, no matter what shape or size they take. I speak about teamwork and solo efforts, success and failure, dreams and nightmares, fear and courage, leading and following leaders. I take my stories about sports, and put them into the context of business, I take my stories of overcoming physical barriers, and put them in the context of the lives we lead every day. I tell stories about the times that I have been fortunate enough to win, but the most important story I tell is about the day I lost. There have been many organizations that have allowed me to share in their celebrations and allowed me to be a part of their excellence, and the messages that I deliver are always customized to their individual needs.

  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Teamwork & Solo Efforts
  • Success & Failure
  • Dreams & Nightmares, Fear & Courage
  • Leading & Following Leaders
"Your speech was most inspirational. You delivered it with poise, polish and class".
Hamilton Sports Celebrity Dinner

"Only one word can describe your participation...awesome! You have such a great attitude to life and all that it has to offer that I am sure you inspired everyone there. Life is about breaking barriers of all sorts and you demonstrated that in spades. You are a great role model".
Shad International

"Thank you for kicking our ceremony off in such a dynamite way. I am truly impressed with your flair on stage...I couldn't have imagined the event without you".
Precision Management Consultants

"You were very inspiring...people have quoted you regarding overcoming barriers to achieve personal dreams...seeing them as opportunities and not road blocks."
RBC Financial Group