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Cheryl Cran

Cheryl Cran believes that everyone is a leader AND the future of work requires leaders just like you!

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Cheryl Cran: Cheryl Cran believes that everyone is a leader AND the future of work requires leaders just like you!

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Cheryl is honored to work with and for global brands such as AT&T, Kaiser Permanente, Gartner, TEDX, Bell, Mass Mutual, Manulife, and more. She also works with small to midsized firms including professional practices, tech firms and more.

Cheryl Cran provides leaders and teams (r)evolutionary change management skills to lead with 2020 vision with the leading edge tools to build the future workplace today.

Cheryl’s research into the future of work, change management, technology innovation and generations impact provides data and strategies to inspire leaders to drive transformation in a fast paced world and to create the future workplace TODAY!

As an award winning internationally renowned consultant and keynote speaker for twenty years, Cheryl has worked with hundreds of industries, in dozens of countries and with thousands of audiences worldwide working with leaders sharing insights to more effectively lead in these rapid times of fast paced change, increase innovation capabilities, build enhanced agility for individuals and to ultimately inspire organizations to be adaptive and iconic leaders in their industries.

In her 20’s Cheryl was a high performing senior leader in the banking and insurance industries. Her fast rise to success in those industries resulted in her interest in helping others rise to success and she left to pursue an opportunity of interning for a major consulting firm before establishing her own consulting firm in the late nineties. Fast forward and today Cheryl has a since developed a thriving practice and esteemed global clients who have achieved breakthrough success as a result of working with her.

Cheryl Cran is the author of six books including the newest, “The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced World” (Wiley) being released in Fall 2015.

Her best selling, “101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work” is a global success. It has been translated into several languages and has been the guide for training programs that are currently licensed by partners in over 60 countries.

Cheryl has been awarded the Global Consultant of the Year in 2014 by TMI Global and is the Past President of the Global Speakers Federation. In 2012 Cheryl was inducted into the Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor awarded to less than 30 others.
The Future of Work is Now – Are You Ready?
“Lead with 2020 Vision – Building the Workplace of the Future Today”

What will leaders and their teams have to do to thrive today and beyond to the year 2020? Today’s challenges include ongoing global change, technological innovation and changing workplace dynamics.

Employee engagement, creating leaders for the future, attracting and retaining top talent are all elements that are rapidly changing and impacting the way we work and how we need to change to meet the challenges of the future workplace today.

This keynote will provide researched global business insights, thought provoking, creative, leading edge ideas and strategies on how leaders can take immediate action to increase team buy in, adaptability and execution NOW as we head towards 2020.

Cheryl’s style is high energy and interactive, she presents relevant research and her presentations always have fun movie clips and music. Cheryl is well known for delivering the ‘WOW’ Factor. With Cheryl Cran you are guaranteed to have increased audience engagement, an audience that leaves with easy to implement ideas and are inspired to lead with 2020 vision to build the future workplace today.

Attendees will leave this session with:
  • A look at the trends and technologies shaping the future workplace today
  • Ideas for leaders and their teams to adapt their personality style and leadership style to the evolving workplace
  • Tools to use to and the “how” to successfully engage the multiple generations in the workplace
  • Insights into how leaders need to adapt to the ever-changing reality of worker attitudes and shifting attitudes on loyalty, job satisfaction and how work is done.
  • Case studies and examples of progressive companies that are on the cutting edge of creating innovative workplaces and creating the template for the workplace of the future
  • Strategies on how to get everyone on board with the overall vision, build excitement for the company’s direction and create commitment and buy-in to taking action today and for the future

The Art Of Change Leadership Keynote
Lead Change In a Fast Paced and Technological Workplace

This change leadership keynote is for everyone because “everyone is a leader!”

Everyone in the workplace is working in times of intense technological innovation and dealing with ongoing change.

The key is how to inspire and engage everyone to be ‘leaders of change’ and to dynamically increase innovation, collaboration and success for everyone in the company and for the business overall.

This keynote focuses on how each individual can harness their own inner abilities to lead change and personal leadership in a positive and proactive way.

This keynote is based on Cheryl’s new book “The Art of Change Leadership” (Wiley 2015)

Attendees will leave this session with:
  • Further insight into how is fast change is impacting the speed of work and how we as leaders need to build adaptability to the new reality
  • A shifted perspective on how we as individuals can harness positive stress and leverage time in an increasingly fast-paced work environment
  • A clear understanding of how each generation views change, deals with change and strategies to improve change responses and actions
  • Insight into their own personal change behaviors and tools to leverage their individual ability to adapt more quickly to ongoing change with a positive approach
  • Tools to lead change with multiple perspectives including emotional intelligence, generation intelligence and energetic intelligence
  • Skills to elevate communication in a way that speaks to the higher potential of each individual and creates unprecedented understanding and commitment to change as we move forward
  • A change leadership ‘journey map’ a guide to follow to lead change beyond the program
Cheryl’s style is fast-talking, relevant, interactive, high energy with movies and music- the results?

Increased audience engagement, easy to put into use ideas and inspired actionable results.

Evolutionary Leadership Keynote
Upgrade Your Leadership OS (Operating System)
We are living in a time of fast paced transformation and YOU are the transformers!

The key skills needed in these fast moving times are the ability to think fast, make prudent decisions quickly, test innovative ideas and to collaborate with fast responsiveness. Think about it, we keep upgrading our technologies and as technology speeds up we need our ‘thinking’ to be upgraded too!

In this ‘evolutionary’ keynote you will learn how your thinking and your mindset can impact the speed with which you and your team are able to respond and create. Imagine if you were able to download a new version of thinking that would allow you to move faster and get results more quickly.

This keynote provides insight into the ‘how’ to do just that.

Attendees will leave this session with:
  • How leadership thought has evolved over the past few decades and how it relates to what was needed in the business through each of those time periods
  • How technology has created a multi tasking and multiple priorities reality and what to do to maximize abilities to thrive in this reality
  • The four levels of leadership awareness model that provides you with a ‘tool’ to elevate your thoughts and to align your actions with the new ‘leadership operating system’
  • How to leverage mindfulness as an evolutionary strategy and other new strategies to increase your creativity, speed of thought and ability to execute effectively
  • How to leverage emotional intelligence with ‘energy’ intelligence to increase collaboration and connection with others
  • By using Level Four Focus, how to commit to ‘knowledge sharing’ as a future of work strategy and to engage all employees
Cheryl’s style is fast-talking, relevant, interactive, high energy with movies and music- the results?

Increased audience engagement, easy to put into use ideas and inspired actionable results.

Generations Keynote
Maximizing Collaboration and Innovation in Multi Generational Teams

Generations in the workplace is no longer news; leaders and teams don’t want to hear about what makes the generations different anymore they want to know “HOW” to leverage collaboration and innovation among the multi generational teams.

This keynote is tactical and practical and provides examples of different generational approaches to leadership, problem solving and getting things done.

Newer research indicates that in the past few years as Gen Y’s/Millenials impact the workplace there is a higher need for valuing the differences of each of the generations and to find ways to work together synergistically.

This generations keynote provides ideas and strategies on ‘what’ and ‘how’ each individual can increase his or her own ability to leverage generational intelligence to increase innovation and results.
  • Attendees will leave this session with:
  • The three things that ALL of the generations want at work
  • How the strengths of each of the generations are absolutely needed for the future of work today
  • Insight and a reminder of the demographics of each of the generations in the workplace and their impact on business
  • How each of the generations leverages technology to achieve work goals
  • Debunking the myths of the stereotypes of the generations
  • Leadership strategies on how to successfully lead each of the generations by adapting to their work style and generational style
  • How to increase success in communication, collaboration and innovation with each of the generations
  • Case studies of high profile companies who have a large Gen Y demographic and what those companies are doing to recruit and retain Gen Y’s
  • Stories of progressive ideas on how to deal with retiring or ‘refiring’ Zoomers, how to encourage reverse mentoring and how to build career plans for Gen X and Y
How to leverage evolutionary leadership skills of creativity and innovation when leading multigenerational teams

Cheryl’s style is fast-talking, relevant, interactive, high energy with movies and music- the results?

Increased audience engagement, easy to put into use ideas and inspired actionable results.

(R)Evolutionary Future Skills Keynotes
What is the best investment an organization can make to prepare for the future of work today and achieve unparalleled success?

…Advance the Resourcefulness of it’s People!

Adaptive, Innovative People Who Are Excited and Engaged, and Are the Key to a Thriving Organization

For over 20 years I have researched and participated in many human potential programs in search for bettering myself and also in search of the latest techniques for improving leadership performance.

The work of Dr. Donald Epstein is by far the most advanced and the most integrated concepts/teachings I have come across in the past 20 years.

Epstein Technologies is the accumulation of the research and models created that have been validated by numerous Universities and have already helped thousands of people globally increase health, well being and success.

We have collaborated with Epstein Technologies to bring the concepts and applications to the business world. The Epstein Technologies Corporate Program brings the teachings to businesses in the form of Keynotes, Seminars and Training programs.

The companies who will be interested in these programs will have the following ideologies in common:
  • The organization is fast paced, highly technological and dynamic
  • The CEO recognizes the need for leaders to have ‘superhuman OS’ in order to lead change effectively
  • The leaders have had leadership training AND they are ready for the highest level of leadership tools available
  • The leaders recognize that they need ‘human resourcefulness’ in order to create a company that provides shared value for its employees and its customers
  • The company is focused on ‘reorganizing’ to a focus of providing added value consistently to employees and clients
  • These extraordinary programs have never been released before in the Corporate arena and within a month of release major organizations like Unilever and Sony are  on board and learning (r) evolutionary ways to advance the resourcefulness of their people.

Recruiting Top Talent Keynote
Finding and Keeping Good People In The Age of Robotics, Remote Workers and Increasing Competition

We are in a war for talent, Fortune 500 CEO’s surveyed state that even with the age of robotics they are planning to continue to seek and hire talented people well into 2020 and beyond. The competition for attracting top talent is increasing, and as quickly as people are being hired and trained other industries are approaching and poaching talent.

What can you do? In this keynote you will find out how to attract top talent and how to retain them.

Attendees will leave this session with:
  • The latest research from your industry and the current reality of finding and keeping good people
  • Innovative ideas on finding the right people that are suited for your industry
  • Creative ideas and examples from global companies Cheryl has worked with and or interviewed and how they are solving the war for talent
  • The top ten ‘wants’ of top talent when looking to work for a company
  • How to be a company that ‘attracts’ talent, is a workplace of choice and creates a culture where people want to be stay longer with your company
  • The number one reason people leave an employer and how to fix it
  • A greater understanding of why investing in recruiting alone is a no-win approach

Personal High Performance Keynote
Lead With Energy, Passion and Power

We are all working in a rapid-fire change reality- it can be a challenge to have the stamina, the energy and the passion to keep growing and going!

Through my research and subsequent leadership development solutions, I- like other successful people and organizations- have tapped into the secret of creating on-going extraordinary results and increasingly better performance.

What’s the secret?

“Everyone is a Leader” AND everyone needs to increase his or her Passion, Energy and Personal Power individually in order to create the extraordinary, sustainable positive change and growth collectively.

This powerful, inspiring keynote provides solid research, insights and evolutionary tools to help individuals to increase energy, reignite passion and step into the next level of personal power.

Attendees will leave this session with:
  • A personal power process visual that identifies ‘how’ you are motivated and whether you gain more energy from intrinsic or extrinsic motivators
  • A deeper understanding of the power of positive stress and how to leverage it to reach personal and professional goals
  • A checklist that helps to identify what gives you energy and what does not and what to do to stay focused on what gives you energy
  • A greater understanding of the power of emotional intelligence and how mastering this skill increases personal power
  • The four levels of the sought after leadership awareness model I developed and how to leverage it to increase passion and energy
“Cheryl, we would love to have you back and we are excited to see you again this fall. Your dynamic delivery coupled with your insightful presentation resulted in exceptionally positive feedback from all in attendance.” 
Manitoba Home Builders

"Cheryl thanks so much for all your help.  Our event went extremely well.  Andy our Regional VP commented that "it was the best event of this kind he has ever attended".  Feedback surpassed our expectations, due in large part to your energetic, engaging and entertaining close.  Most importantly you were on message.  You clearly listened to us and what we wanted to achieve and you delivered beyond our expectations.  You were awesome!" 
Service Canada

"Your enthusiasm, energetic personal presentation style and sense of humor certainly enhanced the workshops and were major contributions to the outstanding success."
Calgary Health Region

"Your clear, entertaining presentation style was a contributing reason for your success, but equally important was the amount of information gathering and pre-planning you did. A couple of members commented that it was hard to believe you were not part of our industry…”
BC Landscape Association

"I have been inundated with positive comments from participants saying how much they appreciated the time you took to contact them beforehand to assess their needs and that your session was informative, inspirational and FUN!"
Health Association of BC

"We truly appreciated and valued your phenomenal energy and great humor. I believe I speak on behalf of each and every one of the 341 guests when I say you motivated and inspired us with your stimulating and practical presentation."
Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce

"You kept everyone entertained, laughing and involved during a luncheon keynote-not an easy feat!”
Human Resources Development Canada

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The Control Freak Revolution

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