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Craig MacFarlane

The World's Greatest Blind Athlete

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Craig MacFarlane: The World's Greatest Blind Athlete

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Craig MacFarlane is known as a dynamic Inspirational speaker. His skills, charismatic personality and enthusiasm have brought audiences to their feet in 18 countries, Craig MacFarlane has logged over two million air miles in the past thirteen years.

Craig MacFarlane travels throughout the world sharing his message with corporations that include: A T&T, Ford, GM, IBM, Whirlpool, Wal-mart, Energizer, Coke and many more. In addition he speaks to civic groups, high school students and political leaders. His speaking career has allowed him to talk to a diverse groups of audiences. Lou Holtz, former coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. Coach Barry Alvarex invited Craig to speak to the Wisconsin Badgers; coincidentally they won the Rose Bowl that year. He's been asked to motivate the Iowa Hawkeyes, the Clemson Tigers, and the Washington Sate Cougars.

Craig has won 103 gold medals in a variety of sports: wrestling, track and field, snow-skiing, and water-skiing. By the age of 19, three documentaries had aired on National Television throughout Canada, depicting Craig and his numerous accomplishments. All these achievements are impressive. They become formidable when you consider that he's done everything without the benefit of his sight.

Coming from Craig, the words "You can do it" have a special meaning.

Inner Vision
“Your opening one-hour address was one of joy sprinkled with a little sadness.  It made everyone quietly reflect on their own lives measured against yours and served as a huge motivator for what lies ahead for us both personally and professionally.”
Energizer Canada

“Please feel free to use this letter as a reference with any of your potential clients.  Any corporation or organization that is going through a tough period would be wise to consider allowing you to spend a few minutes telling your story.  I know it made a difference for us at Coca-Cola just by listening to the buzz at the conclusion of the meeting.”

“I have received numerous e-mails congratulating me on the success of our meeting almost all of which mentioned the success of choosing our closing speaker, Craig MacFarlane.”
London Life

“You really did a great job of taking some of our key issues and weaving them into your presentation.  It was very professionally done!”
Town of Markham