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Darci Lang

Author, Entrepreneur, Focus on the 90%

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Darci Lang: Author, Entrepreneur, Focus on the 90% Darci Lang demonstrates how anyone can change their focus and make interactions with others, more positive and productive. This happens when you focus on the 90%.

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Darci Lang's message is simple; you have a choice when it comes to your attitude, professionally and personally. The choices you make effect yourself and your team.

A positive attitude is the foundation of Darci’s success. Darci Lang has owned and operated three separate companies,worked with others and managed many different people. As owner of X-L Enterprises and past owner of the award winning Mallabar Tuxedo Rentals in Regina, Darci Lang understands that working effectively within an area or unit requires you to work on yourself first.

As the demand increased for Darci to tell her personal story of turning business into success she turned to professional speaking and training – her third business endeavor. She then started to share her “Focusing on the 90%” message and others wanted to hear about her life story as well. She has been speaking and training for over 17 years. Darci is proud to call Regina home. She is wife to Darren and mom to Jayda and John.

Her dedication and entrepreneurial skill have paid off. She is now a Best Selling author with her book “Focus on the 90%”. One simple tool to change the way you view your life.” Darci has won The Saskatchewan Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award and an Achieving Business Excellence (ABEX) Award. She was a finalist in the Canadian Woman of the Year Award and a three-time nominee for the nationally recognized Entrepreneur and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

She is truly someone who walks the talk.
Focus on the 90%
Your entire organization will be inspired by Darci’s message. Darci uses one simple tool — a magnifying glass — to reframe how we view our jobs, our co‐workers, our clients and our families.

This powerful presentation is an incredible opportunity for your group to examine where each person is focusing their magnifying glass. There will always be 10%s and the power we give to those 10%s affects every aspect of our lives. Using this one simple tool, Darci demonstrates how anyone can change their focus and make interactions with others more positive and productive.

Challenges occur within every environment. It’s how we approach these challenges that sets each of us apart. By using our magnifying glass to focus on the 90%, we can focus on where we want to be, how we can get there together in a supportive manner and still have something left for our families at the end of the day.

Learning Outcomes:
• See improved motivation, positivity and productivity.
• Realize that we cannot control what happens around us but we can control our reactions.
• Understand how your attitude ripples out and affects those around us.
• Have gained insights on how you can focus on the 90%s at work
and at home.

Focus on the 90% for Service Providers
Have you ever been served by someone who did not seem to be enjoying what they were doing? Or by someone who was not a “people person”? Have you ever been served by a person who clearly should not be working at that job anymore? If you do not enjoy what you do, it is very difficult to serve with a positive focus.

Building great service starts with your employees. Before they can provide FOCUSed service, they need to examine their attitude towards their job and serving clients all day.

Darci discusses some tried and true ways to connect with the client. The client isn’t always right, sometimes they are rude. It’s important to have empathy but to be able to put the interaction into perspective so it doesn’t affect every other client we work with that day.

Darci’s speaks from experience. By the time she was 24 years old, she was an entrepreneur, owning a tuxedo rental store, a bridal show and, as she transformed into a motivational speaker. From humble beginnings in her dad’s Volkswagen garage, waiting on tables and working retail; then taking a company from bankruptcy to an award‐winning business! She understands what focused service is all about.

Learning Outcomes:
• Remember why they wanted to work here in the first place.
• Be inspired to be the best service provider they can be.
• Have some great ideas on how to improve their own customer service.

Focus on the 90% for Leaders
“Without a strong, positive focus, it is difficult to be a good leader.” If you are not happy and motivated, your team won’t be either.

Darci shares her ideas on how to “reconnect” with your employees… and the reason you were chosen to lead them. We have all worked for someone who was “less than motivating” and you know the negative impact that can have on a group. Leaders have a huge impact on the lives of their employees.

Motivating others is a key aspect of any leadership role and often one of the most challenging. Employees need to feel valued and respected by their employer and that means different things to every team member.  Life can be very stressful in this “do more with less” society and they can feel the pressure. How can we be motivational examples to our overwhelmed employees?

As a leader, you will leave with a fresh new perspective on what your employees are really looking for within their workplace.

Learning Outcomes:
• Understand why it is so easy for you and those you lead to be dragged down by negatives.
• Evaluate and look at the choices you make and how they ripple out to those around us.
• Realize the power of seeing others through a 90% lens and how it is the only way to build positive culture.
"The response to Darci's presentation at our staff meeting was extremely positive and although I am not surprised, I am a bit awestruck by the level of emotion expressed in the event evaluations and the deep value people took away from her message. Without a doubt, Darci is motivational - she is also a no nonsense Reality-Check Task Master!"
Jennifer Redston, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

"I cannot tell you how many people have positively commented on your presentation or how many times I've raved about it to others and it's only 3:15 the day after! You are a living example, for me, of what I need to change and even how I can start off with my 'time' outside of the house to gain my 90% and leave my 10% outside of those doors!  I truly thank you for making a difference."
Valerie Lukash, Sasktel

"Darci Lang’s message was warmly accepted and heard by our group. In the days and weeks since then, I notice that people still have their magnifying glass at their desks, and I often hear a reminder to focus on the 90%..........both of these proof that the message was important enough to remember and ‘own’, and delivered expertly! I encourage other work groups or really, any group, to take the opportunity to listen and learn from Darci!"
John Boyle, FCC

"In today's turbulent world Darci's message "Focusing on the 90%" was the perfect summary to end our conference wrapping it up in a neat bow. Her ability to personally connect with each of our delegates kept them on the edge of their seats and wanting more. She filled them up giving them energy to take back to their work and families."
Paul and Brian, Western Cities Conference

“Darci Lang’s message was extremely well received by the staff of the Saskatoon Health Region. Darci’s pre-work in learning what our issues were ( what she calls “ground truth”) helped her customize the message to our audience.  In addition, the concepts in the message “ Focus on the 90%” aligned and supported our current cultural transformation initiatives which are centered around how we live out the organization values in every interaction. We would like to have her expose her message to more staff and are planning to bring her back soon for additional sessions.”
Betty Mutwiri, M.A, Manager, Learning & Leadership, Saskatoon Health Region

"Feedback has been excellent, with many saying it was the best Teamwork Day by far. I just wish we could have booked you for two days instead of the one so we could have more time with you – Markham loves you!"
Town of Markham

“You inspired and motivated many of our future leaders in this Department and the federal government and I believe that by leading with this principle, we can cultivate a strong and committed workforce within the department to drive our future initiatives forward.”
Robert S. Walker, National Defence Managers’ Network
Sears Canada Inc.
Investors Group
Shell Canada
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