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Warren MacDonald

Finding Opportunity in Adversity

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Warren MacDonald: Finding Opportunity in Adversity

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In these challenging times, having a crisis management plan is essential to your survival. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has made one thing perfectly clear: Preparation is key. As part of that preparation, we need to get better at dealing with change.

This is where Warren Macdonald can help. A change management expert with a difference, Warren’s expertise comes from real life, painful learning. As your inspirational and motivational keynote speaker, Warren will inspire your group to face change with confidence, recognizing change as a process, not an end result. You will learn how to embrace change and manage transition, and discover tools for finding and creating opportunities in any situation.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of Warren’s clients have had to say about what Warren taught them about the management of change, and the profound life-changing outcomes they experienced:
The Power of Perception: Building a Breakthrough Mindset
If we can’t see where it is we need to go, what are our chances of getting there? If your team or your members can’t see where you’re going, what are the chances they’ll get onboard?
In navigating change, and overcoming the challenges that come with it, we need to address the foundation; the root cause of why we often get stuck or disengaged, and that is, how we perceive change in the first place.

“Three years later, our leaders still speak about our offsite and how impactful your participation was in seeing the possibility of transformation. We needed to see that if we wanted another outcome, we had to change the way we looked at ourselves and our future and commit to doing something about it.”
General Dynamics Canada

Expected Outcomes
This keynote presentation is designed to hit “reset” on how your team sees their role in your organization. Expect them to come away empowered, engaged, inspired and ready to take action. They’ll begin to see challenges and opportunities with fresh perspectives and renewed vision.

Key Takeaways
  • An understanding of the incredible importance of mindset, and how perception is the most important factor when it comes to limiting, or improving, our performance.
  • Specific tools and techniques to help break through the barriers that limit us.
  • How to develop strategies to counter inevitable setbacks that always come when pursuing big goals.

Return on Resilience: Bouncing Back is just the Beginning

If there’s one certainty, in business and in life, it’s that we will all face challenges; that we will all, at some point be faced with a seeming insurmountable obstacle or obstacles. When that happens, our greatest ally is found in our ability to endure; to adapt. When that happens, it pays to have banked some resilience.

This keynote presentation focuses on what we can do to prepare for our challenges in advance. On how we can fortify ourselves against the curveballs and roadblocks before they happen by practicing resilience.

“It has been several months now since you spoke to our sales team in Seattle and I wanted to let you know that your compelling presentation has had both a meaningful and lasting impact on our group. Our team has set a huge goal; some would say insurmountable. After hearing you speak the goal seemed highly attainable by all. Many said, If he can accomplish what he has, I'll never complain again we can do this! By speaking directly to us, by drawing parallels linking your challenges to ours, you have fostered a belief in self within our team that has strengthened our resolve to turn our goals into reality.”  

Expected Outcomes
This keynote presentation is designed to move your team from “I can’t” to “Bring it!” To instill the understanding that by facing our challenges; seeking them out even, we build the strength and resilience required when bigger problems come our way.

Key Takeaways
  • An understanding of how resilience is banked, and is transferable across all areas of our lives.
  • Specific tools and techniques to build resilience.
  • Learn that “Bouncing Back” is just the beginning. By practicing resilience, we position ourselves to Bounce Forward towards our goals.

The Challenge of Change: Finding Opportunity in Adversity
We’ve all heard it a million times; “change is constant”, “the only certainty in life is change”, “change or perish”. We all know it; what we need is for someone to show us how to deal with it. Warren’s “Challenge of Change” presentation will help your group realize that challenges brought on by change hold endless opportunities for innovation and personal and professional growth. That it’s the challenges we face that build the resilience we need as we’re asked to do more, with less . . . That it is possible to not just survive, but to thrive despite adversity.

“Everyone, including Mike, thought that you wove the challenges we face in Major Projects into your personal story extremely well and that served to really drive home the message about creating a crisis in order to raise the performance bar rather than waiting for one to occur.”

Expected Outcomes
You’ll learn to see change as an inevitable, ongoing process that we’re all engaged with; not just something that “happens to us”. That by changing the way we see change, changes everything… You’ll never look at adversity in the same way again.
Key Takeaways
  • Foster the ability to recognize and breakthrough mental barriers to change.
  • Tools to build resilience for both business and personal growth.
  • A powerful shift in thinking that will put challenges into perspective.
  • Develop a breakthrough mindset that seeks solutions and opportunities.

One Step Beyond: Setting and Reaching Impossible Goals

It’s all well and good to set seemingly impossible goals; the kind that has your team looking at you like you’re nuts. Like this time you’ve really lost it . . . You need them to see what you see. You need to convince them, to inspire your team to follow you. To show them what is possible when you’re prepared to go One Step Beyond .
  • Beyond ordinary
  • Beyond conventional
  • Beyond perceived limitations

“Your topic "One Step Beyond" was one of the best and most powerful keynotes I have had the pleasure of hearing. The topic had an impact for many of the attendees as the evaluation form for the Conference stated. Some of the words used to describe your keynote were "exceptional", "inspiring", "very, very moving" and "this keynote makes me want to climb mountains".
Canadian Association of Petroleum Administration

Expected Outcomes
Carol Gardibie sums it up best in her testimonial above. You can expect your team to become engaged in raising the performance bar.

Key Takeaways
  • Reinforced understanding of the power of purpose, i.e.: when we have purpose, we have an edge . . .
  • The ability to see obstacles as stepping-stones toward our goals
  • A clear understanding of the importance of preparation in reaching your goals
No testimonial I can give will do justice to what you brought to our Annual Franchise Partner Conference this year. I had the highest of expectations after booking you and completing the pre-event call yet you absolutely blew those expectations out of the water. I believe you received the only standing ovation of our three day event because you went out of your way to customize the message not only based on the details I’d given you earlier but also on the information you gleaned from attending several sessions earlier in the day. I have never seen a more captivated and inspired audience or a more dedicated speaker. Thanks Warren for helping to make this our highest rated conference yet!
David Christopher Manager- People Department1-800-Got-Junk?

Warren delivered an important message in an engaging way that really connected with our audience. He made an outstanding contribution in being the catalyst for our people to reflect on and take control of their own circumstances, and had a material impact on the success of our conference.
Margaret Willis European Head of Wealth Management HSBC Bank

Everyone, including Mike, thought that you wove the challenges we face in Major Projects into your personal story extremely well and that served to really drive home the message about creating a crisis in order to raise the performance bar rather than waiting for one to occur.”
Ron Genereux VP Operating Plant Projects Suncor

I hope you realize the impact you had on all of us! We found your talk so incredibly motivating & inspiring… I know it will have a profound impact on many of us for years to come.
Dave Lemmon Managing Director Smuckers Foods of Canada

“The impact your visit had on our organization has been profound. Four weeks later my team is still discussing what you taught us and continue to reflect on how your attitude to life, obstacles and challenges can benefit them in their own lives. The relevance, clarity and poignancy of your presentation…has helped us refocus on the tasks we have to complete and brought the team closer together.”
Motability Finance Limited

"Your keynote presentation on Monday was a huge success (in case you couldn't tell by the STANDING OVATION you received!). I've had so many people come to tell me that you were the best speaker we've ever had and how much it meant to them to hear your story. You have an amazing spirit that resonates in everything you say and do."
Alberta Envirofuels In

“You were able to effectively demonstrate to the audience that difficulties faced become achievable challenges if you have the desire and strength of will.”
Novo Nordisc Pharmaceuticals