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John Cassis

Former Pro Baseball Player speaks on Change, Motivation & Leadership

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John Cassis: Former Pro Baseball Player speaks on Change, Motivation & Leadership

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Fun.  Uplifting.  Down-to-earth.  That’s how audiences describe John Cassis.  A rare blend of humor, entertainment and content.  As one of the most requested speakers in America, John Cassis knows first hand how to embrace change, face adversity and meet the daily pressures of life head-on!  John received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati.  After three years of professional baseball, John Cassis earned a Masters of Divinity degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston.

John Cassis has a diverse background.  From 1973 to 1975, he directed a youth counseling center.  In 1975, he became a minister of a small church in Colorado, where the congregation grew from 80 to 2,000 in five years.  Then in 1980 as Director of Special Projects for World Relief, John accepted the challenge to motivate people across the country to help feed hungry children and their families.  As a professional speaker, he encourages people to step into the arena and live their dreams.  In keeping with his philosophy, he became a professional golfer in 2002.

He incorporates real life examples into his presentations by sharing his experiences as an athlete, minister, publisher, company founder, pre-game inspirational speaker for the Chicago Bears (1983-95), loving husband and father, and an extremely perceptive human being.  His genuine style helps audiences re-energize lives, careers and relationships… and see life from a new perspective.
The Game Has Changed
Meeting the challenges of change is no longer a choice for people, it's a way of life!  Too often we sit on the sidelines benched by our fears - bogged down by emotions, anchored to a job or stuck in a relationship.  Getting unstuck is about courage and choosing to change.  With John's special blend of warmth, motivation and humor, audiences are able to identify with the challenges of change in a positive, pro-active manner.  Cassis presents positive ways to embrace change, ignite new potential and launch into success.
Catching a Second Wind
Motivation, management and building a winning team often become simple steps when the situation is viewed with an accurate perspective.  John shares humorous stories and ideas on how to sit back, take a deep breath and "Catch a Second Wind" while turning life's challenges into opportunities.  Attendees will gain a renewed sense of passion and purpose for their work, which is crucial in building an effective team environment.
Humor, Motivation and Mental Toughness
Modern-day demands often cloud the most important issues in our lives.  As we inevitably lose perspective, we tend to sabotage our success and compromise our passion.  John shares several key points for developing mental toughness with a positive attitude, helping to re-energize lives, careers and relationships.  Regain perspective by tapping into the humor that will help bridge the gap between the perfections we strive for and the imperfections we are stuck with!

The Art of Leadership
People aren't burned out on their jobs…they're burned out on the atmosphere in which they work.  Like it or not, leaders create atmosphere.  In this uplifting presentation, John provides insight on understanding leadership and effective communication, as well as the importance of change and adaptability for those in a leadership role.  By practicing John's Art of Leadership, today's leaders can produce an environment that is driven by inspiration, motivation and joy-filled passion.
“Your uplifting keynote on September 11th provided welcome encouragement given the tragic events of the day. Your inspiring message was masterfully crafted and delivered in both a thoughtful and sensitive manner.”
Kevin D. Klug, Director of Education Illinois Health Care Association
"John, your presentation was a resounding hit with our staff. In fact….from our staff, your rating is about the highest I can remember. You struck just the right balance between humor and substance."
Richard Duwe, Training Director Federal Reserve Bank
"Your presentation was perfect! Most of our managers rated you a perfect "5" and many remarked that they liked your presentation BEST of the entire conference! I enjoyed working with you to make this one of our best conferences ever! You are truly a remarkable man….!"
Leanne Rangel, Executive Assistant to the COO Downey Savings
"I called….first thing Monday to tell how wonderful you were as our Keynote Speaker. …one of the best! Finding the keynote speaker is one of the things that my committee does, and you earned us some high praise. I would be happy to be a reference for you anytime."
Edye Childs, Vice President Cyborg Users Association

"Your featured presentation was on the money when you emphasized the need to build an effective team for success and to be passionate about their opportunity. Thank you for your professionalism and the outstanding job you did!"
David Bertrand, President Nutrition for Life International
“The presentations were fantastic! Your ideas were clear, concise and thoughtfully delivered. Your humor and sincerity was appreciated by everyone. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give you at least a 10 ½!”
Ed Weaver Toyota
“Your message is on target, powerful and needed. You have a very special gift and a message for people that can make a positive difference in their lives.”
Dr. Edward H. Salmon, President AUS Consultants
“You are a warm, charismatic man who has the uncanny ability to relate to a diverse audience. Your message is genuine and heartfelt.”
Thomas P. Hirsch, Resident Vice President Merrill Lynch
“You touched on all areas we needed from managing change to inspiring the group, from sharing real experiences to definitely relating your message to our business…our audience was captivated by you…thank you for the difference you made for each of us.”
Kathe Anderson, General Manager Delta AirLines
“You are a very gifted speaker who knows to get the message across with real-life experience, sincerity and humor…people walked away feeling good about themselves and motivated to make improvements in the way they work with people and live their life.”
Sue Buri, Director of Education & Events AMA
“Your program “Humor, Motivation and Mental Toughness” was one of the highest rated general sessions ever recorded in our delegate Convention Surveys."
Brian Jordan, President Illinois Food Retailers Association
"John was superb! We really enjoyed his keynoter which did exactly what we wanted…created energy and set the tone for a strong conference! I reviewed so many tapes when looking for him and no one came close. What will we do for an encore?? Please let him know how much we appreciated him!
Peggy Walker, VP & Group Publisher National Underwriters
"You are a remarkably talented speaker and you have a message that, I think, should be heard by as many people as possible. I look forward to the privilege of hearing you on the platform again."
Dick Fortier, Teren Company Markel Corp.
"Please extend my heartfelt thanks to John Cassis for inspiring and moving our 2,000 partners at the Best Software Business Partner Conference. He truly deserved the 15-minute standing ovation he received - and it truly reflected how infectious his motivational spirit is!"
"John capped off our conference with a perfect mix of humor and life experience to infuse partners with a genuine team spirit. Our partners were completely captivated from beginning to end."
Ronald F. Verni, President & CEO Best Software

"I was really impressed with your presentation to the Mortgage Bankers Association convention attendees. We have heard so many great comments….best ever, terrific, awesome! I totally agree! It was one of the best presentations we have had. Your warmth and friendliness is delightful."
"Thank you so much for helping to make our convention a success. It was really inspiring to hear a speaker be humorous and still bring a great message."
Alex Williams, President Katrina Tucker, Convention Chair Mortgage Bankers Assn.
"Your participation was a significant contribution to the overall success of the conference and we sincerely appreciate your willingness to be a part of our most successful conference ever! The feedback on you and your presentation was overwhelmingly positive! I look forward to inviting you to be a presenter at another CFMA-sponsored program."
Dina O'Rourke, Director - Meeting Services Construction Financial Management Assn.

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