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Jim Bottomley

Innovate and Develop Plans For Future Success

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Jim Bottomley: Innovate and Develop Plans For Future Success

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Jim Bottomley is an entrepreneur, futurist, management consultant and professional speaker. His unique thinking models enable both individuals and organizations to develop innovative plans for future success.

Understanding how technical, economic, social and demographic trends affect human needs, Bottomley has helped industries and governments find direction, identify opportunities and cope with the stress of rallying change.

For the past 30 years as a consultant Jim has performed trend analysis, new product development, helped boost marketing and sales results and facilitated organizational change. He is also a business owner (software for international markets, retail, and consulting).

Bottomley offers insight into the power of focusing on developing Better Benefits (ways to meet future needs in better ways). Jim combines humour, high-energy and concrete examples to make the future less threatening and actions more innovative. Jim Bottomley’s sessions are consistently rated at the highest level, serving to motivate, excite and inspire.
Jim can mix and match from these topics to customize for each individual client

Future Success Strategies  (or: Pathways to Innovation)
Jim identifies the most critical issues facing your organization, explains what is behind them, and guides your future direction with strategies to improve. His value as a futurist is that he looks at the interplay between technology, economic, social and demographic trends while sharing strategies that cross sectors, often tried first within his own businesses.

Breakthrough Branding: Building Better Benefits
With each of us confronted by over 4,000 ad messages a day, and with all of us facing information overload, effective targeting with an appropriate and clear sales pitch is key.  Jim uses his unique approach developing Better Benefit strategies to boost marketing and sales performance. Increasingly, customer satisfaction measurement combined with social media campaigns can help improve customer relationships and drive success.

Leading Organization Innovation
Jim examines the conditions that produce the best results in the Age of Innovation, looking at the latest methods and ways to improve workplace culture and promote positive change amongst the generations. Jim can advise of how to avoid the traps that lead to the dark night of the innovator.

Rallying Regional Innovation
Jim has helped organizations and regions innovate, building community capacity in Clusters of interrelated industries in which a region specializes. The Regional Cluster approach to Economic Development drives innovation by forging partnerships between the private and public sector to leverage research, develop new products and services for companies in the region and grow local employment. Jim’s Better Benefit planning approach helps Clusters succeed.