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Todd Huston

"WORLD RECORD - Leg amputee. Only disabled person to break a world record in sports - fastest time

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Todd Huston: "WORLD RECORD - Leg amputee. Only disabled person to break a world record in sports - fastest time

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Todd Huston
"WORLD RECORD - Leg amputee. Only disabled person to break a world record in sports - fastest time
climbing High Points in each state. Teaches your audience what it takes to get to the top!"

Todd Huston died twice at the age of 14 when a boat backed over him, sucking his legs up into the propellers during a fateful 4th of July family vacation. Though they resuscitated him, infection plagued his right leg until he was 21, when he lay wide awake on the operating table as they fired up the saw and amputated it. He went on to become a psychotherapist in Southern California to help others overcome their physical and mental challenges.

But he was not all talk. He took his inspirational message worldwide by attempting the impossible - he wanted to be the first leg amputee to climb the highest elevation in each of the 50 states. And he wanted to do it faster than anyone else.

He shattered the world record by 35 days! This made him the only disabled person in the world to break an able bodied world record in a sport.

Todd has appeared in thousands of newspapers and other media outlets throughout the world. His autobiography, More Than Mountains - The Todd Huston Story, was published and a movie screenplay has been written about his life. He has received numerous awards, including Ten Outstanding Young Americans. Henry Iba Citizenship Award, Energizer Hall of Fame, and the Red Cross Everyday Hero Award.

Todd is a positive and dynamic speaker with over 20 years of professional speaking experience for corporations, associations, education, and religious groups. He tells his amazing story with his interactive multi-media presentation that will inspire your audience to face and overcome their challenges so they can have personal and professional success.

Your audience will never forget the impact of Todd's presentation, and will pass the story on to inspire others.

Todd Huston takes inspirational speaking to new heights!
This is a very powerful keynote presentation. Todd motivates and inspires everyone to believe they can overcome life's many Challenges. This presentation centers around Todd's boating accident at age 14 where he "died" twice, had his leg amputated and then broke an able body world mountain climbing record.

Your audience will experience laughter, suspense, exhilaration, and awe as he inspires them to:
  • Overcome ANY challenge
  • Eliminate fear and doubt
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Be their best in ANY situation
  • Make positive life changes NOW
Todd uses amazing slides and stories from his life and expedition. He moves the audience to explore their own challenges while offering solutions to reach the top of their personal and professional life.

You will travel to the highest and most dangerous mountains of North America, including the 20,302-foot Mt. McKinley. His talk will entertain as it teaches valuable insights into overcoming the mountains in your life.

Inspirational/Motivational; Adults (can be modified for teens and children) Keynote Presentation; Business, Associations; Organizations; Educational and Religious.


NO EXCUSES SAFETY ® presentation uses Todd's story of being hit by a boat propeller, which nearly cost him his life and did cost him his leg, to breaking the world record in the most dangerous sport in the world, mountain climbing. He inspires audiences to realize the importance of having a safety attitude and culture. His ICE™ method helps people easily remember what they can do to avoid any accident.

  • Teach your audience the ICE method for avoiding accidents
  • Inspire them that they can have a ZERO accident workplace
  • Decrease your incident rate
  • Have employees take personal responsibility for their safety
  • Have employees take responsibility for the safety of co-workers
  • Show them the value of always thinking about safety
  • Why their safety is important to everyone in their life
  • Why there are NO EXCUSES for an accident
Todd knows the value of safety, not only because he was involved in a serious accident that caused him to be an amputee, but also because he used his "ICE" safety method to break the world record in climbing the 50 United States high-points, including the extremes of 20,320 foot Mt. McKinley, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Whitney. As the only disabled person to break an able body world record, he could never have achieved his goal without knowing and practicing the NO EXCUSES SAFETY ideas. Todd's entertaining story is inspiring and educational and will leave your audience with NO EXCUSES!


This highly-interactive, highly-customized program teaches concepts and techniques to help audience members better manage personal and professional stress. Todd was selected to write and teach this program to healthcare workers, employees and customers of a large hospital organization. This talk can also be used as a workshop when hiring Todd as your meeting's keynote speaker.
Some of the broad goals for this program include:
  • Reducing employee absenteeism and doctors' visits caused from stress Reducing on-site conflict that causes safety violations and work related hazards.
  • Decreasing the cost of health care by decreasing the amount of sick days workers have to take along with helping them understand how to live healthier, stress reduced lives.
  • Decreasing mental and psychological illness while creating a safer work environment Increasing productivity, performance, and communication effectiveness on the job.
  • Showing employees simple steps they can use to increase their health and wellness at work and at home

What your attendees will learn;
  • How to make all change POSITIVE change
  • Proactive versus reactive change and how to benefit from both
  • Why you never need to fear change
  • Why you should embrace and encourage change
  • How to be the master of change in your life
  • The secret to getting up every time you are knocked down
  • The only time change doesn't exist and how to use that time for positive change
  • The importance of communication and teamwork in the face of change
  • How to have change bring out the best in you
Life is change, constant and unrelenting. You can allow it to prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams, or you can choose to let it bring out the best in you and your organization.

Todd Huston knows how change can affect your life, but also how to use it to become your best.

With a multi-media presentation of his life story, Todd illustrates the many forms of change. He dealt with multiple obstacles that created massive changes in his life when a fateful accident took him from being a star athlete to dying twice and having his leg amputated. Todd learned to embrace and optimize change, eventually doing the seemingly impossible; climbing the highest and most dangerous elevations of all 50 states and becoming the only disabled person to break an able-bodied world record in a sport.

Your audience members will learn how to identify the value of change and how to optimize change in their lives and the lives of others. They will learn a change attitude used by overcomers and champions which they can implement immediately within their own personal and professional lives. No longer will they fear or resist change, but will see it clearly, and as an
opportunity to move forward and upward.
“Todd, your No Excuses safety presentation and ICE analogy really inspired and educated our group at the MESE annual convention to make safety a priority for themselves and others. Please accept our thanks for a great presentation!”

“Todd, We’ve received so much positive feedback from your talk. I will take a look at the information you sent to me. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with our members. I’m sure you won’t be soon forgotten. Keep reaching new heights!!”
Metropolitan Subcontractors Association "entire program was outstanding, and your remarks were pointed and really on the mark."

"Everything was perfect. The evaluations of the event were excellent. Todd Huston was a perfect fit for our program and ended the event on an especially high note."