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Gary Anaka

Brain Health & Wellness Speaker, Discovering The Secrets of a Healty Brain

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Gary Anaka: Brain Health & Wellness Speaker, Discovering The Secrets of a Healty Brain

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Gary Anaka is a Special Education Teacher, Author, Brain-Based Learning Facilitator, Advocate for Health and Wellness, and an inspirational Public Speaker.

Gary is the top Brain-Based Learning facilitator in British Columbia today. He has been a certified facilitator since 1997, receiving on-going training from the Jensen Learning Corporation, a world leader in teacher training in the new field of Applied Educational Neuroscience.

Gary has over 32 years of classroom experience in Learning Assistance, Peer Tutoring, Gifted/Enrichment and Study Skills, at the high school level in Canada and Australia.  He has presented Professional Development workshops to tens of thousands of teachers, support staff, students and parents in over 50 BC school districts as well as other provinces.  He is the author of Your Magical Brain: How It Learns Best. (2nd Edition - 2012)

Since 2006, his presentations have expanded into the new exciting field of Brain Health and Wellness. He believes in wellness through education. In addition to recently presenting in other provinces of Canada, in September 2011, he completed a tour of Denmark. He is the author of a valuable, well received publication entitled Brain Wellness The Secrets For Longevity.

Gary is a dynamic public speaker, famous for his audience engagement, energetic and lively sessions. His presentations are always filled with humour and optimism to support everyone, from babies to seniors, to become life long learners, and to maintain a healthy brain throughout one's life.  His practical suggestions, whether about how the brain learns or how to stay healthy, can be applied immediately in any work or life situation.

He is a motivational speaker and teacher, from the classroom to the conference keynote level, whose sessions have been called, both professionally and personally, life changing.
Brain Wellness — The Secrets for Longevity! - Reducing your risks of getting Alzheimer's Disease
A wave of dementia sweeps the country. The Alzheimer's League now states that over 747,000 Canadians (2013) suffer with dementia. The only therapy is prevention. There are no magic pills! Do you have a brain maintenance program? What are your prevention strategies? Learn how to use it before you lose it!

  • Best foods and vitamins for maintaining brain health
  • Life style choices that help your brain stay young and sharp
  • How to keep brain inflammation out of your brain so it can go the distance
  • Plasticity - your future depends upon how your brain changes everyday
  • Neurogenesis - how to literally grow new brain cells everyday
Brain degeneration is not inevitable because the brain has amazing powers of regeneration. Gain the secrets of brain longevity to give you workable strategies for maintaining your quality of life. This energetic and lively session is filled with hope and optimism for your future. This workshop is transformational in nature not just information. No brain, no gain!

Your Brain on the Job - What is the most valuable thing that you own? It's your brain!
Your hunter gatherer brain is the center of everything you do. But, it is not made for this culture. We are forcing our brains to do things they were not meant to do. The results are decision fatigue, brain fog, forgotten appointments, lost keys, sleep deprivation, sickness, absenteeism and other challenges. Your future success--individually and collectively--depends upon having a brain that you can rely on today and tomorrow. Your Brain On The Job has been presented at health & safety conferences across Canada.

  • How decision fatigue slowly destroys us over time
  • How to maintain the strength and vitality of your brain on the job
  • Why multitasking is an extreme sport wearing your precious brain out, and what you can do about it
  • Why on-going education and training are critical for success
  • How to use your brain better to increase productivity and ensure success
  • Safety on the job requires employees to have an up-shifted brain
  • Simple, easy, practical and cost-free survival strategies
Knowing the critical requirements for expanding your personal brain and preserving your collective brain is vital in today's world! It will help to keep you and your colleagues running on all cylinders. No brain, no gain!

Beating Brain Stress - Not as sharp as you used to be?

Excess stress kills brain cells! Stress impairs your ability to concentrate. When we are stressed out we are like gerbils on a wheel - using up tons of energy and going nowhere. Learn fun, simple and practical solutions to deal with brain overload before it is too late!

  • Basic brain survival techniques
  • How to manifest more healing alpha brain waves
  • How to reduce technology induced exhaustion
  • How to keep excess cortisol out of your brain
  • How to play cost-free, simple games to combat the assault on your brain
In today's world, your ability to perform is exceeded by the demands that you must meet. Chronic stress over decades, is a major cause of age related memory loss, mental decline, senility and brain diseases. No brain, no gain!

Brain Wellness for Care-givers - How can you care for others if you don't have a brain to take care of yourself?
Are you experiencing brain fatigue? Decision fatigue? Do you always feel overwhelmed? Sleep deprivation? If so, you may be experiencing accelerated brain aging. Your brain may be burning out early. Recent brain research has practical and meaningful support for everyone.

  • Nutritional secrets that can keep your brain working at top performance levels
  • How stress soaks your brain with stress chemicals like cortisol destroying your memory, dumbing you down and, how you can avoid it
  • 20 brain compatible life style choices that really make a difference and support you to move on with your life
  • Prevention is the key to becoming your own brain coach and enjoying quality of life as you age
  • That without a healthy brain you cannot manifest your purpose in life
As you age, your brain can grow and expand or shrink and decay. The choice is yours. Learn the secrets of brain wellness so that you can support others. This workshop is filled with hope and optimism for your future and the future of those you are caring for. Learn how to use it before you lose it.

Unforgettable Memory Strategies - Always losing your keys?
Do you walk around looking for your glasses when they have been at the top of your head the whole time? Forgetting names, words and appointments? Loss of memory, particularly short-term memory, may be a sign of brain aging. There are many things one can do to support their memory.

You will learn:
  • How the memory works
  • Invaluable retrieval techniques
  • How to rebuild your memory pathways
  • How to upshift your brain when your memory fails you
Memory is not a thing but an extraordinarily, complex living process that requires your attention in order to pay attention. These practical, life supporting skills are priceless for anyone of any age. This is a fun, games oriented workshop. A reliable memory is essential for living a life of quality.

Engaging the Student Brain (K–12) - Learning is all about engagement.
If you want to help students in today's world then you need to begin with their brain. The purpose of engagement is to reduce boredom, increase understanding, promote learning, boost motivation and increase self-control. Lessons that are engaging means opportunities for movement, social interaction and creativity which will keep students on task and reduce inappropriate behaviours. Teachers need an extensive tool box full of user friendly, fun engaging strategies that appeal to a wide ability of learners. These strategies take no time to prepare and can be used at a moment's notice.

Are you aware that:
  • Brain states are the key to learning
  • Reading and managing brain states is the teacher's number one job
  • Movement profoundly impacts student success
  • Continual engagement means continual involvement
  • The better the states, the better the results
  • There is a need to stop telling kids what to do. Teach them how to do it
This professional development workshop models relevant and practical instructional strategies to meet the challenges of today's mixed ability classrooms. Over 25,000 teachers trained in this Brain-based learning professional development workshop. Good teaching drives student achievement.

The New Science of the Teenage Brain - If you want to help today's teenagers, then you need to begin with their brains!

Today's high schools are full of teenagers struggling with learning challenges, fragile brain issues, boredom, or stress. How can teachers and parents unlock and engage the adolescent's "digital" brain? The teenage brain is undergoing huge changes: it's a work in progress.

  • Why the adolescent brain is in biological turmoil
  • Why teens need to leave every class with experiences, not notes
  • How dopamine drives their risk-taking behaviour
  • What teenagers crave most
  • Strategies to effectively reach and teach adolescents, leading them to academic success and a life-long learning potential
Teenagers have a great opportunity to influence the development of their own brains. Great brains are made.

Your Magical Brain: How it Learns Best - Family Workshop-Primary, Middle & Secondary students
If you want to raise your children to be successful in life, then you need an enriched brain to do it with. The natural conditions necessary for learning success are unknown to most parents. Discover how to maximize your child's potential based on how the brain learns naturally. If you are looking for ways to enhance learning, foster child development, raise achievement, tap your child's full potential, then find out about the brain's best kept secrets.

  • 15 ways to increase your children's brain power
  • How to grow those magical dendrites every day
  • What nourishes the brain and what kills it
  • How social skills are the key to the future, not test results
  • Why imagination, creativity and playing for fun grow the best brains
You will gain priceless ideas you would never have dreamed of that are simple and cost nothing. Brain smart your family! Parents, you are the architects of your children's brain. Find out how to use it before you lose it. Good news: You have much more capacity to influence your children's future than you previously thought. Yes!

Differentiated Instruction Strategies - Professional Development for Educators of all levels
Discover how to effectively differentiate your teaching strategies to meet the needs of all students in today's mixed ability classrooms. Experience positive, practical strategies that move away from traditional paper and pencil approaches offering student's multiple options for learning. These strategies take little time, no effort to prepare and can be used at a moment's notice. They are battle-tested in real classrooms with real students of all ages and all ability levels.

  • Effective teachers have an ever expanding toolbox of engagement strategies
  • Achievement increases while inappropriate behaviour issues are reduced
  • Motivation is boosted and boredom is eliminated
  • Students enjoy learning more and have more fun
Capitivating, including and actively involving all students in the process of learning requires fresh new teaching strategies. Brain-based learning makes it easier for kids to learn and teachers to teach. Great teaching drives academic success.

Special Brains – Special Needs - Education is all about progressive change.
What forces detract from the brain's ability to learn? Today's brains are different. Schools are full of students with disorders such as ADD, ADHD, oppositional disorders, learning delays, brain injuries, nutritional deficiencies, dyslexia, sleep disorders, substance abuse, learned helplessness, etc. Gain some practical skills and strategies to help these challenging, borderline students succeed.

  • How to demystify attention-deficit disorders so students can self-regulate and teachers can cut stress
  • How learned helplessness can be overcome by learned optimism
  • How to unstick the oppositional brain and eliminate classroom battles
  • How to motivate learning in a brain compatible environment. Real solutions for real kids.
  • How to encourage students to be active participants in the process of learning
"If a teacher keeps using the same strategies over and over and the student keeps failing, who is the slow learner?." (Eric Jensen) All teachers need to become special education teachers.
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