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Larry Brudnicki

Performed two dramatic rescues during the Perfect Storm - Courage under Pressure

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Larry Brudnicki: Performed two dramatic rescues during the Perfect Storm - Courage under Pressure

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In Today’s Battle of Business, You Need a Commander To Lead You to Victory

His experience as the real-life Captain of the Coast Guard ship that performed two dramatic rescues during the Perfect Storm amount to only 100 hours of a 30-year career of assessing risks, making decisions and inspiring teamwork.

Every type of business and industry will find Captain Brudnicki's presentation valuable because the strategies that were successful saving lives during the Perfect Storm can help any organization become more successful.

People easily relate to this inspiring story because everyone has been in a situation that they could not control and had to make difficult decisions when they didn't like the options, or they have been part of a group that had to come together as a team and act with a single focus if they had any chance to accomplish their goal.

Any company or association that wants to remain in business must manage risk. Captain Brudnicki uses the experience he gained from leading successful high-risk missions with international visibility combined with what he learned investigating leaders and teams who did not understand the principles of risk management or chose to ignore them. He can help any group understand how to implement the steps necessary for success while avoiding the pitfalls.

Proven Strategies — Proven Results
Captain Larry Brudnicki shows executives, leaders, managers and their teams how to master the art of decision–making. His proven steps allow you to identify the tasks, hazards & options inherent in every situation, and develop the ability to:
  • Maximize benefits while minimizing risks
  • Succeed when you can’t control the situation
  • Become a better leader and manager
  • Improve teamwork and morale
  • Quantify the risks and rewards
Real World Examples - Lead to Real World Insights
When your audience is looking for style and substance, Captain Brudnicki rolls up his sleeves and shares captivating excerpts from his Coast Guard career. With his fast-paced and quick-witted style, this highly respected leader demonstrates how to achieve high performance against all odds.

Renowned Expert and Published Author
Captain Brudnicki has been featured as a commentator and guest expert on ABC, the History Channel, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, the Weather Channel, the Learning Channel, the Travel Channel, Outdoor Life Network and a myriad of other programs. As a contributor to Real World Management Strategies That Work, he details the 7 Steps to Making the Right Decision Every Time. And in his upcoming book, Leadership Secrets from the Perfect Storm:
Practical Solutions to Keep You on the Right Course, he reveals all of his leadership secrets from the past to help you chart the best possible course toward achieving YOUR future goals
Programs that Enlighten, Inspire, and Entertain

Captain Brudnicki offers the following programs – all of which can be tailored to fit your audience.

The Perfect Storm - Courage Under Pressure

A powerful and inspirational keynote that relates Captain Brudnicki's legendary experiences on the high seas. Ride with him as he relives the dramatic story of two daring rescue missions during the worst weather in more than 100 years! Learn how courage and leadership helped him to survive in the hostile environment of "The Perfect Storm!"
(Recommended time: 45 minutes)

Leadership Secrets from the Perfect Storm:

7 Steps to Making the Right Decision Every Time
Against the backdrop of "The Perfect Storm," this keynote provides the perfect balance between inspiration and application. The audience will see the 7 Steps in action along with examples of the courage, leadership and teamwork that are necessary to triumph in our uncertain business climate. Through practical lessons learned from his experiences, the audience acquires powerful tools to make the correct decisions even in the most difficult of circumstances.
(Recommended time: 1 hour)

Setting and Achieving Goals as a Team:
10 Steps to Implement and 10 Pitfalls to Avoid
The dynamics of goal setting for a team is much different than it is for an individual due to the interaction between the team members. The audience will gain insight into why the team and its leader must create the right atmosphere, the importance of acting with the power of focus, and what the organization must do to provide the right environment. When the team implements the right steps and avoids the pitfalls, their chance of achieving their goals increases exponentially.
(Recommended time: 90 minutes)

Managing Risk in Turbulent Times
This presentation is the perfect follow-on to the keynote: Leadership Secrets from The Perfect Storm - 7 Steps to Making the Right Decision Every Time. By using examples from other extraordinary missions he led, Captain Brudnicki goes into greater depth to illustrate the 7 Steps for assessing risk and managing projects. The audience will see how this process can be used to make decisions about new ventures, improve project management, and make clear, competent assessments of daily operations. Risk cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed.
(Recommended time: 2 hours)

Application Session: Managing Risk in Turbulent Times
This half day session will use case studies and examples from your company or organization to see the 7 Step Risk Management Ð Decision Making process in action. Audience members will gain hands-on experience assessing risk by using examples pertinent to their jobs. Participants will learn to become more comfortable making difficult decisions even in situations they can't control or when they don't like their options.
"A compelling story that was entertaining and thought-provoking. The audience drew parallels between the rescue mission and the "Economic Storm" facing the Port of Oakland. The concepts of setting goals, being prepared, understanding the risks and working in teams are principles that can be applied by any organization facing challenges."
Port of Oakland

"You spoke with a rare eloquence, conviction and sincerity. You truly inspired and motivated our managers and supervisors."
Memorial Hospitals Association

"Inspiring! I will always remember that even during the most difficult of situations, there is an opportunity to rise up and give your best effort."
Richardson Bay Maritime Association

"You blended humor and a vital sense of reality to the importance of readiness in accomplishing our mission. We were sitting on the edge of our seats. You helped make our Conference a phenomenal success."
Pharmacy Board of Directors

"We are at a crossroads in the development of our organization and your presentation gave us hope that perseverance, endurance and teamwork will win the prize."
The Ranger Foundation

"Exceptional presentation! Outstanding delivery! You truly left our audience with a lasting impression."
129th Rescue Wing, Air National Guard

"You were delightful, entertaining, factual and held the captive attention of every person in the room."
11th District Commodore, Coast Guard Auxiliary