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Dave Rodney

Summitted Mt. Everest Twice

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Dave Rodney: Summitted Mt. Everest Twice

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Mr. David Rodney will share with you the personal and professional secrets of success he has learned while becoming one of the few people in world history to successfully summit Mt. Everest TWICE (in '99 & '01, with a broken back and re-constructed knee)!

Dave customizes every presentation, tailoring his “Everest Education” to the “Everyday Everests” we all climb with our  families and colleagues. His entertaining, empowering keynotes and workshops renew and refresh audiences everywhere!

Dave has earned 3 u n i v e r s i t y degrees, worked in the 3rd world, served as an educator & administrator in 3 countries, and built his own company. In ‘97, he delivered the first business/education website of its kind, direct from Mt. Everest. He is writing his new book “Dreams & Dragons: Both Sides of Everest”, is featured in the anthology of “Heroes with Heart”, has assisted in 3 documentaries, and is the subject of “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives” and “Back to Everest: The Dave Rodney Story”.

“Sherpa Dave’s” photography, videography, and written work have been utilized around the world (National Geographic, Oprah, BBC, books and texts); he has been interviewed across the globe; and he still takes time to “climb with a conscience”, assisting in Celebrity Charity Events involving local, national, & international causes, including “The Banded Peak Challenge for the Kids Cancer Camp, with Dave Rodney”!

Dave possesses a humble, healthy pride in utilizing his academic background and personal/professional encounters around the world, as he tailors his programs to your organizational realities, challenges, and themes. Your organization is guaranteed an unforgettable experience: Dave’s stunning audio-visual and multi-disciplinary presentations are entertaining, informative, down to earth, and practical.  One of Dave’s trademarks is customizing his presentation to each individual group’s needs.
Turn Your Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones!
Conquer all Challenges, with Balance and Focus on your Vision!
Change, Risk, Critical Decision-Making, Motivation, Dreams

When we travel towards goals which are truly worth striving for, we are often faced with a myriad of situations we will either consider problems that threaten our dreams, or challenges which will enhance our development--depending on our attitude. David believes that often “we are not granted the grandeur of the next mountain-top vista until we have first trudged through the gullet of the tumultuous valley below”. In this gripping multi-media presentation (which includes life and death accounts of rescues on the highest mountains in the world), you will appreciate why Dave maintains that with proper preparation, our pilgrimage may be easier than we might first imagine: in the words of Lao Tzu, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!”

Picture Your Climb!
Plan Effectively to Achieve Worthwhile Goals that you Set, Meet, and Surpass!
Goal Setting, Visualization, Strategies, Focus, Balance

“I can’t see the forest for the trees!” "I've lost my direction" "My get and go, got up and went!" “I can’t get there from here…I just can’t see it!” “I know I have to jump to fly, but I can’t get my feet off the ground!”… If you can relate to these sentiments or are struggling with achieving your full potential, this session is for you. Utilizing experiences on St. Vincent Island’s “La Soufriere”, Washington State’s Mt. Rainier, Argentina’s “Cerro Aconcagua”, Australia’s Ayer’s Rock, and Nepal’s “Solo-Khumbu” Region, David will share his adventures and offer the strategies which saw a simple prairie boy rise to new heights in every way (culminating with his successful ascent of Mt. Everest!). Dave overcome a broken back and re-constructed knee while accomplishing his goals; in hearing his story, you can overcome your obstacles and make your dreams come true too! Whether you are exploring the realms of athletics, academics, or business, Dave will help you take an honest look at your goals, rewards, motivations...while exploring the rational mind, fears, and visioning. Don't miss this will empowering, enlightening could change your life!

New Heights, Personal & Professional; The Sky's The Limit
Climb above the Competition, with a Positive, Cohesive, Enterprising Team!
Leadership, Mentoring, Teamwork, Communication, Stress

How can we program both excitement and relaxation into our jobs? After doing masters work related to the subject, David has discovered some answers which he will share with you in this session. He has incorporated mountaineering into his workplace; and will invite you along to explore some of his favourite areas around the world. This event will feature David’s “Adventure Everest On-Line ‘97” the first international / interactive, internet / e-mail, Business/Education project of its kind, which was based on (and at!) the highest mountain on earth. David will outline the history, curriculum, and system, which linked the world’s highest base camp to classrooms around the globe in 1997, during his team’s attempt to reach the roof of the world…and share the secrets of the strategies utilized during the communication of his own successful 1999 ascent of the mountain. Finally, he will offer ideas for future projects that will inspire you on your own personal and professional journey!

RISE ABOVE & BEYOND: Altitude with an Attitude!

Increase Confidence, and Eliminate ‘Failure’!
Conflict Resolution, Project Mgt., ‘Failure’, Integration, Entertainment!
"Dave is incredibly motivating. The phrase that stood out for me the most were the 'nine false summits'. I'm going to carry that with me for a long, long time: the notion that in life, in all of our journeys and all of our challenges, there are going to be false summits along the way. But even when that happens, we've got to keep on climbing and continue to go higher, wisely. From a corporate standpoint, all of us face trials similar to what David faced in ascending the mountain: we deal with administrative, team, and other business challenges daily. All of us face difficulties all of the time; and if we can learn from David's strategizing, we will be successful-just as David is!"
Hewlett Packard

"Your presentation was the best keynote we have ever booked! All of us were sitting on the edge of our seats...your stories, slides and video brought your adventure to life in a way I might never have imagined: the impact and emotion of actually made it feel as if I had been to the top of the world! Now I can say I've been there through your eyes, soul and emotion. Thank you for sharing special moments in your life with us, and relating them so well to our own personal and professional "Everests". Your presentation is something I will never forget."
National Bottled Water Association

"Thank you for your presentation to our sales team! You were totally in synch with my goals, and the message was perfect for the group. It helped people realize their potential and what they can do if they simply put their minds to it. It allowed people the right to "THINK BIG" and not seem like they were silly to do so. Your presentation was communicated in a very down to earth manner that helped to put our lives into perspective. I had many positive comments come back to me about both the quality of the material and the presentation itself. We find an opportunity for you to present to our senior management team!"
HJ Heinz Company
BP Amoco Oil & Gas Corporation
Banker’s Hall Executive Athletic Club
Blue Pumpkin Software, California
California Joint Powers Insurance Authority
Cargill Canada & Cargill USA
Celebrity Charity Golf Tournaments
Chamber of Commerce
Chartered Accountants Association Board of Directors
Clover Leaf Foods International
Colliers Commercial Real Estate Corporation
Dominion Information Services / Telus Advertising
DuPont Resources, Inc.
Educational Systems From K to University (Across North America)
Epcor Essential Elements for Living
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare New Zealand / US
Halliburton Energy International
Home Builders Associations
Hospital Associations of Alberta and Ontario
HJ Heinz Company
Industrial Safety Council
Interag International
International Council of Airshows
Legal Aid Commissions
Medical Ethicists
Municipal Management Association of Southern California
National Aerial Applicators Association
National Bottled Water Association
National Diabetes Association
National Purchasing Management Association
National Wheel and Rim Association
National Womens’ Club
North Face / North Wall, Inc.
North Star Energy
Provincial Association of Rural Municipalities
Provincial Literacy Association
Prudential NorthWest Properties Real Estate Agents
Shaw Communications
TEC International
The Media around the world...
Unity Awards, MC, Washington DC
VWR International