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Tammy Robertson

Get your heart in the game! Translation ... Wake up to your LIFE! Stay Focused on What Really Matters and Make the Most of Every Opportunity!

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Tammy Robertson: Get your heart in the game!  Translation ... Wake up to your LIFE! Stay Focused on What Really Matters and Make the Most of Every Opportunity! Tammy is an expert at engaging people at the deepest level, as a lifelong student of what gets people excited to take action and care about their impact. Tammy provides the tools to build meaningful purpose, personal and organizational engagement, resilience and accountability.

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Tammy Robertson believes that the essence of our challenge today is captured in one simple message, “Get Your Heart in the Game™!” As a life coach, author, and professional speaker to audiences across North America Tammy Robertson inspires and challenges us to step into our BIG life and to be more purposeful and passionate about what we're up to. "Getting your heart in the game" requires courage and the willingness to take complete responsibility for our own lives. Her aim is to deliver effective and practical ideas to build environments that support a new level of individual and organizational success.

Tammy Robertson knows that being fully ALIVE and contributing more than we thought possible requires taking risks. She encourages, provokes and cajoles her audiences to approach life with a perspective of goodness and to reclaim our childlike wonder and curiosity. Her message is at once deeply meaningful, and light and playful. Tammy knows that if we're not getting a kick out of ourselves and taking ourselves lightly, it is pretty hard to make truthful and honest assessments about what needs to change. Humour is the gateway to exploring our potential - it facilitates the looking, and helps us gain new insights about how we "show up."

The result is a compelling new sense of possibility. Leaders at all levels of an organization experience a new accountability and responsibility for creating an environment where people want to be fully engaged. The question she asks is, "What impact are you having?" The suggestions she offers help us all to be a powerful, more inspirational role model.

Tammy has a Masters Degree in Physical and Health Education from the University of Western Ontario, and with 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience she brings a keen understanding of current challenges to her audiences. In 2005 Tammy spoke to over 60 different business groups, organizations and associations, creating ripples of positive change and renewed energy among their employees. In the media she is a frequent commentator on workplace wellness and culture.

Tammy's unique gift is her ability to galvanize an audience while speaking directly to every individual. Her compelling message is an invitation to get jazzed up about your one wild and precious life and to live it boldly and passionately. Her intent is to leave everyone with new tools, strategies, and rituals so they can be fully engaged in life and work!
Get Your Heart in the Game!TM
Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between people who are genuinely excited and turned on to life and those people who just seem to be getting it done? This session unravels the mystery and pinpoints the key ingredients to a well lived life. More importantly it will point to some simple shifts that can bring more fulfillment to your life and work. Everybody dies only some people truly LIVE! This is Tammy's most dynamic and entertaining presentation through laughter and tears Tammy will invite you to explore the truth of your life and excite you to be more fully alive than you dreamed possible!

  • Ripples of positive change as people embrace the opportunities and possibilities right now!
  • A more engaged purposeful workforce
  • People who have the tools and the desire to manage their energy and impact positively
  • A more fun and alive work environment
  • A culture that is self-reinforcing and celebrates itself
Key Themes
  • Success without Fulfillment is Failure ... Get Excited About What You're Up To!
  • Reclaim the Magic, Curiosity, Awe and Wonder of Childhood ...What are we so Serious About?
  • Get Excited About Your Life!
  • Stimulate Your Dreams and Get In Touch With Your Personal Sense of Hope
  • Two Defining Characteristics of People Who Are Genuinely Turned on To Life
  • Live with Conscious Intention ... Use the Power of Awareness to Transform Everyday Life
  • Know Who YOU are at your Most Compelling ... Build Your Leadership Presence
  • Increase your Eccentricity Quotient ... How Weird Can You Be and Still Keep Your Job?!
  • Take Responsibility for Your Emotional Wake ... Create Positive Energy!
  • Adopt Practices that Help You Sustain Energy, Enthusiasm Even During Adversity and Challenge
  • Other People's Opinion of You is None of Your Business ... Give Up Approval Addiction
  • Preoccupied with the Spirit of Play! Create High-Impact Experiences with Customers and Colleagues!
  • The Keys to Real Brilliance ... Contribution, Accountability, Authenticity, Humour and Celebration
Grit and Resilience ... You Have What it Takes to Bounce Back From Adversity and Challenge Here's what will happen after ...
  • More Ease, Calm and Grace ... more people who are comfortable being uncomfortable and can access strength in adversity
  • More Curiosity and Flexibility ... people who can shift their thinking and adopt a perspective that serves them
  • More Positive Support, Encouragement and Acknowledgement ... teams have more insight, compassion and understanding of what it takes to be resilient
  • More People who Recover Quickly ... people have tools to overcome setbacks and the grit to put it into action
  • More Eagerness to Persevere ... acceptance and inspiration and practices that support true grit and resilience
  • More Confidence and Less Fear ... knowledge disarms fear, decreases resistance and people can walk through fear with more confidence
The key to resiliency - the ability to adapt to life' changes and crises - is key to a healthy productive life. Knowing when to press on, and when to let go and how to live with "not knowing" ... being able to feel secure and confident when the answers are unclear and the future uncertain is a new imperative. Old models of success are no longer relevant or resonant, and some of the rules we have lived by no longer make sense and may even create more pain than peace. You will leave with actionable insights and valuable tools to find confidence and feel armed to effectively handle the realities of today's worried and frenetic world.

Beyond Crazee: Productive Life Harmony Here's what will happen after ...
  • More Perspective, Insight and Commitment to What Really Matters
  • More Energy, Focus and Tools to manage energy, attention and action
  • More Strategies For Productivity ... less distracted energy and feelings of overwhelm
  • More Tools to Set Up Each Day ... practices to stay present and appreciatively aware of the opportunity now
  • More Modelling of Balance and Harmony ... ability to relate and connect to core values of the youngest workers
  • More Confidence and Ownership of Choices ... big commitment that comes with taking full responsibility for your experience
If you feel distracted, overwhelmed and exhausted it is time to dive deep, develop some performance habits that will help you deeply recover, stay focused, get clear and be more present to the challenges in front of you. This is a transformative session that is both practical and inspiring and provides a highly practical and proven set of strategies to help you better manage the relentlessly rising demands we are all facing.

Happiness Practice: It's Time to Ditch the Stress Here's what will happen after ...
  • More Lightness, Fun and Joy ... people understand more about what makes them happy More Acceptance of the Hard Times ... less angst, frustration and guilt from not being "happy" all the time
  • More Accessibility to Positive Moments ... less waiting for the big events on weekends, vacation and retirement
  • More Gratitude ... people have strategies, practices and ways to invite and allow themselves to feel good
  • More People Practicing Happiness ... and holding one another accountable to their impact on the team
Is it possible to develop strategies that help you sustain positive energy, deep engagement and a sense of humour and lightness? Yes, and these same habits can help you build satisfying relationships, and give you the edge you need to be more productive at work. If you have been on achievement auto-pilot driven by goals that keep you pressing forward, but not feeling excited and alive, this session will show you how to get more of the satisfaction you are craving. Essentially, this is the mystery unravelled, and a comprehensive guide to understanding the elements of happiness. You will learn practical, empowering and easy to follow strategies and exercises for new ways of thinking and sustaining deep joy in your life.

Life on Confidence Confidence: belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance: "Her lack of confidence defeated her".

Fall Forward Faster
  • In the last week did you fail at something?
  • In the last week did you take a risk ... try something where the outcome was uncertain?
  • In the last week did you allow yourself to do or say something that you knew would be far from perfect?
When in Doubt, ACT
  • In the last week did you make an important decision quickly?
  • In the last week did you make a request for help or assistance to further your goals?
  • In the last week did you make an offer that would allow you to act on your skills and contribute more?
Give up the Need for Approval
  • In the last week did you say or do something without caring about what people thought?
  • In the last week did you make a decision without worry over whether it would upset someone?
  • In the last week did you act on your values and stand up for something important, even when it was uncomfortable?
Learn Fast
  • In the last week did you receive feedback or request feedback?
  • In the last week did you change a behaviour, insight or perspective based on feedback received?
  • In the last week did you actively learn something new?
Recover, Recover, Recover
  • In the last week did you make a mistake and recover quickly?
  • In the last week did you recognize your own limitations and use compassion to get back in the game?
  • In the last week can you recall a setback and response that bolstered your integrity and personal power?
Stop Trying to Figure Things Out
  • In the last week did you consciously stop ruminating, analyzing and problem solving and allow things to unfold?
  • In the last week were you completely present to "what wants to happen" and able to release a script or rehearsed speech.
  • In the last week did you do something spontaneous and completely conjured up in the moment?
Rewire Your Brain
  • In the last week did you replace negative ranting with a recollection of your strengths and achievements?
  • In the last week did you reframe automatic negative thinking by shifting to positive possibilities or a neutral perspective?
  • In the last week did you accept positive feedback with a simple thank you?
  • In the last week did you accept constructive feedback with curiosity and gratitude?
Speak UP
  • In the past week did you ask a question, or challenge someone with a different perspective, or advocate for a cause or value in a conversation or meeting?
  • In the last week did you speak with confidence and without upspeak (raising the tone of your voice at the end of a sentence in a way that suggests what you are really doing is asking a question, not making a point).
  • In the last week did you allow silence as you speak and avoid filler words such as ... "um, ah, you know, like and stuff like that?"
Be Powerfully Present
  • In the last week did your body language support your emotional presence? (head up, chin up, shoulders back, eye contact, smile, open body posture, relaxed movements)
  • In the last week did you "own your space?" (not make yourself physically small, or sit at the back of the room, or along the wall).
  • In the last week were you completely yourself? Real? Authentic? Not faking anything?
Authentic Leadership: Stand in the Fire! (Without Getting "Fried or Fired") Here's what will happen after ...
  • More Leaders, More Authentic, More of the Time ... Leaders will know what the roadblocks are. what is at stake, where they sit on the authentic leadership scale and how to show up more authentically
  • More Influence - Leaders will be able to let go of pleasing and controlling to exert influence, and know how to express themselves honestly and directly while hearing and acknowledging what others think
  • More Trust and Respect - Leaders will build solid relationships based on deep trust and full respect
  • More Hard Decisions Faster - Leaders have more curious conversations and the skills and tools to involve others, examine possibilities and make the best decisions
  • More Positive Energy - Leaders build habits that sustain energy, enthusiasm and belief
  • More Accountability - Leaders have the tools to challenge people to high standards and give honest feedback in a way that is inspiring
Real leadership isn't about theories or models it's about what happens every day with the people you lead. It's about the guts and courage to be real and accessible to people. It's about telling your stories, the really hard ones where you got knocked down a couple of times, and managed to get up, learn something and go again. It's about hearing other people's stories of struggle and challenge too, and acknowledging and providing encouragement. The grit to keep at leadership comes from knowing it's not supposed to be easy, and what you are working towards matters.

How do you become a more authentic leader? What practices could you adopt to help you "stand in the fire" more of the time? Can you assess authenticity? What are the characteristics of an authentic leader? What gets in the way of being real and genuine? Can you still be powerful? Or Influential? Or even more influential? This program is a compelling call to real leadership and the foundation for engaging people to lean in, care and show up to make a difference each day. As the world changes, this quality is becoming more important than ever. Most people won't follow you without it.

Energize Your Workplace: Inspire and Engage the Heart! Here's what will happen after ...
  • More People Engaged ... who care about what happens and want to add value
  • More Leaders Who Get What People Need to Feel Engaged and can apply the Three keys to Inspiration in meetings, in conversation and team projects
  • More Leaders who have ideas and tools to meet the 6 Expectations of today's workers
  • More Leaders who Inspire ... and have practical ways to put it in action, and know and understand the limitations of motivation
  • More Compelling Cultures ... where leaders apply the 15 simple tools to build a positive environment
This program will provide new insights, tools and strategies to inspire and bring out the best in people. You need a fresh perspective, and understanding about why people take action or why they just kind of want to get the day over ... that's what you will discover. And it will feel like someone just took a load off your shoulders. Your burden to motivate is gone. In its place is a whole new level of responsibility ... to lay down the challenge, build belief, optimism, resilience, and the courage to take action. Get out of their way. Spark new thinking. Be a model. Point the way. Hold them accountable. And have fun.

Communication and Relationship Building Communicate, Connect and Have Curious Conversations Here's what will happen after ...
  • More RealTalk ... less pretend scripted and transactional conversations
  • More Involvement ... less silence, fear and apprehension to speak up
  • More Serious Connections ... people are inspired to take time to talk about what matters and be more present and more focused when talking to one another
  • More Listening that demonstrates respect and builds trust
  • More Curious Questions that deepen creative problem solving, ownership and capacity
  • More People Thinking Better ... more clarity, confidence and less advice, directing, over-selling and "motivating"
  • More Energy and Engagement and people who are excited about what is still possible
To teach, model and give people tools to improve conversation, connection and influence requires more than a mechanical unemotional interchange. Engagement is all about connection ... WHO are you connected to in a real way? Through an exploration of the three keys to RealTalk, (authentic presence, self-direction and emotional engagement) teams and leaders will know how to prepare for a meaningful conversation, manage emotions without burying them, and most of all to ask questions and be able to ignite, uncover and spark internal energy.

Conversations can dissolve apprehension, build trust, respect and understanding and bolster confidence, optimism and action. And they don't need to be longer than ten minutes. With the Great 8 Questions and three principles for engagement, leaders can help people truly get their Hearts in the Game even when the future is uncertain and unclear.
“Your keynote address on "Get Your Heart in the Gameª! was spectacular and the feedback from our participants was excellent. Consensus was they felt rejuvenated by your session and thoroughly enjoyed your humoristic approach but recognized that the session also carried some serious and important messages. The combination was unforgettable and awe-inspiring... thank you Tammy, for an exciting and exhilarating three days. Your keynote and workshops were true highlights of the conference and your participation in our extra-curricular activities added a personal touch for all and demonstrated that you were truly interested in us as an organization and as individuals.”
Canada Revenue Agency

“Tammy Robertson is one of the best motivational speakers that I have seen. She is a great person on stage and off. She is able to reach out to the audience and put them in the palm of her hand and keep them mesmerized, even at the end of a long conference day. She was able to pick them up and make them feel like they had just entered the room. Tammy was the highlight of the conference. I would recommend her highly ... she is contagious.”
Value Drug Mart Associates Ltd.

"Our varied audience of over 600 teachers, secretaries, educational support staff, bus drivers, maintenance and custodians were all entertained and challenged by your presentation. Our staff was very impressed with the background work you did in researching our division and in making personal contact with a number of them. Your message was both heartwarming and thought provoking. You kept our goals for the year in mind when you developed your talk and that made your message powerful. Thanks for making our day a success!"
Wild Rose School Division

"Tammy was a delight! She led us through a difficult area with humour, honesty and discussion. I feel pumped and ready to go back to my team with new found knowledge." "I really enjoyed the class! Tammy is a great instructor and kept things lively. The toys were a neat tool to promote a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This was my favorite management development seminar so far." "You are a dynamic speaker Tammy. Your knowledge and experience is outstanding." "Tammy's presentation was right on the mark. This seminar provided me with invaluable tools and information to become a better manager."
Dianne Dutton - University of Calgary

"The responses to the evaluation of the day were amazing! I would have Tammy Robertson come back and continue - I think she was a great motivation to all of us. "This year was great! Tammy was superb, I could have listened to her for a couple of days." "Tammy was excellent!"
Matt Norton - Lethbridge School District No.51

"Tammy's knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are exceptional. She has a very engaging manner and a captivating presentational style that makes her very effective in both personal interactions and group presentations. Her abilities allowed us to work together in a very collaborative manner, customizing her knowledge into the requirements of our assignments and delivering an outstanding one day workshop. That workshop was very successful in delivering the key concepts, having attendees personalize this new information, and energizing staff so that they took action to enact the concepts immediately upon returning to work. Importantly this session was FUN!"
Keith Palmer - CIO Alliance Pipeline

"You did an outstanding job! Your presentation, Get Your Heart in the Game was well received and the feedback was tremendous! "Tammy is amazing, I want her as my mentor! Her contribution to our conference made it an even greater success."
Ross Gilchrist - Chief Marketing Officer TWC Financial

BP Canada
Imperial Oil
Alliance Pipeline
Scotia Bank
Canada Trust
Humpty's Restaurants
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