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Kyle Shewfelt

2004 Olympic Champion

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Kyle Shewfelt: 2004 Olympic Champion

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During a training session at the 2007 World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany, Kyle suffered a devastating injury, breaking both of his legs just below the knees.

Determined to contribute to his team’s performance to qualify Canada for the Beijing Olympics, Kyle opted to stay in Germany to support his teammates from the sidelines for the entirety of the competition.

They qualified.

Back in Calgary, Kyle embarked on the biggest comeback of his athletic career – overcoming two broken legs in just 11-months to compete for Canada at the 2008 Games.

He qualified.

By overcoming seemingly insurmountable circumstances, Kyle’s comeback story has inspired as many people as he did when he won the gold medal four years earlier.

An engaging and seasoned speaker, Kyle creatively weaves his personal and motivational stories into topics ranging from overcoming challenges, taking risks to grace under pressure.