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Shelly-Ann Brown

Silver Medal Olympian 2010 - Canadian Olympian Speaker

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Shelly-Ann Brown: Silver Medal Olympian 2010 - Canadian Olympian Speaker

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Shelley-Ann Brown is a native of Pickering, Ontario Canada. She has been a high level competitor in Track and Field for many years. As passionate about education as she is about sports, Shelley-Ann completed a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and English and a Masters in Educational Psychology in May 2006. This was accomplished while she attended the University of Nebraska on a Track and Field scholarship. The former sprinter/hurdler gained All-American honors during her time at Nebraska, and also served as a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Board.

Shelley-Ann was recruited to bobsleigh for the 2007 season and has been on the Canadian World Cup Team ever since. Over the last three seasons, she has set 5 World Start records and placed as high as 2nd in the World Cup competition. She represented Canada in her first ever Olympics at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games where she thrilled the hearts of Canadians across the country when pushing her teammate to a Silver Medal win.

She trains 6 days a week on average during the off-season. A typical training day can be anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Training consists mainly of weight training, sprinting, plyometrics and core stability and strengthening activities.

Shelley-Ann is firm believer in ‘giving back’ and as a result is a very active member in her community. In 2005, she founded and directed Camp E.D.I.F.Y in Scarborough, Ontario. E.D.I.F.Y stands for Education and Direction for Intelligent and Fit Youth reflecting her belief that children should be whole and healthy in every aspect of their being - whole in heart, whole in mind, whole in body and whole in spirit. Her commitment to the camp was evidenced by its affordability and flexibility which provided access to more families in the community. She became an Honorary Big Sister to the Big Brothers and Sisters Organization of Ajax-Pickering in 2009. She participated in their most important fundraiser of the year where every dollar raised went directly to serving children in the community. She will also be travelling to Haiti to help in the rebuild efforts.

Shelley-Ann believes that the earth should be saved and that reducing carbon gas emissionsis important. She therefore joined forces as an Ambassador with the Clean Air Champions in 2009. Their mission is to improve air quality by motivating and educating Canadians to adopt lifestyles that enhance their environment and personal health. There are over six billion people in the world sharing one earth and Shelley-Ann often states that our health and the health of our planet are intricately linked. It is time for everyone to start giving back because when our world is sick, so are we.

Shelley-Ann engages in numerous public speaking events delivering motivational speeches across the country. Those who listen to her ‘Push Hard, Drive Well, Have Joy!” speech describe it as engaging, enthusiastic and inspiring. She is a great example of what can be achieved with hard work and determination. She is a great role model to youth everywhere inspiring them to excellence, fairness, respect and hard work. When Shelley-Ann is not training, she loves to read, write short stories and poetry, sing and play her guitar.

Push Hard, Drive Well, Have Joy!
"Thank you so much for inspiring our students with your passion and dedication. Your poignant speech about perseverance and teamwork brought tears to many eyes. Students and staff are still feeling the "Shelley-Ann Fever"! Best wishes for the future and hope to see you again!"
Kristina Burbidge

"Thank you for sharing your story with us today at RBC. You are a brilliant speaker and your message of teamwork and hope was an inspiration to me. All the best with your work in Haiti and future endeavors."
Caroline Piazza - RBC

"I had the pleasure of hearing Miss Shelley-Ann Brown share her story at our chapel a few weeks ago.  Shelley-Ann is a dynamic and inspirational speaker.  She wove together aspects of her childhood, upbringing, education, dreams and Olympic journey into a fascinating account that touched us all deeply.  She is an excellent role model for youth and young adults.  Shelley-Ann presents as though she is a communications major or a graduate of Toastmasters.  I am sure that those who teach and practice the art of speech making would be as impressed as I am by her capability in this arena.  I sincerely hope that Shelley-Ann’s Olympic success and her role as the Director of Camp Edify will continue to afford her speaking opportunities to share her love for children, youth, Canada and her commitment to academic and personal excellence." 
Darlene Burns - Evergreen Centre For Street Youth

"Shelley-Ann’s presentation to our youth worker staff was both inspiring and uplifting. She left us with the feeling that we could accomplish any goal that we set our mind and heart to. I would highly recommend Shelly-Ann Brown to speak to at any venue and would say that she is suitable for audiences of all ages! "
Kathleen Schindell - Health Centre Clinical Associate - Evergreen Centre For Street Youth

"Shelley-Ann, thank you very much for coming to speak to the students of E.B. Phin and Westcreek Public Schools. Words cannot express how outstanding your presentation was. I cried during your slideshow. We truly appreciate the time and effort you are making for our young people.  It is people like yourself who will inspire them to reach for the stars. Your energy, joy and enthusiasm are contagious. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. You will do great things, I am sure. The students of Phin and Westcreek will be cheering for you and sending you all our positive energy."
E.B. Phin and Westcreek Public Schools
Bank of Montreal
RBC Financial Group
Clean Air Champions - Earth Hour
FCA Weekend of Champions
People City Mission
University of Nebraska (Your Degree First, Student Advisory Board)
Yonge Street Mission
Big Brothers & Sisters of Ajax-Pickering
Camp E.D.I.F.Y.

Multiple Schools, below are a few
Dunbarton H.S.
Scarborough Village
E.B. Phin, Graduation
Eagle Ridge, Graduation
Coronation P.S.
Vaughan Willard P. S.
Harmony P.S.
Nottingham P.S.