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Colleen Sostorics

3-time Olympic Gold Medalist – Hockey

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Colleen Sostorics: 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist – Hockey

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Colleen grew up on a farm near the small community of Kennedy in SE Saskatchewan where she played on boys teams until graduating high school.  She then moved to Calgary to pursue her hockey career while attending university where she ultimately graduated with a BA in Economics in 2004.  Colleen moved through the ranks of the national women’s program, captaining Canada’s U22 team in 2000/2001 before playing her first tournaments for the senior team in 2001.  Colleen has worked hard to enjoy a decade of success with the National team, highlighted by 3 Olympic Gold Medals, 3 World Championship Gold Medals and 3 World Championship Silver Medals.

Although she is considered one of the tougher players in women’s hockey, Colleen uses humour and a down to earth style when describing the struggles, excitement, determination and teamwork needed on “the Road to Gold”.  Since her first Gold Medal in 2002 she has given countless speeches to a wide range of audiences, from elementary schools to business executives.  She often speaks on achieving goals, teamwork, overcoming obstacles and the pursuit of excellence but will tailor her speech to meet your needs.  Colleen looks forward to being a part of your next event.

“As an organization, we are always looking for unique stories that help illustrate to our sales team how perseverance, teamwork and hard work, ultimately pay off in whatever venture you are undertaking. Colleen’s candid comments, colourful stories and personal challenge toward excellence, were a perfect example as to what hard work and dedication can produce... keep speaking your message loud.”
Mitch Diaper - District Vice President - RBC Global Asset Management.

Colleen was the perfect speaker for our national event.  She shared her insightful personal experiences as a national team athlete and Olympian with loads of her easy humour and charm.  The passion, drive and motivation that got her to the podium came shining through in a most entertaining way instilling similar aspirations in the athletes and creating a memorable evening for all at our banquet!
 Lynn Tulloch - Chair, 2010 Esso Cup

“She has been an inspiration and motivation to everyone.  She has given speeches, showed us videos, answered questions and letters from our students and has played in a school-wide floor hockey game.  She has shared her Olympic medals and many entertaining stories of her success in achieving her goals and dreams.”
Shauna Gooliaff - Patrick Arlie School