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Scott Burrows

Equipping Leaders to Standup to their Challenges & Opportunities!

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Scott Burrows: Equipping Leaders to Standup to their Challenges & Opportunities!

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Early in Scott’s life he played wide receiver at Florida State University under coach Bobby Bowden and was a top-ranked kick-boxing champion having his last fight broadcast by ESPN. But on November 3, 1984, Scott’s life took a dramatic turn when he was involved in a horrendous accident while a passenger in his friend’s car that left him paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed a quadriplegic.

Despite this grim prognosis, Scott stood up this challenge. To survive, beat the odds and put himself in a position to thrive and achieve the extraordinary, Scott took accountability for what happened! Then he realigned his mindset and embraced this paralyzing irrevocable change and forged forward with all the grit he could muster. Over time, this unstoppable attitude paid unbelievable dividends!

Scott started achieving goals in his rehabilitation that few doctors thought possible. Within a year of being paralyzed and regaining some mobility, Scott enrolled back into college, earned a degree in finance and upon graduation, Scott sought a career which would give him a lasting and meaningful impact in people’s lives, an agent in the insurance and financial industry. He joined Northwestern Mutual and specialized in life and disability insurance planning in both the individual and business markets. As he grew his practice he started teaming up with his peers & mentors and began tackling the wealth and estate planning markets. In his fifth year he qualified for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table, a 100% commission driven award that less than 8% of agents worldwide achieve yearly.

In 1994, Scott made the gut-wrenching decision to leave a hugely successful career in an industry he had so much passion for to welcome a new life changing opportunity to team up with his brother Mark. Together they founded Global Golf Group, an international company that markets custom blended fertilizers, chemicals and golf equipment to golf courses in Southeast Asia. Their enterprise continues to thrive today.As an International Keynote Speaker, Scott speaks to more than 100,000 people annually, and has presented in over 25 States and in such countries as Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Greece, India, Mexico and Prague, Czech Republic.

Scott’s “Stand-up” Highlights:
  • A Founder of Global Golf Group – an International company marketing custom blended fertilizers to golf courses in South East Asia.
  • Million Dollar Round Table – former agent in the Insurance Industry & recognized by MDRT, a 100% commission DRIVEN award.
  • International Keynote Speaker, Author & a founder of G-Force International – a company offering coaching & educational resources including Scott’s upcoming new book, G-Force, which DRIVES home his 6-G strategy:
  • Grit: Your willingness to persevere, to never give up in spite of the hurdles!
  • Grin: Your ability to laugh and have a sense of humor during the toughest of times!
  • Grip: The strength behind the strategic alignment of a team coming together as one!
  • Goals: Setting & executing goals that stretch the mind!
  • Global: Thinking bigger, your scaling & the impact you can have as a leader!
  • Golf: Turning your passion into creative ideas! What’s your Golf Club?
After his setback, Scott:
  • Authored “G-Force” & Co-Authored “Conversations on Success”
  • Played full contact wheelchair rugby, a.k.a Murderball, a Paralympic Sport
  • Became a 17 handicap golfer
  • Snow skied from 12,000 feet above sea level
  • Scuba dived to the depths of 120 feet
Scott’s Signature Keynote:  VISION-MINDSET-GRIT
The true measure of success is how well you adapt to change, doubt, uncertainty and fear—and the belief system you employ must be powerful enough to conquer those obstacles. As audiences worldwide have discovered in this life-changing keynote, renowned speaker and author Scott Burrows’ own riveting story of overcoming adversity through sheer determination, will power and goal setting is uplifting and infectious. Using his physical paralysis as a visual metaphor, Scott reveals how to drive personal and business results using the same mental focus that helped him reinvent his life. The dynamic principles discussed in this presentation Vision Mindset Grit inspire people to unprecedented levels of empowerment and self-confidence, setting the stage for developing cutting-edge ideas and leadership strategies that will benefit your entire company.
Vision-Mindset-Grit Takeaways:
  • Exploring and developing unlimited Vision for self and organization
  • Transforming your focus through adaptation, reinvention and flexibility
  • How to change your Why? questions (Why is this happening to me?) into What? questions (What can I to do improve myself and my business?)


Developing the Human Resource Mindset
Mindset is the habitual mental attitude that allows you to stay focused on the goals of your organization even as circumstances, personnel and other elements change. An unshakable Mindset separates you from the rest of the pack. It bolsters your confidence, optimism and ingenuity in any environment, illuminating the path toward success. During this powerful, heartfelt message, Scott shows how, despite the tragic events that reshaped his life, he was able to lock in on his own Mindset and beat the odds. His shared experiences will inspire innovation and enthusiasm throughout your entire organization.

Mindset Takeaways:
  • Understanding that adversity is not a setback, but an opportunity
  • Finding and replenishing the energy to continually face oncoming challenges
  • Thinking bigger for yourself and your organization through a singular focus


Developing The Educators Mindset
Through this highly moving and inspirational keynote, speaker Scott Burrows uses his paralysis as a visual metaphor and a vehicle to inspire the educational community to build a compelling vision that entices them to take action. He draws his audience in through heartwarming stories as well as audience participation. His goal is to help educators at every level explore new levels of achievement. Whether you are a teacher, an administrator, or cafeteria employee, you have the ability to positively impact the lives of children. This presentation is specifically designed to be an educational tool. Burrows challenges the education community to encourage their students never give up hope to soon to their dreams, goals, hopes and aspirations. The concepts in this uplifting message will inspire the role of the educator to stretch beyond any of their own self-perceived paralyzing limitations while encouraging their students to do the same.

Mindset Takeaways:
  • Understanding that the most overwhelming setbacks can be converted into success
  • Understanding how turning your Why questions into What questions can create forward momentum
  • Thinking bigger in your own behalf, your schools behalf and those students you serve


BREAKOUT: Think Outside The Moment: A Challenging, Full-Throttle Breakout Session!
Feeling scared, vulnerable and overwhelmed are inevitable—and inescapable—traits of the human condition, whether at work, at home or in other social environments. In this lively, engaging session, Scott Burrows helps audience members root out the causes of those anxieties and learn from each other how to Think Outside the Moment to fight such fears for a more productive, enriching life.

Through careful guidance and an entertaining, inspiring approach, Scott digs deep into the vulnerabilities and dynamics of the group for a unique session where everyone gets involved and everyone leaves with new skills and coping mechanisms built around his empowering concepts of Vision, Mindset and Grit.

Audiences discover the answers to 3 pivotal questions:
  • What are you now fighting for going forward in both your personal and professional life?
  • What is that Vision to which you want to commit?
  • Who is willing to hold you accountable?
Everyone involved will develop:
  • The Vision to clearly see what they want
  • The Mindset to adapt to any uncomfortable situation completely on the fly
  • The Grit to stand tall and perform regardless of their comfort zone
Thanks again for sharing your story with us - I continue to sing your praises to others who I know are on the lookout for motivating messages at their meetings.  Please feel free to let me know if I can do anything to help solidify a future opportunity.
Highland Capital Brokerage

"Thank you so much for organizing Scott’s presentation for Eli Lilly and Company.  Scott is a wonderful, heartfelt speaker.  The new sales team listened to Scott attentively through until the very end; I feel they took away a lot from his experience.  He even had a handful of the reps talking to him afterward the speech.  Please thank Scott for us; he is truly an amazing person!"

Gloria Gimbrone - Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

"You gave so many stirring examples from your own life, and the audience saw visible evidence in these.  It is one thing to talk about Vision, Mindset, and Grit, but you are living proof of someone who has put this into action in his life.  It’s hard for an agent not to be motivated into applying your 3-pronged formula for running his/her own agency.  It’s not just what you said; it’s who you are. This is what changes behavior. "
Teresa Richardson, CPCU Leadership Development Advisor State Farm Insurance -Texas Zone

"Scott has a very high energy message that can motivate your team to take it to the next level. His motivational thought process allows others to reflect where they are today and what the thought process is for personal growth. He speaks from the heart and has a very unique real life experience that others can learn from."
U.S. Foodservice
"Our team bonded with a sense of purpose at a level I have never witnessed. It was amazing! Your Passionate Message surrounding the "WHAT" questions versus the "WHY" questions, still resonates at every company meeting. That is very powerful."
Cameo Professionals

"I just wanted to let you know that your presentation was extremely well received. It launched our event with an inspirational tone that carried through the entire conference."

"Your story, your vision, your mindset, and your GRIT touched my heart... The tear that you evoked in my eye represented the courage that I thought didn't exist, the strength to persevere, and the determination to learn from my fears."
Merrill Lynch
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
Country Insurance and Financial Services
North Dakota Long Term Care Association
Tennessee Health Care Association
Nebraska Health Care Association
Brookside Lab.
University of South Florida
Florida Turf Grass Association
U.S. Foodservice Sales Divisions; Atlanta, Chicago, Raleigh NC, Fort Mill SC, Virginia Beach, Pompano Beach Florida, Boca Raton Florida, Bismarck North Dakota, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Tampa
Stand Up to Your Challenges!