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Dan Comiskey

Teaches us the importance of safety rules, safety communication & the importance of attention to Safety in the Workplace.

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Dan Comiskey: Teaches us the importance of safety rules, safety communication & the importance of attention to Safety in the Workplace.

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Dan played football in the Canadian Football League for 13 years, where he was coached by over 40 different professional coaches. All of these coaches were behavior change specialists, and helped Dan become an expert in the fundamentals of habit change.  Dan retired from the CFL in 2010, where he was a perennial all-star and a two time Grey Cup champion.

Dan has co-written The Truth About Success, Enduring Principles of Leadership, My Rules and Professional Coaching.

The parallels drawn between the corporate world and professional football have given Dan great insight into team building, leadership, and the importance of consistently protecting any team’s community from a loss of unified vision.  Dan’s message is inspirational and heartfelt… He speaks to the human heart’s capacity to overcome adversity and the essential mindset that is necessary to do so.  In the end any team can overcome the most difficult situations imaginable, but it is our ability to do so while protecting the well-being of our communities that separates the survivor from the champion. 
This inspirational keynote looks at ways to improve safety issues in the workplace environment by encouraging proper leadership skills and habit change. Dan explains how innovations in brain science challenge common assumptions about habit change.

According to Dan: "You're either leading by example or you're misleading by example." Dan Comiskey played football in the Canadian Football League for 12 years earning two Grey Cup rings. During this period, he had over 40 different coaches. The wisdom of these coaches and Dan’s ability to adapt taught him the fundamentals of habitual change. He is now an expert on habit change.

During his career Dan had to deal with the loss of his step-brother who passed in an industrial incident. He also helped his father in-law, who suffered a permanent brain injury in the workplace less than one year from retirement. Dan personally suffered multiple concussions, a torn tricep, a torn calf and a broken leg during his professional football career. Dan has a very personal perspective on the importance of safety rules, safety communication and the importance of attention to Safety in the Workplace.

- Accountability in Team Safety
-Story of Dan the Safety Man
-Success vs Failure – we always choose
-The Power of Self-Talk
-Habit Creation
-How our own habits affect the team - personal accountability

- How your vision as a leader will dictate every decision you make
-Story of Dan the Safety Man
-Success vs Failure – we always choose
-The power of Self Talk – what does this mean as a leader?
-Everything matters to your vision and the world
-The butterfly effect
-Personal accountability

Everything Matters – The Power of Intervention
-Story of Dan the Safety Man
-Success vs Failure – we always choose
-The Power of Self-Talk – and what we chose to accept
-The Butterfly Effect and the power of intervention
-Personal accountability

“Our supervisors were emotionally affected. Dan changed their perspective on coaching safety.”

“Best speech I’ve ever heard, anywhere, any topic.”
 Supervisor Weavexx

“Dan is a powerful speaker. He also has a clear and powerful message. Absolutely outstanding.”
 Fima Development Canada Corp.

“Dan was a team leader with our organization for years. He never had any trouble speaking from the front of the room when the need presented itself. He was also a terrific speaker at our corporate breakfasts. I highly recommend Dan as a speaker.”
Edmonton Eskimos

“Our foremen were very impressed with Dan’s coaching message. Dan is a riveting speaker, and is clearly passionate about safety.”
ACL Construction Ltd

“Dan is a passionate speaker who puts his heart and soul into his presentation. He really cares about people and their welfare, and that comes through loud and clear in his powerful presentation.”
Ocean Contracting

"Dan I would like to thank you for the very moving presentation you put on at Shell Albian Sands. It was very hard to hold back tears in a room full of big tough construction workers. Your passion is very needed in our profession and I think you hit home to a lot of people. My crews were very thankful to sit in on your session also. Keep up the good work. I tried to shake your hand but the line was crowd was too large to get close."
Shell Albian Sands
Shell canada,
Shell projects and technologies,
Shell RealEstate,
CFL Referees association,
Countless schools across Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Atco structures,
JV Drivers.
ATCO Electric
Bonavista Energy
CEDA International
City of Calgary Water Services
City of Edmonton, Waste Management
Compton Petroleum
County of Stettler
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Safety Codes council of Alberta
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