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Kate Adamson

Paralyzed but not Powerless, stroke survivor

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Kate Adamson: Paralyzed but not Powerless, stroke survivor

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Against one-in-a-million odds, Kate Adamson overcame total paralysis from a devastating double brainstem stroke. Locked inside her body, she communicated by blinking. Kate could think. And she could blink. And that’s all she could do. It was like being locked in a glass coffin. This survivor of Locked-in Syndrome proves that paralysis is not powerlessness and that we can achieve the impossible by focusing on the possible. Now, the award-winning author of Paralyzed But Not Powerless shares her incredible story of recovery with audiences across the country.

In her presentations, Kate inspires corporate and government audiences to appreciate how those who effectively deal with disabilities tend to develop levels of creativity and resourcefulness beyond what they would have if they had not suffered the disability. She explains that people with disabilities often take extraordinary approaches to ordinary problems—and often achieve extraordinary results. While disabled people are forced to learn these lessons, all of us can choose to learn them. Kate’s experience of overcoming personal paralysis relates to corporations dealing with paralysis brought on by the impact of global changes in their business, the economy, human resources issues, government regulations regarding accommodation, and other challenges. She will show you how to achieve your own extraordinary results.

Kate was appointed to the University of Southern California, Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Board of Counselors and serves on the Advisory Board for Successful Aging with Disability. She is also a board member of the Stroke Association of Southern California and has served as a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association. Currently, Kate severs as a board member of the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the National Speakers Association. She was the subject of a major fundraising film produced by the American Heart Association.

Kate’s story has been featured in many national magazines, including Redbook, Prevention, Vim & Vigor, Caregiver, Stroke Smart, Stroke Connection and The Female Patient. She was one of five national finalists for Prevention magazine’s “Picture of Health” promotion and has appeared on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The O’Reilly Factor, The Abrams Report, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, 700 Club, Coral Ridge Ministries, TBN, and Lifetime.
One Hand Clapping: Paralyzed but not Powerless
This powerful presentation engages your audience and lets them experience what it is like to face million-to-one odds and Wait ‘til you see your dignified male executives struggle with “Bro’s Bra” and your audience conquer the “One Handed Banana”. What challenges do you face? What goals are you trying to reach? What would happen if every leader in your organization focused on abilities rather than disabilities – on what can be done rather than what can’t?

Would there be anything you could not accomplish? One Hand Clapping is not just a “feel good” motivational speech. Against one-in-a-million odds, Kate Adamson overcame total paralysis from a devastating stroke. This survivor of Locked-in Syndrome will prove that paralysis is not powerlessness. We can achieve the impossible by focusing on the possible. Kate inspires audiences from coast to coast to overcome personal and organizational paralysis and sends audiences back to work motivated and inspired

One Hand Clapping: Appreciation before Accommodation
Kate Adamson, a survivor of Locked in Syndrome proves how ability most certainly rises from the ashes of disability; how those who persist in spite of disabilities, can develop uncommon determination, creativity, and resourcefulness – and isn’t that what employers are looking for? Audiences return to work with new appreciation of the value of accommodation – and wonderful memories of a great convention!

Would your medical conference benefit from a breakout that supplements and supports your didactic medical, clinical and scientific presentations?  Kate’s husband and patient advocate, Steven Klugman, often adds valuable insight in breakouts and panel discussions. Together, Kate and Steven help health care professionals who serve and support survivors of brain injury, gain new understanding of the profoundly paralyzed patient and new respect and appreciation for what they do as medical providers. This thought provoking and deeply moving breakout is educational and inspiring; encourages questions; and provides insight for medical professionals and others who deal with so-called hopeless cases and family and friends of the patients.e.

Kate’s Story: The View from the Other Side of the Bed
This presentation gives healthcare professionals and patients' advocate and support groups a chance to see the view from the other side of the bed. Kate shares her experience of being a critically ill hospital patient, unable to communicate but fully aware of the work going on around her. She speaks about the contribution that doctors, nurses, physical and vocational therapists, hospital administrators and even insurance companies made in her recovery.  Kate's husband, attorney and patient advocate, Steven Klugman, is available to participate in breakouts and panel discussions and shares valuable insights into the role of an advocate. Her experience powerfully illustrates the miracle of healing and the opportunity for healthcare professionals at every level to bring about that miracle.
"Your visit to Erie, PA affected so many lives within the medical community as well as the general public. I received such positive feedback to your presentations. You were professional, genuine and appealing to all. The presentation you shared with the 500 women at Hamot’s Healthy Women Seminar was spectacular! Your informal meeting with the stroke group was fabulous! The same message of spiritual intervention met our medical community as well. There are times in medical treatment where a reliance on an individual’s faith is inadvertently sidelined. Comments I received from the medical conference evaluation forms included some of the following. “The speaker has phenomenal strength and courage” “what a moving and motivational speaker!” “Very good for health care professionals to hear such a realistic and patient view.” “Excellent – tough act to follow!” Medical professionals really do benefit from reality, not just research.”
Hamot Medical Center, PA...    

"You met all the objectives for our conference- education, empowerment and enrichment. Your words were an inspiration to me and the entire audience. You exude such a positive attitude despite your challenges in life. This demonstration of perseverance inspired me to put my life in perspective."
National Association of Insurance Women, Int’l...

"You were our number one speaker at our conference. Our rating scale goes from 1 to 5 – 5 being the highest. Evaluations: "Kate is awesome", "a phenomenal woman" “strength and passion" "walks the walk" On a scale of 1-5 Kate is 6+” I admire your energy, enthusiasm, persistence and excitement… Your message is a strong one and you have touched many lives while saving lives.”
Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (NCARP)

We were held spellbound. We shuddered, we laughed, we rejoiced in Kate’s triumphant victory.
Louise Bisogni, President, Oakland Town Hall

Warm. Friendly. Your Personal delivery with humor and emotion kept our audience riveted.
Hector E. Cavazos, MCA Diversity Coordinator, Chevron

It’s inspirational to hear from a speaker that has overcome such odds and maintains an attitude of what I can do instead of what I can’t do.” Thank you, Kate.
Doug Herford, Principle Investigator,Chevron Alaska

Sincere, heartwarming and inspiring! Thank you for your excellent presentation to our certified staff.
John Snavely, Ed.D. PUSD

Your message will be long remembered, Kate. Our hospital board members, executives and physicians were personally touched and inspired to address the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers, patients and families.
Stephen Stoddard, MHA, FACHE, Executive Director

Thank you for sharing your courageous and inspiring story. Great audience feedback: Truly inspirational…amazing message…never give up…on individuals with disabilities in reaching their dreams.
Laura A. Owens, Ph.D., Executive Director, APSE

Each year we say to ourselves “How do we top last year?” Your incredible engaging message surpassed our hopes and expectations. I have one word for you, Kate: “Amazing.”
Debbie Terech, Director, Business Leadership Network
"All of us in the audience were most profoundly touched by your personal stories. Allow me to thank you most profusely. As they say in the movies, 'there wasn't a dry eye in the house.'"
Bank of America

"It was a pleasure to share the platform with you at Bank of America. I have never heard of foreclosure executives being 'profoundly touched by personal stories.' Thank you for sharing your 'walking miracle' story with others."
United Way

"Your presentation was brilliant. We applaud your commitment and dedication."
American Heart Association...    

"So often we find our employees don't really understand the importance of their contributions. You remind each of us just how meaningful and important they all are. You did it with grace and good humor!"
Farr Company

"While the experience is still vivid in my memory, I want to thank you for the very moving presentation which you made to our employees. You certainly know how to captivate and motivate your audience. Everyone in the room was touched by the very personal account. You are a true inspiration."
Korn/Ferry International...

"Your incredible story did in a few minutes what we try to do all year... get people to feel the value of their contribution. Your message made such a powerful statement about getting people to focus on what they can do to make a difference. We are better and stronger because of your words."
United Way of Greater Los Angeles
Stroke Survivor and Caregiver Conference, Neenah, WI
Health Resources and Services Administration, Rockville, MD
North Carolina Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (NCARP) Greensboro, NC
Critical Life Issues Conference, Piscaway, New Jersey
Respect Life Leaders Conference, Diocese of Arlington, Falls Church, VA
Youth Rally, Diocese of Arlington, Falls Church, VA
International Life Services, Los Angeles, CA
Environmental Protection Agency, Crystal City, VA
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring, MD
United States Congress
White House
National Association of Insurance Women International
12th Annual Rehabilitation and Case Managers conference
WI Medical Professionals Conference and Community Conference on Stroke
Edwards Air force Base
American Heart Association
American Stroke Association
Bank of America
Braille Institute
FEW (Federally Employed Women’s Conference) WA
Pacific Palisades Presbryterian Church
AHA, Snohomish County
Western Maryland Hospital Medical Conference
Stroke And Caregiver Conference, Oklahoma City
Life Legal Defense Foundation, San Francisco
Later Day Saints, Los Angeles, CA
Northern Trust the Private Bank
United Way of Greater Los Angeles
Glendora After Stroke Center
Stroke Association of California
University of Southern California
University of California at Los Angeles
Covenant Hospice Services Banquet, Indianapolis
Pennsylvanians for Human Life, Scranton, PA
Bishop O’Hara High School, Scranton, PA
Loyola Marymount University
Korn Ferry International
Farr Company
Women in Business Los Angeles and Washington
Crystal Catherdral Church
Hamot Aid Society
Hamot Neurological Conference
Chase Parl Plaza
St. Louis Women’s Conference
Lubbock, Texas Women Conference
Hamot Medical Center
Arrowhead Women’s Conference Center
Health Partners, OH
Kumed Medical Center, KS
Topeka Hutchinson Hospital
Salina Regional Health Center, KS
St. Francis Medical Center, KS
Prairie View Inc, Newton, KS
Mary Activity Center, Hays, KS
Brotman Medical Center, Los Angeles
Daniel Freeman Hospital, CA
Holy Cross Medical Center, CA
Queens Medical Center, Hawaii
Washington Hospital Center, DC
Cedars Sinai Medical Center, CA
Kaiser Permanente
Palm Springs Stroke Activity Center
Defense Logistics Agency
Life Legal Defense Foundation
United States Department of Defense
So. Cal Homecare
Westlake County Club
United States Employees