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Matt Hill

Motivational Speaker, Runner and Co-Founder of Run for One Planet

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Matt Hill: Motivational Speaker, Runner and Co-Founder of Run for One Planet

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Matt Hill

Matt Hill is the kind of ball of insatiable energy that reminds us all why we love life. Born and bred in British Columbia, Canada, Matt, like his idol Terry Fox, was always running. His parents and teachers thought that making him run might help quell his endless energy. But instead, a mile run down the lane behind his school seemed to give him even more energy. Running was something that Matt just couldn’t get enough of – the only non-athletic award that Matt ever won was for a public speaking contest in the 7th Grade. The topic: running.

Matt and Terry Fox didn’t just share the love of running, but they both also dreamt of doing something that would make a difference in the world. Matt’s dream started when he was 12, watching Terry run across Canada and would take another 28 years to fulfill. But he never let go of that dream. During those 28 years, Matt enjoyed a successful career as an actor in both film and television. Some of his noteworthy roles were in films like Titanic, Shanghai Knights, Watchers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III where underneath the green turtle suit he played Raphael. Matt has always related to kids, perhaps it's because they share his unguarded enthusiasm for life. It isn't too surprising that Matt has done a great deal of voiceover work on dozens of cartoon series and movies, where he has voiced the characters of “Raphael” in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, “Korey” in Being Ian, and “Ed” on the hit cartoon Ed, Edd and Eddy – watched by about 33 million kids every day.

All of this time, Matt didn't stop running. He tried his hand at triathlon and eventually completed the Ironman seven times. Then his passion for the planet, people and running took hold and along with his partner in crime, Stephanie Tait, co-founded Run For One Planet and ran 11,000 miles round North America fuelled by blueberry protein shakes and the burning desire to fulfill his dream of making a difference.

Matt’s passion to inspire Fit Kids on a Fit Planet continues as he serves as Co- Director for the Run for One Planet’s Legacy Fund.

Stephanie Tait

When she first committed to running 11,000 miles around North America, Stephanie was only able to run 6 miles before passing out for the rest of the weekend. This isn’t very good if your ambition is to run the equivalent of 200 marathons in one year.  Some people thought she wouldn’t be able to do it. These people didn’t know Steph very well.

Ever since she was a child, Steph would never give up. She began applying her relentless determination towards entrepreneurial endeavours at a young age. When she was 8 years old, she decided she was going to make her first $100 that summer. After a lot of hand squeezed lemonades and other 25 cent chores, her first business was a success. 

She earned her $100 that summer, paving the way for her first official business which she ran out of her dorm room at UBC, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Women’s Studies.

With training from Coach University, she now operates her own business coaching company called Visions Without Borders Coaching. Her entrepreneurial spirit and determination has helped her stand out in her field with accolades that distinguish her as an emerging leader, including a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award presented by Prince Edward. Never one to be shy, she is also a professional speaker, getting in front of thousands of first year students at universities across North America every year with Playfair. To get her speakers’ training, she joined Toastmasters International. But she was too young to be a member, so her Dad came along as her guardian.

Although the epic run is now over, Steph’s passion to inspire meaningful change in the world still drives her as she serves as the Co-Director for the Run for One Planet’s Legacy Fund.

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“Matt Hill and Stephanie Tait are not only incredible people but incredible speakers. Their story is uplifting, inspiring and extremely motivating, and they deliver it in a fun, entertaining way that truly engages their audiences. I would recommend them for anything from an elementary school to a senior executive seminar—they’re simply amazing!”
Nancy Wright Director EPIC: The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Exp

"Matt Hill and Stephanie Tait are two individuals who are truly passionate about how they live their lives and impact those around them. Their initiative through the Run for One Planet campaign resonated strongly with BC Hydro. As Team Power Smart Leaders, Matt and Steph’s enthusiasm to bring about tangible change speaks volumes.

BC Hydro has had the privilege of having Matt and Steph share their story at a number of events. We were proud to launch them off on their Run for One Planet at the EPIC Sustainability Expo in 2008, and welcomed them back in 2009 to an audience of hundreds. We were also privileged to have them speak at a large customer event earlier this year, and the feedback we received was no surprise: as dynamic and engaging public speakers, Matt and Steph’s boundless energy and passion for making sustainable change happen is unparalleled."
Brent Billey Team Power Smart Lead