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Dr. Nate Booth

Author of Tiger Traits and The Diamond Touch

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Dr. Nate Booth: Author of Tiger Traits and The Diamond Touch

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Change, Leadership, Sales

Dr. Nate Booth discovers the beliefs and strategies of the nation’s most successful companies and business people. He then creates keynote presentations, seminars and products that make it easy for others to duplicate these successes. From 1987 through 1997, Nate worked closely with Anthony Robbins in the development and delivery of corporate training programs.

Dr. Nate Booth is the author of three books, Tiger Traits: 9 Success Secrets You Can Discover from Tiger Woods to Be A Business Champion, Thriving on Change: The Art of Using Change to Your Advantage and The Diamond Touch: How to Get What You Want by Giving Others What They Uniquely Desire. He is the creator of the DVD/CD program, DreamQuest: The Journey to the Life of Your Dreams.

Over the past twenty years, Dr. Nate Booth has presented 1600 programs to audiences around the world. His high-energy and entertaining programs are packed with information that will improve your business and change your life.

All of Nate’s programs will be customized to fit your unique audience, their current level of training and the outcomes you want to achieve. After a comprehensive discovery process (a pre-program questionnaire, a conference call with the key players, a review of all the pertinent information on your corporation or association and individual calls to your most successful people), he will customize a dynamic, inspirational, and enjoyable program that will exceed your expectations.

THRIVING ON CHANGE- The Art of Using Change to Your Advantage
Rapid and never-ending change is a fact in today’s world. What isn’t a fact yet is how all this change is going to affect your organization and you. Some groups live at the mercy of change and avoid it at all costs. Others try to cope with change and just “hang in there.” Change Masters are a different breed. They thrive on change! They know that rapid change levels the playing field and creates tremendous opportunities for organizations that are smart, flexible and quick. The program can be scheduled in a keynote or half-day formats.

Here are a few of the dynamic and impactful strategies you will learn:
  • The Six Approaches to Change any group can adopt.
  • The Six Thriving on Change Beliefs. These beliefs are the foundation of all successful change utilization.
  • The success strategies corporations and individuals use to harness the power of change.
  • The three stages of change you must travel through
  • The Four Change Utilization Questions you need to ask to transform every change into an opportunity.
  • How to continually learn and grow so that you are smart, quick, and flexible enough to consistently harness the power of change.

Legendary Leadership in Changing Times
Constant challenges are a fact of life in today’s business world. When external circumstances are changing rapidly, effective leaders are more important than ever. Some groups are weakened by challenges. Others welcome the challenges and use them as a time to learn, grow and contribute more. In Legendary Leadership, your group will learn the essential beliefs and skills outstanding leaders use to create environments where challenges bring out the very best in their people.
In Legendary Leadership, your group will learn the strategies needed to lead people through the three stages of change:
  1. Letting Go of the Old
  2. Transitioning between the Old and the New
  3. Embracing the New

DOROTHY, LUKE AND YOU - Your Company’s Hero’s Journey to Greatness
The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and countless other Hollywood movies are really the same story. The characters are different. The settings are different. The situations are different, but the story is the same. In all these movies, the primary characters are heroes on quests – Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and Luke in Star Wars.

On The Journey, the heroes leave their comfortable, ordinary surroundings to venture into a challenging, unfamiliar world. The quest is simultaneously an external and an internal one. The external journey is to a strange land that is dramatically different from the ordinary world. The journey is also an internal quest of the mind, heart and spirit. The hero grows and changes, making the journey from ignorance to wisdom or from weakness to strength.

The Diamond Touch Programs
Audiences: General | Leadership | Sales | Service
We’re all familiar with The Golden Rule, “Treat others in the way you would like to be treated.” The Golden Rule is a powerful principle, but it has one shortcoming. Everyone wants to be treated differently. If you’re a service provider, your customers/clients want to be served differently. If you’re a salesperson, your customers/clients want to be influenced differently. If you’re a leader, your people want to be led differently.

This variety of desires is what makes all relationships interesting and challenging. It’s also the reason you can’t take a cookie-cutter approach to service, influence and leadership in today’s diverse world. The good news is this variety of desires creates tremendous opportunities for the companies who understand and practice The Diamond Touch.

The Diamond Rule is, “Treat others in the unique way they want to be treated.” Those who follow the Diamond Rule quickly and precisely discover the unique desires of their internal and external customers. Then, whenever possible, they give them what they want, in the way they want it. This will create mutually beneficial relationships that stand the test of time.

Busting Through Your Barriers
Searching for an experience that will be the perfect beginning or ending to your conference? Look no further than Nate's Busting Through Your Barriers program. First, your group will enjoyably learn the Four Keys to Barrier Busting in their personal and business lives. Then, the participants will put their knowledge into action by enjoyably and safely breaking a board karate-style. Each individual will celebrate in the thrill of overcomng adversity and experiencing an unforgettable moment of achievement. Whether there are 20 in your group or 2,000, the energy created in the room is tremendous. And the lessons learned last a lifetime.

Congratulations, you were rated #1 speaker [out of 50 speakers] at Inc. Magazine's Fifth Annual Conference on Customer Service. Tremendous job!
Inc. Magazine, Boston

I cannot begin to tell you how much you have positively impacted so many employees through this one event! In fact, my boss has been inundated with notes and phone messages thanking him for your powerful presentation and message
Bank of America

The evaluations are in. You were the hit of the conference! That's truly outstanding when you consider that this group of CEO's and upper level managers see a lot of professional presenters each year
Midwest Gas Association

In my twenty-five years as a conference organizer, I have never seen a speaker achieve perfect marks from an audience-until you came along!
University of California Irvine Medical Center

Little did I believe you could keep our high energy group contained and excited for four full hours. Yet your material, coupled with your delivery style of speed, wit and participation kept all 200 riveted and involved!
Milgard Windows

Congratulations on being rated the number one speaker [out of 20] at our recent convention! I heard nothing but wonderful comments about your program
National Automobile Dealers Association
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Franklin Templeton Investments   
Canadian Deposit Insurance Association
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Institute of Canadian Advertising
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Massachusetts Bankers Association
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Meeting Professionals International
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