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Amanda Gore

JOY is an inside job. How to create happier, healthier more productive workplaces and people.

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Amanda Gore: JOY is an inside job. How to create happier, healthier more productive workplaces and people.

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As a communications and performance expert, Amanda believes success in business is always about feelings – the way we feel about a product, organization or person influences how we behave and informs our decisions about how we spend, or with whom we conduct business .

Taking the stance that business has been paralyzed by its own over-analysis, her presentations break down the barriers that separate people in an invigorating, actionpacked ride towards self-discovery and ultimately, real and lasting change.

She demonstrates how people can re-connect to the energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, innovation, relationships, engagement and creativity in their business and personal life utilizing positive psychology, epigenetics and emotional intelligence.

....and all this very intelligent sounding stuff means basically that:

People who are happy at work are 31% more productive, sell 37% more and are three times more creative. They make better team players, handle change more effectively, become more positive and are much more engaged.

Amanda makes your audiences happier - for a long time and gives them strategies that work on how to stay happier!

Amanda is engaged by some of the world’s biggest corporations to help business leaders achieve results by getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about and aligned with corporate goals and vision
You were born with the capacity for joy! Science shows us that by the time you were 7, your pure ‘operating system’ of love and joy was infected with viruses, malware, apps and other people’s programs! Joy at work boosts sales by 37%, increases productivity 31%, reduces errors 18% and boosts chances of promotion 40%. Joy matters! Your brain can be rewired for joy. This session teaches you how.

It’s aimed at helping people feel good about themselves – which is the essence of wellness and changes the way they interact with everyone else. It’s great for energising the whole group, de-stressing them and reframing the way they view change, have them rolling around laughing while they learn about the importance of ‘the joy spot’ – the place where neuroscience, epigenetics, emotional intelligence and positive psychology intersect! Amanda presents profound concepts, in an entertaining way that change people’s perceptions of themselves and others; gives them specific strategies to bust stress, lead more effectively, fear less, and to be more collaborative, creative, innovative and productive.

Amanda will cover the latest new science of stress – which will not only show you how to reduce the impact of stress, but also how to change your reactions to it permanently! Did you know that what people think about stress or stressful situations is the 15th biggest killer of humans in the USA? And it is potentially a source of great resilience, productivity, engagement and courage when handled correctly.

The major disruptor to collaborative teams, joy filled workplaces and high production, sales and service is ‘stinking thinkin’ as Zig Ziglar used to say! The stories people tell themselves about themselves, their colleagues, customers, bosses and the company determines their behaviour.

This presentation helps people understand how to be conscious and mindful of their thinking and stories – and how to change them. And more importantly, why to change them. The formula T+ S = F …thinking (stories) + speaking = feeling – rules everything. How we think determines how we feel, which determines how we behave – but the source of everything is our thinking. 95Click here to find out more or book Amanda% of the time we are operating from an unconscious level – we don’t even know what we are thinking! Everything in business, when boiled down, is about feelings. They determine the quality of all relationships at work, leadership, teamwork, sales and customer service.

This session also has the opportunity to finish with a 21-day challenge for the team to look at how they are thinking and what they are thinking and strategies on how change it. It’s fun, full of laughter and has a profound impact on how they perceive everything. If you want your change fatigued team enthusiastic, motivated and re-energised this session will do it!

‘Busy-ness’ is the new ‘disease’ impacting almost everyone. Rushing and having the perception (and reality) of too much to do can destroy mental clarity and physical health.

Did you know that new research shows us how we THINK about stress decides if our bodies react negatively or not. Our perceptions rule our reality and in part, create our environment. How we view life balance also determines the physiological impact it has. These factors all affect our resilience.

Understanding the 3 possible stress responses and channeling them in the right way changes everything! How we feel, how we respond to those events and how others in turn respond or react.

The Life Pizza is a simple and easy way to review important aspects of our lives and become aware of imbalances in what areas are most important to us and what areas we put most of our attention on – which then allows us to make a plan to improve that balance. It is also the way to introduce concept of resilience and teach them several ‘resilience strategies’. This is an engaging experience that sends people out of the room laughing and determined to balance their ‘ life pizza’!

Change and stress go hand in hand. Participants will learn about how the brain actually can and does change (neuroplasticity); that adults can learn more quickly than children; and that our brains need change to stay vibrant and alert. This session will transforms the way people perceive change. Instead of being a stressor – Amanda will demonstrate how change can be welcomed as an opportunity to grow and develop.

This is a fun session designed to:

Click here to find out more or book AmandaAddress today’s tough economic climate
Put things in perspective and
Have people refocus on what’s important.

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system which doesn’t sound relevant to leadership – but as leaders and team members are humans, our nervous systems control pretty much everything in our bodies, so linking the two is important!

A leaders job is three fold:

1. to create an environment in which people can be the best they can be (lined to the nervous system which affects performance, creativity, innovation and happiness)
2. to help people believe in themselves
3. to change people’s behavior (and yes, neuroscience shows us it’s possible)

We might think the nervous system is just the brain – but the heart and stomach have millions of ‘brain’ cells (neurons) in them – so you ‘think’ and feel with your heart and gut as well! All leadership – or sales or customer service or team work or culture – is based on feelings. How you feel about yourself …and how you make others feel.

This session blends latest findings in neuroscience, epigenetics, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and some common sense in a really funny way – we promise you will laugh! But wait , there’s more, it is full of relevant information and skills that will help you be a better leader – whether that role is part of your title or not!

Do you wonder if the opposite sex really does come from another planet?

Are you frustrated because you have no idea how your partner thinks and there is no logic to what they say or do?

Do you just wish they were just more like you?!

Amanda will show you how to bridge the communication gaps between men and women – without wanting to slap them! Using science, experience and her mothers wisdom Amanda will give you strategies that work – and make you laugh!
“You were just fabulous, and by far the best of our speakers over the past several years.  I'm particularly grateful for how well you integrated our messages into your presentation. You have a wonderful knack for getting the most hard boiled of the group involved.  You even had the biggest cynic in the group laughing himself silly. It is clearly your mission to fill the world with the light and warmth of zoot zoot!  Ta Da!!”
Hilton Hotels

“Amanda, we haven't seen this group this animated ever before!  They just loved the experience!  Thanks so much for ending our meeting on such a high note.  We are getting a lot of kudos and doing ‘Ta Da’ all over the place!”
Society of Financial Service Professionals

“Thanks so much for being with us last week!  I loved your speech and know that a very large number of folks LOVED your messages. I’m hopeful many of them have been or will be transformed and my team now has some new transformational symbols to apply. We’re very happy with the overall outcome of the event -- thanks very much for the huge part you played in making our offsite fun & meaningful!”
Wells Fargo

“Yesterday as I closed the conference, I offered, in my best Amanda Gore-esque way, that ‘clearly the best thing to happen to me since Sunday night’ was meeting all of you Hard Rockers"; to which the reply was a deafening ‘zoot, zoot, zoot’ and several ‘ta dahs.’ You did it, Amanda! We had an aggressive schedule and objectives.  You set a tone that offered that, by being positive and caring, we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to.  The plans are well on their way to completion. I would be completely remiss if I did not share with you that you struck a chord with the entire group.  And as you know, it was a very skeptical group.”
Hard Rock Cafe

“You had a big impact.  The Tada’s and ‘yes…excellent!’ continued long into the next day and all the way through our final dinner.  I received a lot of very positive feedback.  Thank you for such an energetic and well tailored presentation.”
Grant Thornton International