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The Passing Zone

The Power of Partnership

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 The Passing Zone: The Power of Partnership

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Jon Wee and Owen Morse deliver comedy entertainment with a powerful message, creating an unforgettable experience for audiences in any industry.

The Power of Partnership

You put on a great meeting last time, but now you have to top it. You need something unexpected, unique and fresh. Enter The Passing Zone!!!

Here you find something different. You find roaring chainsaws, cheering attendees, flaming torches and knives flying through the air! You find a surprising experience. And you find genuine laughter.

You find two grown men who demonstrate partnership by leaping around the stage in fuchsia leotards, with rapid-fire banter, throwing sickles around the body of someone from the audience as they receive a standing ovation. You find three of your people in astronaut suits flying through the air. You find risk-taking, laughter, and an inspirational experience your people will never forget.

Experience You Can Trust
Jon Wee and Owen Morse have one of the longest standing partnerships in corporate entertainment, a true demonstration of The Power of Partnership. They have appeared on The Tonight Show, The Today Show, and they were finalists on America's Got Talent. They are at the top of their craft, with performances at the White House, in London for Prince Charles, and in the motion pictures The Addams Family and The Aristocrats. Add the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, MADtv, AOL's "TV's Top 5," The Wall Street Journal, the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, four Guinness World Records, their own theater show, "Gravity Attacks!" and you have one of the world's top comedy acts working today. They are bona fide experts on working together effectively. Jon and Owen depend on one another; their success - even their safety - is determined by how well they execute together. Your people will walk away inspired to innovate, collaborate and execute - and with a sore face from laughing so hard. IMAGINE the impact this can have on your organization.

Wait, don't imagine it, EXPERIENCE it...with The Passing Zone!

"The Passing Zone was fabulous!  They were a big hit with all attendees and helped make the conference a tremendous success.  They were just perfect for our conference and the juggling session after their presentation was a success as well.  They are terrific!"  Freddie Mac

"The Passing Zone on ICE!"
 Innovation.  Collaboration.  Execution.  These are the cornerstones of success for this exciting and hilarious duo. In this new keynote, Jon and Owen show your group how these principles lead to success, all while having a great time.  If your people can Innovate, Collaborate, and Execute, they can accomplish great things (even without 3 chainsaws!). Serve your next event over ICE!

"Teamwork: The Power of Partnership"
Jon and Owen don't just talk about teamwork - they DO it. The Passing Zone shows your people how to be a high-performance team.  It takes trust, cooperation, communication, and practice. Chainsaws fly though the air, audience members become part of the team, and your group will laugh, gasp, and wipe tears from their eyes during this hilarious keynote from one of America's most dynamic performing duos.

 1 workshop/breakout:

"The Juggling Experience"
If your people could surprise themselves by learning to juggle in less than an hour, do you think they might have a new outlook on the challenges that lie ahead at work, and in all areas of their lives?

Yes, they would.

Would a group that had just spent an hour laughing together, helping one another, cheering each other's success, walk away a stronger team and more dedicated to each other's success in the workplace?

Yes, they would.

Would they enjoy the gift of juggling balls, and would they put them somewhere in their home or office where they would constantly be reminded of the great time they had at their event?  And would they be able to impress and entertain others with this new skill for the rest of their lives?

Yes, they would.

Would The Passing Zone bring an added level of learning and fun to your event by leading your group in The Juggling Experience, a hands-on workshop that increases the impact Jon and Owen will have at your event?

Yes, they would.
"The repartee between Jon and Owen is absolutely priceless and, although I am sure it is carefully rehearsed, seems totally off the cuff and created a nice intimate setting for our audience. It can sometimes take a bit of effort to get me rolling in the aisles with laughter and as I mentioned to Jon and Owen after the show, my checks hurt from laughing too much throughout the whole performance! I hope all of your performances continue to be a success.  It was a true pleasure to have you on board for our event."
Heather Van Dusen, Corporate Events Planner

"You guys were fantastic...incredibly talented, entertaining and professional.  Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to work in our messaging throughout your performance.  I've heard over and over from participants that they absolutely loved you.  What a great way to energize and inject fun for the opening of our meeting.  You helped set the pace for the day. "
Bob Mueller, AT&T Advertising & Publishing

"I want to thank you for all your assistance.  The Passing Zone was a great hit at our conference and they were a joy to work with.  Jon and Owen are true professionals and I would not hesitate to use them again for future events."
Mary Beth Jenson, CMP, The Bank of New York Mellon

"Just want to let you know that The Passing Zone was fabulous!  There were a big hit with all attendees and helped make the conference a tremendous success.  They were just perfect for our conference and the juggling session after their presentation was a success, as well.  They are terrific!"
Evelyn Mercantini, Freddie Mac

"WOW !! What a great show!!  I can’t tell you enough how much fun my group had being entertained by The Passing Zone.  The guys were fun to work with and really imaginative in bringing our theme and products into the show.  Thanks again for helping to make this event such a success.  We’re looking forward to working with them again very soon!!!"
Traci Hinkle, Bridgestone Firestone Americas Holding Company
Ernst & Young
Edward Jones
First Bank
Freddi Mac
Indiana Bankers Association
Mackenzie Financial
Merrill Lynch
NBT Bank Corp.
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Wachovia Securities
Washington Mutual
US AgBank
Illinois Bankers Association
Wells Fargo Bank
Jackson Walker LLP
American Express
Sam’s Club
Thrifty Car Rental
Old Navy
7 – Eleven
Atlas Van Lines
Best Western
Handy Hardware
Interstate Batteries
Spencer Gifts
United Van Lines
Gilda’s Club
Tire Rack
Oklahoma Governor’s Gala
United States Army
Utah Governor’s Gala
Cell Atlantic
Bell South
Cantel Cellular
Pitney Bowes
US Cellular