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Bill Benjamin

Expert on emotional intelligence, dealing with change, building teams & becoming a great leader.

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Bill Benjamin: Expert on emotional intelligence, dealing with change, building teams & becoming a great leader.

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Bill Benjamin is the CEO of the acclaimed Institute for Health and Human Potential, a successful international business, recently named one of the “Fastest Growing Companies” along with a “Fast 100” ranking in PROFIT Magazine.  

As a speaker, Bill Benjamin has inspired and educated audiences of 30 to 2000 at leadership retreats, sales meetings, IT forums and association events.  Over and over again, attendees share what the like about  Bill’s presentations: he offers practical techniques they can immediately use.

Bill Benjamin understands the barriers preventing leaders from growing profits and nurturing a healthy corporate culture. Bill struggled early in his career as a leader.  He applied the same EI techniques he teaches, enabling him to engage his team members - ultimately growing a computer software business from $2 million in sales to $75 million.

Bill's practical and scientific approach to leadership, combined with his advanced degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, make him a hit with analytical audiences.  His experience in sales gives him a high degree of energy and enthusiasm.  Bill has presented to discerning audiences that include Surgeons, U.S. Army Commanders and NASA Engineers.

Leadership 2.0 – The Science Behind Great Leadership

How will you keep your talented employees and engage your younger generations? How will you manage growing business demands, and still find time to coach your people?  These are familiar questions that many leaders face - and few have the solutions to these problems more clearly than Bill Benjamin, an expert in the cutting edge business tool called Emotional Intelligence. 

What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)? 

EI is the ability to recognize and manage your own emotions and to connect to the emotions of others.  Great leaders are able to manage their emotions when there is tension and conflict so they can engage more skillfully.  Great leaders know that emotions are infectious - as a leader you have the power to unleash best performance or to sabotage it.

Leadership 2.0 is a completely different look at leadership and Bill Benjamin has a rare perspective – he has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and has 15 years of real-world business experience as a senior sales and marketing leader.  Bill brings a straightforward and practical look at what is driving your leadership behaviors by examining the brain science that drives your emotions.  He provides practical tools that leaders will apply immediately to help them engage their teams and drive higher performance.

What Really Drives Customer Loyalty?

To sustain performance during a challenging economy requires a deep understanding of customer loyalty. Research shows that organizations lose and have to replace half their customers in five years (according to a recent study by Bain & Co.). Most executives understand the immense cost of losing clients and having to replace them. What's surprising is how few people really understand what drives customer loyalty.  

To improve customer loyalty, most companies focus on things like products or service quality, reward programs, self-service applications, and even price. These are important, but they are simply the things you have to do in order to compete. What truly creates great customer loyalty is the relationship and emotional connection those clients have with the individuals they come in contact with at your organization

According to the Harvard Business School, there are two rules of customer Loyalty:

Rule #1: When all else is equal, people will buy from the person they like the most
Rule #2: When all else is unequal, people will buy from the person they like the most

People buy from People! In this program, you will learn what you and your team Avaya need to do in order to create the kind of emotional connection with clients that leads to great customer loyalty. Specifically, you will learn:
  • The critical drivers of customer loyalty - and they aren't quality and price!
  • The three keys to what clients need in order to feel an emotional connection with your organization
  • The science of emotions that drives customer buying behavior
  • Three techniques you and your team can apply that will help sustain and grow your client relationships
At the end of this program, participants will have learned and practiced skills that will allow them to drive significantly greater customer loyalty. This session draws from cutting-edgs research and IHHP's work with Olympic medalists, the U.S. Army Fortune 500 leaders and high-performing teams from around the globe

Leadership 2.0 - The Science Behind Great Leaders

What do highly effective leaders do differently?  Is there a science to great leadership?  The answer is yes, and the key is learning the science of managing emotions.  According to a recent Harvard study, Emotional Intelligence is the greatest driver of success in Leadership. 

You will learn:
  • Why Emotional Intelligence counts for more than IQ in leadership performance.
  • The 2 key reasons individuals get promoted and achieve results.
  • The brain science of emotions that drive our behavior
  • Why smart people fail and the brain science behind high performance.
  • That emotions are infectious – and how to unleash best performance and not sabotage it!
  • Techniques you can apply immediately to make you more effective as a leader

High Performance Sales - What really makes a successful sales person?

It’s not their IQ, education or even product knowledge.  They need to have a certain amount of these, but what sets the high performers apart from the average is their ability to deal with setbacks and connect with clients.  

You will learn:
  • The 2 key qualities that differentiate the top 20% of sales people. How to be resilient in the face of setbacks and adversity
  • How to connect to the emotional needs of their clients
  • High performance techniques used by Olympic medalists, professional athletes and by Bill himself!
  • What customers buy and why that should change the way you sell.
“What made Bill's session exceptional was the way he connected Emotional Intelligence to the 'warrior mentality' of the Air National Guard. Our work is war and combat, dealing with natural disasters and homeland security. We learned techniques to improve our ability to deal with tense and stressful conditions. In a couple of challenging situations after the session, my Squadron immediately put the techniques to use. You know a program is successful when you see people applying what they've learned! Thanks, Bill."
Air National Guard

"This program is having a very powerful impact on my life! By sharing his experience of applying Emotional Intelligence to his business and personal life, Bill inspired me to make changes in myself. Bill is a very passionate and effective speaker; I believe everyone could benefit from attending his presentations!"

"Bill's presentation was one of the most inspiring I've ever been to - and I've seen a lot of presentations. Bill has a wonderful delivery style that combines intellect and emotion ... I could listen to him all day!"

"This program was a great way to kick off our conference. His passion and energy, combined with his knowledge of EQ in business make him a unique and powerful speaker - our executives were impressed and we are definitely going to invite him back."
Concentra Medical Centers

"Awesome presentation! Bill exceeded our expectations - his presentation offers a unique perspective on personal leadership. I like the way Bill brings science to our understanding of human behavior in an accessible and inspiring way. This session helped our people think differently about their personal relationships, their motivation and their performance. Bill's enthusiastic presentation really made a difference for our team."
RBC Royal Bank

"This was a wonderful learning experience! Bill is an energetic and motivating speaker, with a style that is very real and authentic. He took time to understand our group and incorporate issues that they are facing right now. We wanted someone who would challenge us to think differently and motivate us to find ways to improve ourselves; Bill delivered!"
York Regional School District

"Bill's speech was absolutely phenomenal and was enjoyed by all delegates and sponsors. It was a perfect start to the conference and I am still receiving positive feedback till this day!"
Schulich School of Business
Air National Guard
Alcon Labs
BlueCross BlueShield
Chicago Mercantile
Durham Police
Eli Lilly
Federal Reserve Bank
Franklin Templeton
Hannaford Grocers
Intercontinental Hotels
Johnson & Johnson
Level 3 Communications
NASA – Johnson
Space Center
Northern Trust
Pemco Insurance
U.S. Army
U.S. Probation Office
VHA Surgeons
Wells Fargo