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Tim Sanders

Business Motivational Speaker and Technology Trends Guru

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Tim Sanders: Business Motivational Speaker and Technology Trends Guru

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"People are the next big thing," writes Tim Sanders in his first book, a New York Times business best seller. His point of view is novel: your customers do business with your people - not products or processes. Your relationships with your talent, partners and customers are the most valuable assets you have. So treat people as if they are #1.

From people skills to humanizing business, his talks center on the people side of the profit and loss statement. Too often, we approach business from a technological or financial sense and miss the bigger picture. Based on hundreds of thousands of pages of research, he offers bottom-line expertise with clear takeaway items for audiences. Each talk is customized to fit the event theme and objectives.

Talking Points:

People Skills Are Key
Business runs on relationships: company to employee, brand to customer and partner to partner. During the last few years, emotions are frayed throughout a company's value chain, creating a business opportunity for people centric companies. The key to building and keeping relationships is emotional talent: Confidence, Friendliness, Empathy and Authenticity
Sales, Leadership, Talent Management, Customer Service

Do Well By Doing Good
If you grow everyone in your business life by sharing knowledge or networking, you will enjoy success over the long haul. Why? People reciprocate and pay it forward. If companies help employees prosper, retention is high and recruiting costs are low. When they find synergistic ways to assist local communities in need, they generate local goodwill and employee satisfaction. Done right, going green is good for the bottom line, and critical to winning the war for talent.
Leadership, CSR, Sustainability, Sales

The Power Of One Person
One person, regardless of role or rank, can change the world. Business history is filled with stories of staffers, sales reps, mid level managers and even factory workers that created change inside their company - which solved problems, created opportunities and inspired entire industries.
Motivational, Leadership, Management, Innovation

Tim Sanders is the former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo! and author of: Love Is the Killer App (relationships), The Likeability Factor (Emotional Talent) and Saving The World At Work (CSR/Sustainability)

Mojo Rising: How Total Confidence Leads To Success
If you are looking to lift your group out of the recession doldrums, this keynote is perfect for your meeting. According to best selling author Tim Sanders, success will flow to people that possess Mojo: a sweeping sense of total confidence that expectations will be exceeded, and that there is enough to go around. If you have this outlook, you'll be collaborative, innovative and emerge as a leader.

Because of the recent economic meltdown, most people lack Mojo and are more likely to be filled with thoughts of scarcity. Left unchecked, it could hold back people and entire organizations long after the economy recovers.

This keynote will outline a diet and exercise plan to increase your group's Mojo. Sanders will show the audience how to modify their information diet, reconsider the influences around them and sharpen their skills with education. Finally, he'll demonstrate how gratitude and generosity exercises lead to personal, corporate and community confidence.

Sanders was at ground zero during the dotcom crash, as Yahoo!'s Chief Solutions Officer. He saw some companies and individuals rise up from the ashes and others wither and fail. The difference, he learned, lies in perspective and practice. This customized keynote, taking your organization's unique situation into account, will give actionable advice on how to return to greatness again - despite the signs of the times.

Saving The World At Work: What companies and individuals can do to move from making a profit to making a difference (Doubleday 2008)

Subject areas: Business Trends, Leadership, Branding, Motivational

Premise of the book: There is a revolution going on in the business world where companies will compete based on social innovations. Consumers, talent and investors are gravitating to companies that achieve high levels of social responsibility towards people, communities and the environment. The key for companies to thrive during this new era of business is to innovate how it does business and achieve high levels of employee participation. Companies leading the revolution include: Google, SAS Institute, Aveda, Patagonia, Interface, General Electric and Wal-Mart.

This presentation has an empowering message: A single employee can change the culture of an entire organization. A single employee can band together with like minded coworkers and create a powerful group for good. Stories include: A regional sales manager at Interface Floor that saved landfills from over one hundred million tons of discarded carpet. A corporate attorney that convinced Microsoft product managers to dramatically reduce packaging size and waste. A small group of bank tellers that convinced their senior management to get involved in breast cancer fundraising as a branding strategy.

This talk will challenge audience members to:
  • Improve the quality of life of all employees and workers
  • Connect with local host communities and strengthen them
  • Reduce individual and company environmental footprint
"At a time when our company needed to come together as a new organization, Tim Sanders was the perfect prescription. Not only did his presentations build bridges among individuals in our field organization, his focus on customer service gave our financial associates the skills and tools to build stronger relationships with our members." 
Dan Young, CMP - Thrivent Financial

"The overall conference was rated 4.29 and your session was part of the reason for the success of this event. Your keynote session, “Lessons Learned”, was rated 4.73 (5=excellent, 1=poor). Our attendees had nothing but praises for your session. Thanks for doing such a fabulous job!  It has been a privilege and pleasure working with you on TechMecca 2009. We appreciate all your time and effort on our behalf and hope you enjoyed your experience with us as much as we enjoyed having you."
Cookie Dorsey Director, Training Resources Texas Credit Union League

"The conference was a tremendous success and your presentation was a huge part of that! In fact, you and your presentation were the talk of the conference... conference participants wrote in your name as the best speaker of the conference. A standing ovation... is indeed rare with our group. Your ability to touch ever single person in an audience of hundreds is amazing as well. If there were a scorecard for meeting planners to complete, I would rate you as one of the best speakers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Your willingness to spend time tailing the presentation and talking to members prior to the conference was most appreciated. I wish all the speakers I work with could be as generous and caring about the outcome of their efforts as you were."
M. Lauren Basham - Senior Director of Member Services of SOCAP International

"I just wanted to say thank you for contributing to a very successful event - you were the highlight of the conference... You were fantastic and your message was so well received - people were wearing their "L" pins, for the remainder of the show..."
Nancy Hinich - Manager Conferences & Special Events at the Pink Elephant

"I can not begin to tell you what a great job Tim Sanders did for our YPO group... I believe it will turn out to be one of our chapter's highest rated events ever-and we've had some pretty fantastic resources. I would highly recommend Tim to any group of business executives who are seeking to get to "the next level"..."
Joe Dada - President and CEO Smarthome, Inc. of the YPO California Coast Chapter