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Marsha Petrie Sue

Leadership, Communications & Personal Development

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Marsha Petrie Sue: Leadership, Communications & Personal Development

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Marsha Petrie Sue is the Muhammad Ali of conflict-free communications, leadership excellence, and managing change. She can dance and look pretty, and she uses the entire ring, but she knows how and when to land a knockout punch. Her presentations are fun and interactive in addition to being customized for each audience and industry.

Think of Marsha's presentations as charm school with live ammunition. She challenges every morsel of your beliefs while entertaining and enlightening. Marsha understands the issues and concerns of professional audiences and know that solid content and humor are the magical components.

She dares people to take personal responsibility for their choices, success, and life. Marsha is original, unique, and a one-of-a-kind professional speaker and author. Whether dealing with employee relationships, increasing productivity or pumping up sales, her guiding principles bring energy and fun to any meeting or event.

Her clients include Harley-Davidson, American Express, British Petroleum, The Pampered Chef, IPC-The Hospitalist, The Association of Legal Administrators, Wells Fargo Bank, Cisco Systems, The Doctors Company and more.

Marsha's latest book Toxic People: decontaminating difficult people at work without using weapons or duct tape, is a #1 Barnes and Noble best seller (Publisher - John Wiley New York.) This book has been translated into Russian, Romanian and French.  She is also the author of several other resources including the award winning CEO of YOU: Leading YOURSELF to Success.

She is certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI.) Marsha holds her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and attended Darden Business School.

Decontaminate Toxic People!™ (Without Using Weapons or Duct Tape)
Survival tactics for people that create perplexity, puzzlement and pandemonium. An interactive program focused on verbal and internal communication and listening skills. Training the brain to get the results you deserve, reduce conflict, and improve relationships is the major focus. Create balance and a positive environment with this highly effective presentation.

Incredible Results
You will be able to manage any situation with tact and poise. Your stress will be reduced, confidence improved and you will even be able to say “no” without feeling guilty. Learn to stay in control no matter how difficult the person or situation. Personal accountability is polished and difficult people will always be in control!

Powerful, Fresh Ideas
Understanding perception and communication patterns is the platform that makes this a sought after program. You must have honed skills to manage toxic people because you will never change them. Don't argue with an idiot. An observer may not be able to tell the difference!

What will be covered?
  • Identify how to review communication preferences.
  • Learn to speed-read people.
  • Keys to staying calm in even the most difficult situations.
  • Focus on three steps that will get people to hear everything you say.
  • How to give and receive criticism and keep emotions in check.
  • Save time by flexing your style rather than trying to change others.
  • Techniques on listening more objectively to what others have to say.
  • Learn why a smile is a critical key to resolving issues and conflict resolution. 

Smart Moves in Tough Times
This presentation reveals valuable insights and ideas to help participants attain a higher level of success while managing the economic and business situations in the real world. Participants will be able to understand why there is resistance to change especially in tough times. The key is to focus on employment enjoyment vs. the downside of down times and to stop the negative spiral of uncertainty. From the Boomers to Gen Y, in-depth information will be shared on break the negative spiral of uncertainty.

As a business leader, manager or employee, the challenge is to motivate not terminate. With the cost of hiring a new employee being approximately three times their wage, this information will help increase the bottom line and solidify current success.

  • More buy in from your clients with less stress and turnover
  • Maximize team effort to be more productive
  • Reduce conflict and improve communications
  • A greater understanding on how to establish a functional business environment
  • Use all resources more effectively and improve morale
The CEO of YOU
Audiences can immediately apply the departmentalization techniques from Marsha’s very effective CEO of YOU presentation! Effective for personal leadership, managing change, growing exemplary customer service, and all out motivation. They will see the importance of connecting core values with personal responsibility.

Incredible results

Increase productivity and profitability with this powerful message of becoming the Chief Energizing Officer of Your Own Uniqueness. Goals will be met, morale will be high and an environment of positive achievement will be reached. Teams and individuals will flourish with the understanding of departmentalizing life – both professionally and personally.

Powerful, fresh ideas

Taking full responsibility for achievement professionally and personally through Marsha’s former executive leadership experience guarantees action. The group will be able to apply immediately ideas for total mastery of business and performance success.

What will be covered?
  • Help people build the structure for successful momentum.
  • Create the need to lead with true passion.
  • Develop an attitude to stretch beyond normal boundaries.
  • Create balance even in difficult times.
  • Communicate through difficult situations.
  • Learn to stay on course no matter what the situation.
  • Become resilient to life’s difficulties.
  • Accomplish every goal – even the tough ones.
Achieve the success you and your team deserve.
Connect company values with personal responsibility.

The Flexibility Factor
Your ability to successfully manage change and build effective work relationships is the key to success in today’s complex business environment. The challenge is discovering how to work in a positive way that fosters the achievement of organizational goals. The Flexibility Factor is the first step and often seen as a wake-up “call to arms,” motivating and moving leaders to be challenged by their own flexibility. Flexing to cultural, generational, and behavioral differences is a strategic advantage and awakens strong teams, improves communications and morale. Managing and coaching Gen X is also included.

Expected Results
Regardless of your previous experience, you can always work smarter and perform your job more effectively by focusing on the attitude you and others have towards change. Become even more skilled than you already are by building an anastrophic view rather than the more common catastrophic view in your leadership perspective.

Amazing Effects
This presentation reveals valuable insights and ideas to help you attain a higher level of enjoyment and accomplishment while inspiring the same in those around you. Identify your leadership behavior, resistance to change and focus on new measures to improve success and flexibility.

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful keynote speech you gave at our recent Client Conference & User Group Meeting. It is a challenge for us to find a keynote speaker who can appeal to the broad professional roles of our group. Your presentation, “The Flexibility Factor,” was both entertaining and informative. I believe that everyone left the general session equipped with knowledge applicable to the work place and some fun “anecdotes” to remember when faced with difficult people. Thank you for your professionalism and sense of humor. We will certainly keep you in mind for future venues."
Jim Hammond, President RainMaker Software, Inc.

“Thank you for the outstanding seminars and facilitations that you recently presented to my teams in Phoenix and Ft. Lauderdale. These learning opportunities were extremely well received by all who participated, and will certainly aid in helping our teams develop better work interactions with each other and with our customers. Your personable style and level of energy made the events very interactive and fun.”
John F Ryan, Vice President, American Express - Business Capability and Architecture

“The halls were buzzing after your presentation. Thank you for taking the time to customize the material to our law firm, helping both staff and attorneys understand the generational divide. Your presentation was fun and informative!”
Annalyn Godwin, Firm Administrator, Morrison Foerster Attorneys at law

“Marsha was absolutely outstanding. My only regret is not giving her some more time on our agenda. Her messages were exactly on topic for what we agreed to target. Her examples were both very practical and she had great elements of fun & humor at the same time. Feedback from attendees was incredibly high and we ended up incorporating some of her messages into other presentations later in the agenda.
Robert Schramer, Cisco Systems Controller, USA/Canada Theatre Deals Desk

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your enthusiastic energy and informative presentation today! Our group discussion aboutthe ‘generation(s)’ and unique qualities associated with each was definitely an eye-opener for me.”
Connie S. Ellison, Director of Client Services, Advanced Strategy Center

“Marsha is a package of energy wrapped in knowledge and focus. She is the best speaker I’ve had the pleasure to hear.’
Virginia Tidwell, The Pampered Chef, Executive Director

"Your professionalism, natural zest and ability to capture the audience were unmatched. I am personally grateful to you, as I have become a celebrity simply by introducing you to our group!”
Alison Potts, Vice President, Association of Life & Health Administrators

President and CEO – Communicatng Reaults, Inc., a speaking practice, executive coaching and training company
Executive Vice President, Westinghouse Financial Services, American Directory Project
Director, National Accounts, USWest/Qwest
Regional Markets Manager, GTE Directory Company
Visiting Professor, Arizona State University
Advisory Board of Directors, Reliance Bank

  #1 Best Seller Barnes and Noble, CEO read, etc.
Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
 Featured in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Cosmo, Newsweek On-Line, Business Journal, Boston Globe, Women’s Media,, Cosmo, Cosmo and more.
Receipient of the Women of Spirit Award – American Red Cross and Morton’s Steak House
Chairman of the Board – AZ Magic of Music and Dance for Special Needs Children
Telly Award Winner

MBA, University of Phoenix
BA, California State University, Long Beach
Darden School of Business
Myers Briggs Type Indicator Certificate
American Express
National Guard
US Army
Women in Insurance and Financial Services Asociation
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
The BONES Society, Inc.
Association of Accounting Administration
Cold Stone Creamery
Cisco Industries
Wells Fargo Bank
Association of Legal Administrators
BP - British Petroleum
University of Illinois