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Catherine Samson

Humour & Laughter Expert

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Catherine Samson: Humour & Laughter Expert

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She is a humor and laughter expert, a workshop facilitator, a creativity specialist, comedienne, writer and professional motivational speaker. For over twenty-five years Catherine has traveled throughout North America speaking to hundreds of associations, businesses, health groups, and lecturing at various universities and colleges. Owning and managing two businesses has taught her how to survive the roller coaster of economics and social change. Trained in laughter therapy by psychotherapist, Dr.Annette Goodheart, Catherine Samson understands how vitally important humor, laughter and empathy are in assisting human beings to survive and thrive. She is proud of her work at the Cross Cancer Institute where she co-created and implemented the humor cart. Catherine walks her talk! By teaching wellness, humor and motivation.

She has learned to live life fully. Catherine has jumped out of planes, lived in rural Central America, played with elephants and has handled a python or two in her life.
If We Don’t Change Direction We Will Head Up Where We Are Headed
In this hilarious and fast -paced hour we will discover how  we naturally have what it takes to make change work for us.  Presenter Catherine Samson will tickle our funny bones while she reveals the innate abilities we all have to take risks and adapt to workplace evolution. We will be inspired to use our livelihoods to challenge our sense of humanity. We will reconnect with the humor we need to give change it's proper perspective in our lives.

The 7 Habits of Highly Humorous & Healthy People
Healthy Humor can help us cope with life's frustrations, communicate with others positively, improve our health, gain insights into ourselves and other people, energize ourselves and others, collectively laugh at our problems and understand society and the workplace. This workshop is designed for participants to develop a HEALTHY HUMOR ATTITUDE and encourages more wholesome aspects of ourselves to flourish. Humor skills and tools will be introduced so participants can laugh their way through the obstacles and tensions of work life and home life.

Get Over It, Get along and Get Going!

(A workshop/presentation focusing on self management and workgroup interaction).
How can we work successfully when our adversaries are the very people we work with? How can we establish rapport and mutual trust when it seems we are blocked every step of the way. Using laughter as a starting point Catherine Samson encourages participants to increase self awareness in order to understand others. With the help of an eclectic set of learning tools participants will experience the mystery, the humor and the joy of being human.

Balance, Brains and Belly Laughs
Catherine Samson will enthuse you as she reveals to you the many choices and options we have to increase both our Work Power and Humor Power by developing our Balance Power.
Balance Power balances our thinking and helps us worry less, relax more and think more efficiently. Whining will decrease, appreciation will increase and everyone will laugh their way to success. Experience a new outlook and go back to work refreshed, enlightened and lighthearted.

Laugh And The Whole World Laughs With You
Everything can look and feel better after a good laugh. Work productivity can increase, thinking becomes clearer and you may even improve your health and lengthen your life. Laughter is a friend that can help us release stress, remind us of the lighter side of life and offers us alternate perceptions of ourselves and life situations. The BIG questions are why can it be so hard to laugh at times; especially when you need it and how can a person learn to laugh more?

How To Look At Life Upside Down Without Hurting Your Head
Trying to figure out which end is up is a constant challenge. Discover techniques using options analysis, paradoxical thinking and humor to help you relax, change and adapt to life's inanities. Current information on problem solving and creative thinking will be included in this lighthearted, yet informative talk.

You Can Do It, You Can Do It, You Can DO It!
You can Survive. You can thrive. You can keep on track with humor, common sense, simplification and a flip of the mind. See your way clear to having a productive year. This original and informative presentation is filled with suggestions and outlooks to revitalize the workplace. A tightrope and a comedic performance will be used to help participants understand how we move forward so we can finally say to ourselves, "I knew I could, I knew I could, I knew I could."

The Spirit Of Laughter
The Spirit of Laughter guides us in becoming aware of body, mind and emotion. Laughter is a way of playing with the pain, making friends with it and releasing it from ourselves. This is known as laughter catharsis. Laughter gets us in touch with the lighter side of life, offering alternate perceptions of ourselves and life situations. Not only do we learn to laugh at ourselves but we gain powerful insight and heightened creativity in our lives. Facilitator Catherine Samson trained with Dr.Annette Goodheart, the psychotherapist who developed the pioneer technique of Laughter Therapy. This technique is especially useful for healthcare workers, social workers, teachers and any professional where communication is a key to an efficient and happy workplace.

Vent Then Invent
This one hour to three hour workshop reveals the power that venting has in the art of problem solving. With a fun approach to the venting process, participants are encouraged to discuss in groups, problems that they are having in the workplace. From the process emerges the ability to INVENT new solutions. This session is highly interactive and successful results are created from a fun and varied approach.

Funstructional Techniques or The Laughing Classroom
This workshop will offer a variety of ideas to help the teacher create a mood of laughing and learning in his/her classroom. Teachers will be encouraged to develop their own style of humor and an exploration of creative teaching techniques will be presented.
" ...well prepared and talented; she was classy with her act. "
Department of Public Health Services, Edmonton

 “……..When you hear the term “win, win” this was definitely my experience in hiring Catherine Samson.”
Trans Mountain Pipelines

"Catherine delivered just what we had asked for, an evening full of laughs. I personally was impressed with her amount of prep tailor it to our organization. Catherine was professional, easy to work with and most accommodating to our circumstances"
Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association

"We asked for someone who would set the tone for our conference and Catherine did this and more-she sent us home with nuggets of confidence .......her ability to ad lib was a joy to behold....her solutions are easy and fun to apply.. a first class answer to our request."
Northern Lights Library System

Canadian Real Estate Association
PCL Constructors Management Inc.
Syncrude Canada
Government of Canada, Human Resources
United Way