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Greg Kolodziejzyk

Guinness Book of World Record Holder & Entrepreneur

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Greg Kolodziejzyk: Guinness Book of World Record Holder & Entrepreneur

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Greg Kolodziejzyk is one of those rare speakers who has WALKED THE WALK and can definitely TALK THE TALK. When he talks about accomplishing a goal - be it financial, business, personal or physical in nature, he speaks from a base of experience that is rare and remarkable.

When Greg was 21 years old he launched a software company called Image Club, Inc. Image Club's phenomenal 50% average annual growth rate during its 9 years of providing content software to an emerging electronic publishing market earned it a top position in the Profit 100 list of the fastest growing Canadian companies and the distinction of 'most profitable' - even through the recession of the early 1990's. Image Club was acquired by Adobe Systems in 1994 - a prehistoric time before web browsers, downloadable software and e-commerce. At the young age of 33, Greg's dream of becoming financially secure had come true.

Stemming from Image Club's software and marketing innovations over its 9 year odyssey with Greg at the helm, many successful offshoot corporations resulted in the years following its sale to Adobe Systems and Greg's retirement from the software business.

Greg's original vision of providing content software for the emerging electronic publishing market resulted in the very first digital stock photography CD ROM product and sparked a revolution in the way that stock images were bought and sold. After Greg's retirment, some of his key employees went on to launch high tech stock photography super star success stories such as which was purchased by Getty Corporation in 2002 for $30 million, which was purchased by Bill Gate's company Corbis Corporation in 2007 for an undisclosed amount, and which was acquired by Getty Corporation in 2006 for a $50 million. It has been estimated that Greg's original vision eventually resulted in creating over TWO DOZEN MILLIONAIRES!

Then, as if to prove his initial entrepreneurial success wasn't a fluke, Greg did it again when he and his wife and business partner Helen sold their second business "Sharper Cards", which manufactured and sold printed dental marketing products to their largest US competitor, Smart Health, inc. of Phoenix, AZ in 2003.

Greg believes that one of the keys to living a happy and fulfilling life is to continue to learn and grow as a person and as a result, he is constantly challenging his comfort zone. After two multi-million dollar entrepreneurial exits, he set his sights on improving his health and challenged himself to complete a triathlon. After losing 50 pounds and almost drowning, he went on to complete 12 Ironman distance triathlons including placing 4th in his division at Ironman Arizona in 2006 earning him a coveted slot to compete at the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii - an accomplishment that less than 5% of all Ironman triathletes are able to attain. It is easier to gain admission to Harvard than it is to qualify for Ironman World Championships.

It was a childhood dream of Greg's to someday make the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records and to be the best in the world at something. So that's exactly what he did next. In fact, he did it 4 times.

After proving to himself that he could compete with the very best Ironman triathletes in the world, Greg set out on a quest to earn his first world record - to travel farther than any human has ever travelled under his own power in one day. The 24 hour human powered vehicle distance record. At the start of his journey, Greg didn't own a single tool and by the end of it, he had designed and fabricated one of the fastest bicycles in the world - Critical Power Human Powered Vehicle - a carbon fiber bullet bike weighing in at a nimble 50 pounds, with a cruising speed of 50 kph (31 mph) and a top speed of 100 kph (62 mph).

After a failed attempt at the world record in Alabama in 2005, Greg went on to pedal his Critical Power an unfathomable 1041 km (647 miles) in 24 hours around a race track in Eureka, Ca in the summer of 2006 which earned him his first world record and a coveted position on Page 112 of the 2009 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

After conquering land by human power, Greg set his sights on the water, and after another failed attempt at the human powered boat 24 hour distance record in the summer of 2007, Greg was successful when he broke Uber-kayaker Carter Johnson's 242 km (150.34 miles) record on Whitefish lake in September of 2008 by pedalling his ultra efficient pedal powered trimaran boat a total of 245.16 km (152.33 miles) in 24 hours winning him his second world record.

Greg wants to conquer the world by human power - land, sea and sky. With 24 hour human powered distance records on land and water, his next project is a human powered FLIGHT record.

He also plans on crossing an ocean under his own power, and has successfully built and tested a prototype pedal powered ocean boat. Greg is now in the process of constructing a new ocean boat that will earn him his first "world-first" by being the first person to travel across the Pacific ocean from Canada to Hawaii under his own power.

Greg is now passionately focused on spreading his message to a corporate audience by building a keynote and motivational speaking career.

Greg's motivational speech titled "Bold!" is an impactful commentary about the kind of attitude that it takes to accomplish a dream. Greg has lived his life by the words of German Poet Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe "What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it, for Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." Greg's spirit is contagious and his message is vital.
We have just recently been enriched and rewarded by having Greg speak at our national sales meeting in Washington, DC. Greg shared his personal story of challenges and triumphs, preparations, and the results in pursuing his goals and was truly an inspiration for us all. His lessons appealed to us both personally and professionally and each of us walked away with such great life lessons that in the following days Greg was not only the talk of the town, but quoted in some of our presentations as well. Greg's story was told with humility, humor, and his audio and visual presentation on screen was extremely well done. Greg truly connects with people across a wide range of experiences and occupations."
Mary Ellen Gluck - Nutricia North America

"Every year we hold an annual thank you event for our customers. The recipe is always the same .... We invite all of our clients, we present something specific to our industry - and a couple of days later - its all very forgettable. These days, clients expect far more than a sales pitch. I wanted to give them something that would evoke an emotional and far more lasting kind of response. Kind of like a gift. I wanted clients to associate the emotion, inspiration and motivation with our company - not just another "same ol, same ol" pitch. So I sought out various 'me too' presenters. They were either too pre-baked - or too expensive. Then I found Greg. He had something that related to our industry yet was fascinating and completely different. And, he offered something that I felt would tap into the little kid in all of us. Well let me tell you that Greg hit the ball out of the park that evening. When I introduced Greg and told the audience 'there won't be any sales pitches tonight' ... They actually cheered! As Greg drew people in from the first few sentences - you could tell ... Or rather FEEL this was going to be a fun and inspirational message. After the presentation, everyone I spoke to said it was by far the best event we had ever put on. They were all very grateful to have been invited. I can't wait to see what Greg will come up with for next years event!"
Cyrille Armand - Vice President, Professional Services Metafore IT Solutions

"Captivating! Greg had the audience from the opening statement..... The best part of the presentation was the realization that a 'normal everyday person' can achieve their own 'greatness'. I was able to take Greg's experiences, relate to his strategies and see how I could apply them to my own life. Greg helped me to see that I too can and should reach out, be bold, and go for it!"
Carol Short - President Insite Systems Consulting Ltd.

"Greg's presentation was both entertaining and highly inspirational. It was like watching a really great movie, a drama that unfolded before you. Once I was able to catch my breath, I realized that Greg's message was actually applicable to me too!"
Joanne Quirk-Williams - CGI

"Greg's speech was filled with humour, insight, and inspiration, and left us with a good feeling. He is an engaging speaker and had us wrapped up in his story from beginning to end. We all left the presentation feeling motivated and ready to tackle our next challenge."
Tammy Wing - Vice President North America Veer