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Steve Rizzo

Inspiration, Motivation, Success, and An Unstoppable Attitude For A Lifetime!

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Steve Rizzo: Inspiration, Motivation, Success, and An Unstoppable Attitude For A Lifetime!

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That Steve Rizzo, PhB was a National Headline Comedian with opening acts like Drew Carey, Rosie O’Donnell, and Dennis Miller to name a few?

That Steve appeared on many network and cable TV shows and was voted a “Showtime Comedy All-Star”?

That he walked away from a flourishing stand-up career?

Why? To pursue his true Purpose and Passion.

After being told by a guidance counselor that he didn’t have the intelligence for college, and having been saddled with the dubious high school honor of “Least Likely to Succeed,” Steve Rizzo didn’t give himself much of a chance to emerge as anything special, much less a world-class comedian. Years of negativity had led Steve to believe that dreams were the luxury of only a fortunate few.

“Looking back,” says Steve, “I can see how and why I sabotaged so many opportunities. My perceived limitations had me very confused. I had a fear of failure and a fear of success. I knew I had talent, but I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t being given a chance. I finally realized that opportunity had been knocking all along…I was just afraid to open the door.”

After high school Steve would go on to surprise everyone, including himself, by excelling with honors at the university and post-graduate levels. Eventually Steve even taught at his old high school, proving once and for all that guidance counselors are not fortune-tellers.

Perhaps the most unexpected aspect of Steve’s career was the stellar degree of success he achieved as a performer, sharing the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Eddie Murphy, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Of course, the surprises don’t stop there. What is the next step for a comedian in the prime of his career? For Steve, it was to trade the two drink minimums and standing ovations for maximum fulfillment and well, more standing ovations. After walking away from a promising career as a headline comedian to become a professional speaker, Steve offers a unique and insightful perspective on the journey that brought him to where he stands today.

Steve’s quest to remove the boundaries that were keeping him from the life he truly desired has brought his work full circle and he now understands that all of his past experiences were necessary to prepare him for his true calling: To help people learn to be happy and successful no matter what their current circumstances are. “If they laugh while they learn,” says Steve, “then that’s just a bonus.”

Steve spent much of his own life learning how to pursue and achieve his own definition of success. Luckily for audiences worldwide, that definition has evolved to include showing others his blueprint for realizing their dreams and achieving personal excellence and professional satisfaction.

As Steve’s friend and fellow comic Drew Carey says, “He used to be a stand-up comic, but now he is a speaker who is inspiring people all over the world.”
  • Bestselling author of The Writer’s Digest Award winning Book “Becoming A Humor Being”
  • Special appearances include: Showtime Special, Evening at the Improv, The Comedy Channel, and Fox TV-Comic Strip Live
  • A consultant on MSNBC and Oprah and Friends Radio network
  • Creator and Executive Producer of his own PBS Special
  • Speakers Hall of Fame Inductee  
Educational background     
B.A. in English and Education, with Honors
M.A. in Theater Arts

SERIOUSLY Funny Program: Get Your SHIFT Together
Start each day with an Unstoppable Attitude to Succeed
Funny Motivational Speaker, Steve Rizzo, engages the audience with laughter as he challenges each attendee to SHIFT their way of thinking to discover greater enthusiasm, increased productivity, and new levels of success.
Get Your SHIFT Together:

Yes, it’s a funny keynote – but who says funny can’t be SERIOUS?! When SHIFT happens your life changes!

In this motivational business program, based on his book, Get Your SHIFT Together, Steve reveals secrets of Success, Life Balance, Change & Stress management through…
  • SHIFTing focus and your way of thinking to get the results you want.
  • Training yourself to be resilient and motivated throughout the day, every day.
  • Enjoying yourself during the process of achieving your goals.
  • Starting each day with an unstoppable Attitude to succeed.
  • Using humor, “The Instant Mind SHIFT” to nip negative thoughts in the bud before emotional havoc sets in.
  • Creating lifelong habits for success and happiness in business and in life.
Steve Rizzo’s Attitude Adjustment Strategies will improve morale, increase efficiency, and create lifelong habits for success and happiness.

Harness the power of SHIFTING to acquire an unstoppable Attitude to succeed every day AND enjoy the entire process. “Attitude Adjuster”, Steve Rizzo’s Secrets for Success were in part created from the lessons he learned through personal experiences with many comedy greats, celebrities and everyday heroes.
Audiences learn:
  • What 3 Success Qualities catapulted Eddie Murphy to Super Stardom? “This is what everyone needs to master if they want to achieve the Ultimate Success in business and in life.”
  • Why was Rodney Dangerfield so unhappy when he achieved so much? “If you’re not enjoying yourself on your journey towards your goal, you’re ripping yourself off.”
  • How was Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed from the neck down, able to accomplish so much in the last 9 years of life with the odds against him? “It’s all about Attitude! It’s always been about Attitude! And it always will be about Attitude!”
  • How did Steve’s brother Michael (100% disabled as a result of the VietNam War) embrace this major change and become the Ultimate Success Story? “My brother is living proof that when you challenge yourself to SHIFT your focus and way of thinking you can turn any challenge into an opportunity!
It’s not brain surgery – it’s brain adjustment! Don’t settle for anything less than Steve Rizzo’s approach. Because anything less… is just that.

Drilling For Optimism Tapping into our most valuable natural resource

In times of economic distress, opportunities don’t disappear; they simply manifest in new and different ways.  Optimism is the key to being able to recognize these opportunities when they arise.  This program examines the real power of optimism as a currency that creates storm-weathering attitudes and allows the flexibility to identify alternate routes to success, even in this severe economic climate. 

Only the optimistic survive, and Steve delivers the tools necessary for tapping into the positive reserves within each of us.  Prepare to dig deep, and learn why Steve is known affectionately as the “Attitude Adjuster.”

“When you shift your focus, you change your life.”           - Steve Rizzo

You attendees will experience how to"
  • Create new ways of thinking to transform these challenging times into opportunities
  • Bring out the best in self and others
  • Laugh off fears and take control of emotions
  • Enjoy the rebuilding process
  • Maintain emotional stability and eliminate stress
This presentation can be personalized specifically for your event.   All it takes is a conference call with the key players and a review of any pertinent material you send.  With Steve, you can be certain of an unforgettable event, a pragmatic message, more than a touch of entertainment, and a whole lot of laughter.

This highly energetic and entertaining program unlocks the secrets to the power of permanent change and a lasting positive attitude.  You can be sure that your group will be feeling fantastic and walking away more productive than ever, not just for a day, but for a lifetime. Learn why Steve is known by so many as the “Attitude Adjuster.”

“What you think is what you get”, Steve Rizzo.

In this program you will gain the secrets of…
  • New ways of thinking that will transform obstacles into opportunities instantly
  • How to bring out the best in yourself and everyone around you
  • Learning the five steps towards your destiny
  • How to laugh off your fears and take control of your emotions
  • The number one way to achieve success and happiness
This program can be customized according to your group’s theme and needs.


Sometimes it comes by way of choice and sometimes it is forced upon us by circumstances beyond our control.  Either way, it is a part of life that is needed in order for us to grow to our full potential.  Steve will show your group how to deal with one of our biggest fears in both the workplace and in our personal lives…CHANGE!  Everyone will learn the skills needed to use any change to their advantage, creating greater success on all levels.

“Life is about growing, learning, and becoming.  You can not grow, learn, or become if you can not embrace the changes in your life.”  Steve Rizzo

In this program you will gain the secrets of…
  • Winning ways of thinking that change obstacles into opportunities instantly
  • How to enjoy yourself during the process of change
  • Overcoming the fear associated with change
  • Using your sense of humor as a tool to grow with change
  • Seeing the brighter alternative to a potentially negative situation
This program can be customized according to your group’s theme and needs.

We spend most of our waking hours at our place of employment and much of our leisure time thinking about it.  We can let the stress, fast pace, and challenges control our emotions or we can lighten up, have fun, and enjoy the process.  It’s always a matter of choice!   Acquiring a healthy state of mind is essential in order to produce quality sales, quality customer service, teamwork, and communication.   Steve will show your group how to overcome the everyday pressures that can stifle productivity and creativity in the workplace, while enjoying the process.

“Enjoyment is the spark that ignites passion and enthusiasm”, Steve Rizzo

In this program you will gain the secrets of …
  • Acquiring the attitude you need to succeed
  • Using the power of choice to your advantage
  • Seeing the brighter alternative to a potentially negative situation
  • Finding the laughter in between and during the tough times
  • How to maintain emotional stability and eliminate stress
This program can be customized according to your group’s theme and needs.

RIZZO’S HEROES Leadership Secrets From Near and Far
Prepare to be inspired and motivated in a whole new way in this exciting program based in part on the extensive and incredible media interviews by Steve Rizzo of top CEO’s, industry leaders, and everyday achievers.  Steve will tell you inspiring stories of extraordinary leaders and their leadership secrets.  Laugh along with Steve while you learn how to lead so others will follow you anywhere…

“Everyone has an inner hero that they have glimpsed from time to time, just waiting to break free…  Now is the time to tap into your true hero potential,” Steve Rizzo

In this program you will gain the secrets of…
  • Extraordinary Business leaders (Heroes) that inspire, intrigue, and exhilarate
  • Dealing with change and challenges while enjoying the process
  • How to inspire a guaranteed great attitude in yourself and others
  • Hero Thinking for unstoppable results
  • What heroes know that 99% of ordinary people don’t know
This program can be customized according to your group’s theme and needs.
"Just to let you know it is nearly impossible to get a standing ovation from our staff and you did it. You were in a difficult time slot as well, the closing morning after two nights of late night entertainment. The reviews for your presentation at both sessions were unbelievable. Here are a couple of quotes for you:
  • “Never have I laughed so hard and learned so much – all at the same time, thank you.”
  • “I didn’t realize how much I needed to laugh. It really felt good. Thanks so much for Steve Rizzo!
Steve, you were the perfect person for the challenge of entertaining and teaching our group. I thank you for your work and hope to see you again in the future"
Rene Ewing, Operations Coordinator/Event Planner, GreenStone Farm Credit Services

"Your speach was not only outstanding but it captured everyone's interest from the inception of the presentation right through to the end. You were funny, you brought some actual true-life points that were, that you experienced in your own personal life to a reality. And you just had the audience captivated from inception to completion of that presentation. So, out of all the events that I have put together on behalf of the hartford for this association, that evening in September based on your presentation was the most successful that we've ever had. So, my hat goes off to you for an outstanding presentation and your book is outstanding, I've read it and you were just you were right on and you captured everyones interest from the beginning to the end and im still getting rave reviews from some of our clients that that was the most enjoyable evening that they've attended on behalf of The Hartford, so thank you."
Hartford Life Insurance

Steve, you message about keeping humor in your life really hit home with my attendees. From the first time you called me you were attentive and dedicated to meeting my needs and the needs of my group. Your ability to tailor your presentation to the hotel industry was highly effective. The simplicity of your presentation is you brilliance! Your message has left a lasting impression on our business. I know my team will now look at challenging and difficult situation with a more positive filter because of you. The Residence Inn by Marriott family can’t thank you enough!
Brian J. King, Brand Director Residence Inn by Marriott

"You're one of my heros and I tell you this too on a personal note, your brother remains one of my heros. Wow. I cannot listen to that story without choking up and this is three or four years later. Wow. One of the most impactful stories I've ever heard and you tell it so well. Wow. I've never met the man but obviously you're related by blood, you guys are my heros as well. Thank you for saying that but you know I have to  tell you I really dont have a brother, I made that whole story up. I thank you so much, he is the biggest inspiration of my life. It's just such a great story and I mean I wish I... and I'm so glad you take it places because it needs to be bottled up, people need to have that image of that finger raising up from the hospital bed because that itself is life, that is... You're right, you're right - he opitimizes the power of choice, the power of thoughts, the power of attitude, the power of humor, how all these things can help you to overcome the most the most extreme adverse times in your life.And if anybody has not read that story or heard you tell it they owe it to themselves to make sure that they do as soon as possible."
Casella Waste Systems

"Well still today - I mean two years later - probably a month or two doesn't go by where somebody doesn't make some reference to when you appeared for us up there are the Ritz Carlton you know just making a comment about the humor being or some of those things so I mean you made a lasting impression on people and we will, in this organization we are going to have you back at some point in time in this organization."
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