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Carl Hiebert

"The sky is not the limit... It's just the beginning"

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Carl Hiebert: "The sky is not the limit... It's just the beginning"

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"The sky is not the limit... It's just the beginning."

Carl Hiebert is an entrepreneur of life.  Confined to a wheelchair since 1981, he astounded Canadians by flying his open-cockpit ultra light aircraft 5,000 miles across Canada.  When he landed at Expo '86 in Vancouver, he achieved what many people said was impossible - he transformed an agonizing obstacle into an inspirational achievement.  In the process of writing aviation history, he demonstrated that even when you can't walk, you can fly.  Carl Hiebert is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker who motivates by example. From association dinners to national sales conferences, Carl has spoken to hundreds of audiences across Canada, the United States and England.  He consistently delights groups with his uplifting presentation.

"In choosing to risk,  we all have the capacity to live fuller, more gratifying lives."
Carl Hiebert

Using a thrilling slide show of his epic flight, Carl demonstrates:
-how your attitude will make you or break you
-the importance of reaching beyond imagined boundaries
-that risk-taking is vital for growth
Gift of Wings - is a motivational presentation that will let you soar to new heights.  Vanier Award recipient Carl Hiebert is the person who will take you there.
“This upbeat presentation is ideal as an opening keynote or a conference close.  "The standing ovation you received is a true testament to the enjoyment, quality and integrity of your presentation."
Texaco Canada

"One of the main contributing factors to our successful conference was your address.  Your presentation awed and educated, entertained and challenged, marveled and touched everyone who participated.   Thank you.”
Ontario Society of Recreation

"Thank you for a memorable event... relating your experiences to the challenges that we face was certainly appropriate and very much appreciated." 
".. 'Inspirational' falls short of describing my personal feelings and those of most of the audience I spoke with."
Hyundai Canada