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Joe Goodwin

Coach Goody from PROS vs. JOES on Spike TV

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Joe Goodwin: Coach Goody from PROS vs. JOES on Spike TV

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Joe Goodwin a.k.a. Coach Goody was the Runner-Up of the hit Reality TV show Pros vs. Joes “The Last Joe Standing”.   64 Joes began the competition and Joe outlasted 62 other challengers before coming up just a few seconds short in the final overtime.  A true David and Goliath story, Joe as one of the oldest and undersized contestants defied the various nay sayers as he battled and succeeded versus the relentless pursuit of some the most decorated professional athletes in recent memory.  Appearing on several episodes viewed by millions Joe continually avoided elimination earning a spot in the Final Four to compete in the Granddaddy of them all The Rose Bowl.  The list of pros included names like NFL All-Pro Linebacker from the New York Giants Jesse Armistead, Current NFL Running Back and Heisman Trophy Winner Ricky Williams, NFL All Pro Corner Rod Woodson, The Giant Derrick Coleman of the NBA, one of the toughest NHL players to strap on the blades Marty McSorely, World Champion Boxer Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker, NFL All-Pro Running Back Jamal Andersen, 375 pound Kick Boxing Champion Bob Sapp, and many more.   

Capitalizing on Joe’s unique experience on Pros vs. Joes, Joe has created numerous inspiring presentations targeted at a wide array of audiences.  Joe has put together a human highlight real of triumphs and failures against some of the world’s toughest pro athletes as seen on Pros vs. Joes.  The highlights captivate the crowd and are used to draw comparisons to the everyday successes and challenges we face in life whether it is in the arena of business, adolescence, health, family, religion, and more.  Joe is one of the most dynamic and enthusiastic teachers and public speakers you will ever encounter.  He believes in the motto, “If they’re not listening, they’re not learning.”  As a result, his presentations have the audience off their seat and engaged in his riveting speeches and seminars.

Despite his common name Joe is far from ordinary or average.  Prior to his experience on Pros vs. Joes he authored the book The Bathroom Mirror: A Lifelong Health and Wellness Journey.  The Bathroom Mirror is an interactive self-help health story that covers all aspects of wellness.  It entertains, educates, and inspires the reader and concludes with a clear model to apply what the reader has learned.  The beauty is in the simplicity of this proven model that can not only be utilized to improve your overall health, but it can be applied to your business, relationships, spiritual development, education, athletic aspirations, and much more.  

As a result of the overwhelmingly positive experience Joe had on Pros vs. Joes he decided to write his second book titled, The ROAD to the ROSE BOWL, PROS VS JOES “The Last Joe Standing”, where he shares in detail the voyage from the day he heard about the show, the making of the video, the audition, the preparation, the competition, behind the scenes, the emotional roller coaster, the physical brutality, the months of anticipation not being able to share his knowledge of what happened, the 15 minutes of fame, and much more.

Just like taking on a 250 pound All Pro Line Backer like Jesse Armistead of the New York Giants each of us face similar obstacles in life no less daunting.  Like Joe, we may not have success the first time, but we must pick ourselves up off the ground and be prepared to confidently look that Linebacker (life obstacle) in the eye and go again.  Eventually, we will overcome that hurdle and must be ready for the next to follow.  Just as you see Joe had to do on Pros vs. Joes in Overtime as he began with NBA Giant Derrick Coleman, immediately moving onto NHL Tough Man Marty McSorely, and concluding with NFL’s Jesse Armistead.  In between were moments of joy, but just as in life we cannot let our guard down or life’s next challenge will knock us off course.  In life, just like on Pros vs. Joes you never no what Professional Athlete (obstruction) is coming out of the tunnel next. 

“My name is Joe Goodwin and I am an extraordinary individual!”  Leave Joe’s presentation saying, “My name is your name and I am an extraordinary individual!”

Joe truly believes that we have all been blessed with a multitude of talents.  Let Joe help you tap into your God given talents and assist you in finding greater joy today.