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Dr. Elaine Dembe

Authority on Stress, Resiliency

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Dr. Elaine Dembe: Authority on Stress, Resiliency

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Dr. Elaine Dembe is a compelling speaker, Elaine brings clarity to confusing times. Dr. Elaine Dembe is one of Canada's outstanding authorities on stress resiliency, longevity and motivation. Known as the Passion Doctor,™ she has extraordinary ability to focus on the current issues blocking the path of the way we live and work, and to inspire and re-energize her audience to live and work with purpose, passion and productivity. Elaine's current speaking engagements motivate individuals and employees to strengthen their mental and physical resiliency against multiple stresses and unpredictable times and to find joy in everyday living and working.

During the past 31 years in private practice, Dr. Dembe has become A sought-after public speaker, media personality, best-selling author, celebrated chiropractor, and life coach, Elaine has helped movie stars, pop stars, politicians, and professional athletes to work out their kinks – physically and mentally – with her dynamic presentations. She has presented to over 400 leading corporations, associations and charitable organizations in Canada and the United States of America.

Elaine's blending of chiropractic expertise with professional speaking and motivational skills, is unique. “Individuals want to feel better at work and in daily life. Management needs to rely on employees who are motivated, alert, healthy and functioning at their peak,” says Elaine.  Her high-energy performances are laced with good humour and audience participation and are loaded with achievable, goal-oriented concepts that regularly bring standing ovations and inspire audiences to face their challenges. Because of her irrepressible personality, she has been called a ‘cheerleader for life.‛

She was the host of The Health Show on CFRB radio, and was the series-regular-broadcaster for CTV's Canadian Living Show. In addition, she has appeared on CTV's Dini Petty Show and Eye On Toronto; CBC's News Hour, Morningside and Health Show; City TV's Breakfast Television; NBC's You Bet Your Life with Bill Cosby; Global's News; and TV Ontario's Fitness after Forty series on 'Back Care'. As a professional speaker represented by many nationwide speaker's bureaus, she has brought her special healing philosophy to a wide range of receptive audiences including corporations, associations and service clubs. Further, she has been the keynote speaker for many conferences. Her high-energy performances are laced with humor and audience participation, and are loaded with achievable, goal-oriented ideas that regularly bring standing ovations. Because of her irrepressible personality, she has been called a 'cheerleader for life'.  Dr. Dembe is the only chiropractor to be on call at the Chief Protocol Office of the Government of Ontario for visiting Royalty and Dignitaries. She was the 1995 national spokesperson for the United Way, (voluntary), and is on the Health Advisory Board oft he Metro Toronto YMCA. Her name appears in Who's Who of Canadian Women.

Many of the Toronto Blue Jays relied on her Chiropractic care during the 1985-1986 and 1986 -1987 seasons. Dr. Dembe has also treated numerous other celebrities including Mel Gibson, Kris Krist Kristopherson, Lindsay Wagner, Melinda Dillon, Mathew Modine, Phil Collins, Paula Abdul,  Bryan Adams, Kenny G, Eartha Kitt and Celine Dion.  Dr. Dembe has run seventeen marathons and ranked 11th in Canada for her 1982 Marathon performance, 26.2 miles in two hours and fifty-three minutes. In 1988 she was a recipient of an International Award for Amateur Sports.

Dr. Dembe's best-seller, Passionate Longevity - the 10 Secrets to Growing Younger, published by Macmillan Canada, is now in its sixth printing. Her second book, Use The Good Dishes, Finding Joy In Everyday Lift, which was launched in July 2000, is now in its third printing.
Work/Life Balance
Take a L.I.F.E. Pill! And you won’t need to call me in the morning…

The L.I.F.E. Doctor™, Elaine Dembe, delivers a dose of reality to busy people who want more fulfillment in their lives.

“Work-life balance is a myth,” says the L.I.F.E. Doctor™. “It’s time to banish the guilt and start living a life of intense passion, inspired focus and unbridled joy.” Dr. Dembe’s “Take a L.I.F.E. Pill” program empowers greater productivity and performance in the workplace by teaching people how to embrace L.I.F.E. love, inner-being, fitness and energy. As a result they’re happier, healthier and more productive.

A daily practice to stay balanced, personally and professionally, by nurturing their L.I.F.E. (Love, Inner-Being, Fitness, Energy). Using the question, "What have I done for my L.I.F.E. today?" participants will learn practical strategies to enhance their lives.

Using a multi-media inspirational presentation, the four concepts are:
  • Love: Connectedness via healthy relationships, empathy, mentoring, and touch
  • Inner-being: Consciousness via joy, courage, personal growth and learning
  • Fitness: Mind-body wellness via strength, active living and brain fitness
  • Energy: Vitality via nutrition, engagement in work and career, and optimism

Stress Management

Stress is like the tension on a violin string. You need enough tension so you can make music, but not so much that it snaps.

If you are like most of us, when you think of stress you think about negative things: headaches, pressure, tension and deadlines--too much to do and too little time to do it. Stress is as natural and normal as breathing--what makes it positive or negative is your reaction or how you interpret the event. In this informative and inspiring keynote, Dr. Elaine Dembe shares 10 Key characteristics of people who can process whatever challenges or obstacles are in their path remaining balanced, calm, focused and healthy.

The 10 habits are:
  • Awareness of and able to express emotions
  • Recognizes priorities
  • Keeps body fit and healthy
  • Strong support system
  • Finds a sense of meaning, purpose and contribution in life
  • Knows how to relax and renew
  • Has a strong sense of values
  • Able to improvise
  • Is a realistic optimist and
  • Expresses gratitude

Health and Wellness

Dr. Elaine Dembe, shares secrets to living a longer, happier, healthier life --- with passion! Whether you are 35, 55, or 75, Elaine Dembe's humorous, high energy seminars are filled with practical tips for a balanced, positive lifestyle that will change the way you think about growing older.

Participants learn that successful living is influenced by, how connected you are to others, how you interpret the things that happen to you. Your ability to adapt to life's changes, your level of fulfillment at work, and your appreciation for life's small joys. As well, how you can make your body strong, fit and healthy from the inside out and how to be resilient and optimistic in the face of challenges.

You will learn how to:
  • Keep you relationships strong
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Nurture your spirit
  • Remain fit and active
  • Listen to your body
  • Maintain your creativity
  • Explore new opportunities
  • Face challenges with optimism
  • Passionate Longevity is a prescription for a life bursting with vitality, fun, success, and adventure, The secrets to living a longer and healthier life are open to you. Let Dr. Dembe be your personal guide on the journey of the rest of your life.


Are you waiting for an event in the future to make you happy? Postponing joy until you meet the right person, until you have more time, or until you have enough money? Older and wiser, Dr. Elaine Dembe has learned that joy is not contingent on any one thing, but that life itself is a celebration for those who are aware of the happiness that can be found in everyday life. In her Use The Good Dishes™ presentation, Dr. Dembe relates her thoughts and the insights of dozens of extraordinary 'sages,' on how to create a joyful path for our life journey. With inimitable honesty and humour, Dr. Dembe provides a map for those ready to embark on a more spiritual quest, ready to learn what really matters as we age.

Participants will learn 8 steps to living a joyful life:
  • How to adapt to life's changes and accept what is.
  • The joy in living in the moment.
  • The necessity for living an authentic life.
  • Choosing to live the best parts of your childhood.
  • How curiosity and play open our hearts
  • Colouring outside the lines of your life and taking risks.
  • The joy of giving to others.
  • Celebrating your life story and synchronicity.

Longevity and Healthy Aging
Conscious Aging – a guide for Baby Boomers and Beyond

What is it about getting older that keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest, stops you from fulfilling your dreams and may be keeping you from doing what you love?

In this inspiring keynote, Dr. Dembe shares the steps to conscious aging which requires you to be awake, aware, able to take a clear-eyed realistic look at your health, habits, lifestyle, make changes where you can to enhance your life and embrace who you are.

The 6 steps are AWARENESS, ADAPTABILITY, AUTHENTICITY, RELEASE, EXPANSION AND LEGACY. For any boomer looking at the next half of their life with uncertainty and curiosity, this presentation will open you up to limitless possibilities!

Passionate Leadership From the Inside Out

Who are you at your personal best?

What is your impact professionally and personally?

As a leader, how valuable would it be to bring more positive energy and passion to your workplace and to your life?

And how inspiring would that be for all your relationships--everyone you work with and live with?

In this powerful keynote Dr. Dembe shares 6 key aspects of passionate leadership: Authenticity, Courage, Expansion, Patience, Wellness and Mentoring. You will learn that passionate leadership from the inside out has nothing to do with titles or financial remuneration. Instead this leadership emanates from your being and the person that you are.
" Your passion for life and for finding a balance was reflected in every aspect of your presentation. Your contribution at the Sales Rally gave everyone food for thought and was without a doubt an integral part of making our Awards celebrations a resounding success."
Remax Canada

"It is obvious that you truly enjoy your work and your tools for life will certainly assist our Human Resource Professionals to better manage their work and personal environment."
Ministry of Community and Social Services

"The conference was a resounding success. Your presentation was lively and warm and entertaining. You touched our hearts and energized us. You certainly gave us new thoughts and stimulated some new dreams! The comments were outstanding. We all walked away from your speech “Tingling with the Joy of Life.” You were a great hit!"
Peel District School Board

"Your talk on “Passionate Longevity” was truly PIM! – Powerful, Inspirational, Motivational. Although the message of achieving work and home/personal life balance is certainly not new to the senior management team, they do need to be reminded to not only plan it but to “implement” it. Your enthusiasm got our attention and the example you set with all the activities in your life as well as the examples of people you interviewed demonstrated that it can be done at any time in one’s life."

"Let me start out by saying that your motivational presentation at our NAHU Region 3 Meeting and Leadership Forum was exceptional!!! You totally captivated the crowd and kept their undivided attention throughout your entire program. We received numerous comments on how much our members enjoyed your presentation. It was very obvious that you spent many, many hours preparing for our meeting and you certainly ‘hit the mark’…"
PPOM Midwest

"I just wanted to let you know that I think you have a remarkable gift. I sensed a true spiritualization coming from you and a true love of people. It was obvious that you truly want to help your audience, and not treat this as a profession, but a true calling to serve."
MED2020 Health Care Software Inc.

“We feel that the combination of humor and enthusiasm that Elaine brings to her important message of health and wellness is a winning combination.  We would highly recommend her to any organization looking for a motivational, energetic speaker that also delivers a timely and important message.”
Hudson Bay Company
Bell Canada
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Canadian Association of Financial Planners
Catelli Foods
Eli Lilly
Petro Canada
The Great-West Life Realty Advisors Inc.
Xerox Canada