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Jeanne Martinson

Leadership & Diversity Wisdom For A Complex World

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Jeanne Martinson: Leadership & Diversity Wisdom For A Complex World

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Jeanne Martinson has inspired thousands of participants in her workshops and keynote presentations with her humour, insight and real-world examples.

Jeanne Martinson became interested in training while working for a Fortune 500 company in southern California. Back in her native Saskatchewan, she side-stepped into sales and marketing for ten years - where in the printing and labelling industry, she took a $25,000 sales territory and grew it to $850,000 within four years.

Now as Managing Partner of her own firm, Jeanne Martinson has delivered workshops and keynote addresses to over 10,000 people in government, associations and the private sector. Her most popular topics are leadership and diversity.

In July 1999, Jeanne released her first non-fiction book entitled “Lies And Fairy Tales That Deny Women Happiness” which explores the myths that many Canadian women are raised with and which limit their ability to have happy relationships and fulfilling careers.

Her second book,“Escape From Oz - Leadership For The 21st Century” was released in October 2001. This book explores the parallels of the characters in the fable “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and our own beliefs about personal and professional leadership. The first part of the book explores the four cornerstones required to be effective leaders: insight, courage, self-discipline and influence over others. The second part of the book explores how we can move out of our comfort zone to lead individuals according to their reality, skill set and knowledge base - with the goal of achieving trust and long term success.

Jeanne's third book,"War & Peace in the Workplace - Diversity, Conflict, Understanding, Reconciliation was released September,2005. This book explores how workplaces are becoming more diverse and how that diversity can trigger conflict. The book illustrates how we have the choice of allowing conflict to spiral down into dysfunction or of taking charge, becoming aware and developing understanding.

When not writing, speaking or delivering workshops, Jeanne takes a leading role in her community, a dedication that was recognized in 1992 with the awarding of the Canada 125 Medal of Honour, in 1999 with the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the category of Business, Labour and Professions, and in 2005 with the Centennial Leadership Award for outstanding contribution to the Province of Saskatchewan and the Athena Award.

She has been listed in Who’s Who of Canadian Women since 1996 and Canadian Who’s Who since 1999. Jeanne is Past President of: Saskatchewan Training and Development Association (Regina Chapter), Saskatchewan Business and Professional Women, and Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan. 
Working with Other Onions? (Playing Nice on a Diverse Work Team)
Ever wonder why we sometimes can’t just get along? Why we react to each other the way we do? Most conflict in the workplace comes from our differences – both our diversity in the big ‘D’ issues such as race, gender or ability but also diversity in the small ‘d’ issues such as values, marital and family status, age or thought processes.

This session will cover the emotions we experience working in a diverse environment, our automatic emotional responses to diversity-based conflict, and new ways to work with others to build a more effective and serene workplace.

Leading a Diverse Workforce (Harder Than it Looks?)

Most organizations have an understanding that a diverse workforce is the only answer to current and future labour market challenges. Most put policies, procedures and processes into play. Some make decisions about marketing to non-traditional groups and institute internal departments of diversity.

Yet, while we are managing the structural, hierarchal and marketing elements of diversity in the workplace – we remain disappointed in our recruitment, retention and engagement of diverse employee groups. Why?

It’s the people! Understanding the feelings and thoughts regarding diversity of your current workplace is key to making change. What do they think? What do they fear? Why are we stuck?

Making Generational Differences Work!

For the first time, there are four generations in the workplace. Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen Xs and Gen Ys all have different values and goals. And those values and goals are creating conflict! How should the work be done, success measured, influence applied and power shared?

This session will cover key historical events that created the four separate generations, the cultural norms that are being challenged by this generational phenomenon, and behaviours that can build better relationships and increase productivity.

Becoming Your Own Wizard (Leadership for the 21st Century)

In the fable, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man desired courage, a brain and a heart. Humans also crave these ‘leadership skills” of insight, courage and influence. Sometimes we believe unless we are natural leaders, some magic must occur for us to become good leaders. But like the Oz characters, we have everything we need to succeed. We don’t need “magic” to be successful leaders – only a willingness to recognize our potential and develop it!

This session talks about the cornerstones of leadership and how to lead others accord according to the situation, their competency and commitment.

Tossing the Tiara (The Key to Creating Powerful Women Leaders)

Women in leadership roles is good for business! When publicly traded companies have women in senior management roles, those organizations experience an average increase of 74% of return on equity and a corresponding 55% increase of earnings.

Women want to lead at the highest levels. When 1400 managers were asked if they had the desire to reach a top management position such as a C-suite role, 79% or women said YES. Yet women women hold only 5.8% of corporate executive positions and 14.5% of board positions.

So how do we reduce the gap between reality and aspiration? First we need to understand how fairy tales myth, media and our history of communication have shaped where we are today. Secondly, we need to make different decisions if we truly want to create powerful women leaders.

(Based on the 2016 book, Tossing the Tiara – The Key to Creating Powerful Women Leaders)
"When I first heard Jeanne’s presentation I knew that she not only had diversity figured out but that she was able to explain it to a group of employees in a way that wasn’t threatening. One of her presentations to a group of employees who I would have felt would have been a hard sell went over so well that there was a particular time during the presentation you could have heard a pin drop. They were so interested in her understanding on the subject and her ability to explain their feelings that they were totally engrossed in her presentation. When you see a group as tough as some she has presented too, you understand her incredible ability to get the message across. The fact that she has a best seller book on the subject, allowed our employees to not only obtain what they learned from the presentations but reflect on some of the new learnings by following up with her book. She is a dynamic speaker and has the gift of knowing her audience. She has the ability to present in a way that captivates and motivates others. Over the past number of years she has presented to well over 400 people in our department and has made a significant difference."
(Dave Fischl - Fleet Services Manager/ Workplace Diversity Coordinator, Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation)

"Jeanne, I have never received so many positive, unsolicited comments after the fact with regard to any speaker we’ve ever booked to present in this venue!  You gave all the attendees a real sense of value for the time spent. Thank you for nailing your audience’s specific interests and making it such an entertaining hour.  We all took away something valuable  from our time with you, from our Baby Boomer crew, right up to our Gen Xer’s….some of us got some insight to ourselves we would have been quite content NOT to know…Again, it was a very enlightening morning-thank you!"
(Carol Geurts, Managing Broker, Coast Capital Realty, Victoria, B.C.)

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