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Laurie Skreslet

First Canadian To Summit Mt. Everest

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Laurie Skreslet: First Canadian To Summit Mt. Everest

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Laurie joined the Canadian Everest Expedition in the spring of 1981. Separate from his role as climber was his responsibility for the selection, development and testing of equipment to be used. With the equipment manager, he transported 27 tons of gear to base camp in Nepal by air, animal and, finally, human transport.

At 9:30 am on October 5, 1982, he climbed to the summit of Everest, 29,028 feet above sea level, as the first Canadian to do so. Since his return, Laurie has toured North America appearing on radio and TV and talking to key business and community groups about his experience. He demonstrates how his philosophy, which he terms personal leadership, can be put to work in all of our lives.

During the spring of 1986, Laurie joined an expedition to Everest again. This time attempting the mountain from the Tibetan (Chinese) side. With 11 other members, he spent 71 days climbing the West Ridge/North Face until May 21st, when two members reached the summit. The climb was done without Sherpas, one-sixth the personnel, and one-tenth the funding of the '82 expedition. This expedition, called Everest Light, proved that strong leadership and an experienced team could achieve more with less.

In the fall of 1987, Laurie leaves with a group of Canadian and American mountaineers to attempt the North Face of Kanchenjunga. At 28,028 feet above sea level, it is the third highest mountain in the world.

Laurie continues to work with the Outward Bound Schools in Canada, and also operates his own Business Leadership & Challenge Courses in the Canadian Rockies. These five-day courses are structured to stimulate personal initiative, teamwork, and leadership skills by exposing participants to a series of mountaineering challenges.

Laurie speaks with a powerful presence and passion about the importance of personal commitment, teamwork and preparation.  Each  presentation is customized to focus on the specific needs of your particular group.  The  inspiring message and spectacular  visuals  have delighted thousands of audiences over the years
Laurie's presentation describes the teamwork and organization that goes into a trip of this magnitude. The mental preparation of peoples facing difficult times and demanding goals. The value of giving your personal best, controlling your fear of failure, and understanding that most of the limits you think you can not go beyond, are only real in the sense that they are self imposed.
"Your performance was breathtaking and the similarities that our salespeople were able to draw from your expedition and associate with our own business environment was very impressive. You provided the motivational adrenaline that all successful sales meetings hope to close on. Thank you for leaving us all very high and eager to go at it again!"
Canada Life

"The sincerity and enthusiasm of your talk left a significant and lasting impression on all of us including some of our largest customers. I have listened to many motivational type presentations over the years and generally they are canned and overly professional. Your presentation, however, was genuine to the extreme and touched the audience very deeply."
Canadian Gypsum Company, Limited

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Citibank Canada
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