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John DiPietro

Creating Superstars in Sales and Service

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John DiPietro: Creating Superstars in Sales and Service

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John DiPietro will show you and your sales team how to go from "unknown" to "unstoppable," just like he did.

If you are a sales professional or in charge of leading a sales team, and just have not been able to "break out of the pack," John DiPietro will show you how, with proven tips that bring in super results every time you use them.

If you ever thought of getting out of sales and getting a real job with a steady paycheck, THEN YOU NEED JOHN DIPIETRO RIGHT NOW. His road-tested PROVEN strategies will work for you and rescue you from a "real job," just like everyone else has. Why be back in the pack when you can be leading the pack?

John DiPietro is known throughout the United States, Canada and Europe as a highly respected sales and marketing professional. He truly is known for "CREATING SUPERSTAR SERVICE AND SALES PROVIDERS." For over two decades he has worked with companies ranging from  startups to international giants in helping them market their products, and manage their sales professionals more effectively, which leads to greater sales.

From being one of the leading sales executives in a nationally recognized media company to forming his own business, John DiPietro delivers for you. From a highly rated college professor, you and your employees will benefit from high content, highly interactive and humor laden presentations.

The key advantage to working with John DiPietro, is that he is still a practicing marketing professional today. He shares state of the art, up to the minute techniques that you can adapt to your business.

So if you are looking to become a SUPERSTAR in SERVICE AND SALES or want to have your sales team considered SUPERSTARS IN SERVICE AND SALES, then place a call to John DiPietro today.

ATTAINING SUPERSTAR STATUS IN SALES AND SERVICE - How to perform like a champion In this session you will learn:
- How to develop a champions mindset for yourself
- How to form a team to compliment your work
- How to set yourself apart from the pack
- How to use an upfront THANK YOU to gain a client 

Raise your selling career to new heights by using techniques that superstars in sports and entertainment use to create remarkable results. Become the superstar of your staff. If you want to put your selling style into high gear, this program will do it for you. Delivered with real life examples and laden with good natured humor, John DiPietro's presentation will have you clamoring to get back to your love for selling!

SUPERSTAR SELLING TECHNIQUES FOR NON SELLERS - Everyone sells, even if it is not in the job description
In this session you will learn:
- the importance of everyone on the staff in the selling process
- how a smile can turn your client around
- how thanking a prospect can turn them into a client
- how many phone rings a client will allow before forming an opinion of your company
- how to get the "team" into the game
"John DiPietro has been a speaker at my company's annual conference for two years in a row now. He consistently gets great reviews from our attendees, which is why we invite him to come back.  I have had the pleasure of attending his sessions each year. He is extremely entertaining, while at the same time shares a wealth of important information to the crowd. He uses humor and lots of audience participation which makes for a fun learning environment."
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