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Rulon Gardner

Olympic Wrestler - Never Stop Pushing

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Rulon Gardner: Olympic Wrestler - Never Stop Pushing

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A modern-day Paul Bunyan, Rulon Gardner grew up on his Mormon family's dairy farm, where unceasing chores helped him develop tremendous strength and stamina at an early age. He struggled in school due to learning disabilities and was often the butt of his classmates' jokes. Yet Gardner found success in wrestling, which allowed him to pursue his college degree and instilled within him the confidence and drive that took him to the center of world sport. Behind one of the greatest upsets in Olympic history is Gardner 's moving tale of obstacles overcome by his indefatigable will to succeed.Rulon has experienced wins as well as losses in his life. Rulon has never dwelled on the negatives in his life; instead he takes each challenge and uses it as a means to improve his life.

"Never Give Up, Never Stop Trying:7 Points To Success"
Rulon shares personal experiences to illustrate how persistence leads to success: 
  1. Go Back To The Basics
  2. Turn The Negatives Into Positives
  3. Aim High When You're Feeling Low
  4. Enlist Others
  5. Train Hard
  6. Take Care Of Business
  7. Don't Rest On Your Laurels
Rulon will motivate and inspire, and leave a lasting impression on your group.
" Rulon did an outstanding job! Not only was his speech great, but he stuck around for two hours to sign autographs. I would absolutely recommend him for another conference."
American Skandia

"Rulon was a charmer. He is a very compelling speaker. He comes across as your all American hometown boy. We liked the tennis shoes. Another plus-he recites his presentation without ever going to the podium. His practice makes perfect. He was a hit."
Mechanical Contractors of America

"Rulon was an outstanding success at our meeting in Cancun last week. He did a great job. He really played to the audience and they loved him. His warm, open personality and sense of humor were evident both on and off-stage. At the end of the interview, he posed with the attendees while everyone took pictures."
International Business Machines Corporation
Encana Pipeline
Harley Davidson
Hilton Hotels
John Hancock
Merrill Lynch
nce 1994.