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Rene Godefroy

From Childhood Poverty to Motivational Speaker

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Rene Godefroy: From Childhood Poverty to Motivational Speaker

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Rene Godefroy has a passion for empowering others to excel and succeed. His personal story of struggle, grit and perseverance epitomize triumph and the American dream.

Born in a tiny, isolated village on the island of Haiti, Rene was an impoverished child tormented by extended illness. Abandoned by his father and left behind while his mother sought work in the city, he survived primarily on breadfruit and the occasional rare fish he caught with a string and hook.

Unable to speak English, Rene arrived in America with just five dollars, two shirts and one pair of pants housed in a tattered briefcase. Where many would see nothing but overwhelming odds stacked against them, he saw an abundance of opportunity and a chance to pursue the American dream.

A truly self-made man, Rene summoned his keen survival skills and natural instincts to pursue his ambitions. He worked menial jobs from New York to Miami and wound up working as a doorman in Atlanta’s upscale Renaissance Waverly Hotel. He taught himself English and read voraciously. As his knowledge increased, his quality of life improved and his dream of making an impact in America was sure to be realized.

Today, Rene is opening different doors for people. As one of America’s most sought-after and inspiring motivational speakers, his unique insight is opening doors for himself and others nationally and internationally.

Motivational speaker Rene Godefroy wants to join forces with you to help you make your meeting a big hit this year. If you are looking for a motivational speaker or a keynote speaker who will hold your audience spellbound while sharing with them solid strategies to help them reach their professional and personal goals, your search is over.

Godefroy will have them riveted on the edge of their seats while sharing with them strategies on how to deal with change and manage their daily stresses.

Rene Godefroy has risen to national prominence by providing powerful and life-changing professional motivational keynotes and seminar presentations to businesses nationwide. He always engages, entertains, challenges and creates a memorable experience that inspire crowds.

Rene is not just a keynote speaker. He's also known as the business motivational speaker that inspires greatness in the corporate arena. Sales professionals, managers, supervisors as well as the front line employees in the workplace have all become better at what they do by applying Rene's ideas and strategies.

An inspirational speaker or keynote speaker is easy to find, but a business motivational speaker that can connect heart and soul with business audiences and deliver a motivational message with substance and a unique style is rare. That's why meeting planners have continued to rely on Rene.

Rene's rare combination of style and substance really makes meeting planners shine. He does not speak to or at the audience. He rather speaks with the audience. One of the best compliments that we often hear after Rene's keynote is about his authenticity on and off the platform.

His ability to find ways to identify with and captivate audiences is truly remarkable. Rene's leadership and ability to elevate the human spirit is exactly what makes him a favorite on the speaking circuit.

" Your fascinating story was not only inspiring, it provided a great foundation for our mentors and mentees as they begin setting goals and establishing expectations for their new partnerships."
North America The Coca-Cola Company

"Rene, I have heard many fantastic speakers including Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, and Jim Rohn. They have helped me in many ways, however I have never been so deeply moved as I was during your presentation. It was the most productive thirty minutes I have ever Spent."

"Rene brought an energy to our conference which both moved and motivated our participants. His story inspires, his sincerity impresses, and his humor entertains. Rene took time after his address to meet people and sign books. The fact that he sold out of the books he brought is an acknowledgment to how well received he was. People wanted to learn more!"
St. Petersburg College