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Jeff Salz

Explorer, Mountaineer, Author and Television Personality

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Jeff Salz: Explorer, Mountaineer, Author and Television Personality

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Jeff Salz has made a lifetime of adventure. An acclaimed explorer — with a Ph.D. in anthropology — he has traversed most of the remaining blank spots on the globe... living with the Turkestani Khazaks of Central Asia, riding with the Gauchos of Argentina and searching for Shangri-La among the lost valleys of the Himalayas. For three months he led the Chinese Army on a merry chase, while traveling in disguise with the Khampa nomads of Tibet. He has traversed the length of the Andes on horseback and foot.

In 112 days, he became the first man to sail the circumference of Lago Titicaca, the world's highest navigable waterway and sacred lake of the ancient Incas, in a traditional reed boat. An experienced mountaineer, he has led numerous expeditions to South America and has several first ascents and solo first ascents to his credit, from the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap to the Cordillera of Peru.

With remarkable adventure tales and thought-provoking concepts, Jeff continues to instill his audiences with fresh strategies and enthusiasm for life and career. Whether on the platform, in breakouts or one on one, Jeff's free-wheeling humor and profound sense of humanity turn every meeting into a memorable event.

Most recently, he has become a recognized television personality, creating and starring in adventure specials for the Discovery Network filmed and broadcast world-wide. Quest for the Cloud People follows his traverse of the Upper Amazon in pursuit of a lost civilization (he found them).

Jesus in the Himalayas,
airing in April of 2001, follows him on a wild ride — on foot, horse, motorcycle, even camel — across the world's highest mountain range on one of the most provocative adventures of our time: an investigation into the ancient legends of Jesus in the Himalayas. His new book, The Way of Adventure: Transforming Your Life and Work with Spirit and Vision, has just been published by John Wiley and Sons.

Combining breathtaking photography and epic storytelling, Jeff has wrapped thirty years of expedition leadership and exploration into keynote experiences that will move your people not only to tears and laughter but also to action!ers
Adventure of Change
Leading in Turbulent Times

Learn the secret of how to create the ultimate competitive advantage in times of change as Dr. Jeff Salz reveals and explains The Six Steps.

Gleaned from 40 years of exploration and expedition leadership, the Six Steps are the essential lessons Jeff shares with the C-suite execs at some of today’s most successful organizations.

The Adventure of Change is Jeff’s most requested presentation. A dynamic combination of award-winning photography and powerful storytelling it provides inspiration and tools essential for innovation and growth in today’s unique business environment.

Participants will discover the ‘best practices of the successful adventurer’ – invaluable insights for enhancing professional and personal effectiveness – and the keys to mastering innovation and resilience in a world of unprecedented change.

Into Thin Hair
The Adventure of a Lifetime

What is the secret of a long and generative life? How do we inhabit every stage of life – especially our later years – in a way that insures a sense of optimal joy from start to finish?

Entertaining, provocative and inspirational, Into Thin Hair is the result of four decades of anthropological investigation – from the frozen hinterlands of Patagonia to the jungles of central America to the wind-swept Tibet plateau – in search the highest common denominators of humanity.

Join Dr Jeff Salz on the journey of a lifetime to discover the map that leads to the possibility of fulfillment and delight in every phase of work and life.

Across Worlds
A Tale of Two Lives of Adventure

A unique keynote/theater experience for college and university campuses, organizations and associations.

An essential and timely theme. Across Worlds shares the secret of discovering the positive possibilities that can occur when contrasting lives meet and diverse cultures and ethnicities collide.

The uplifting and surprising story of two adventurous lives: an American mountain climber and a Lost Boy of Sudan. This unique multimedia, living-documentary event utilizes a symbiosis of storytelling, music (live and recorded) photography, and video.

The result is an uplifting synthesis of entertainment and inspiration that delivers a heartening vision of humanity that will remain with you long after you leave the theater.
"Inspirational! Jeff Salz breathes new life and fresh meaning into corporate social responsibility."
eBay Inc.

"Superb! If top executives are your audience, then Jeff Salz is your man!" 

"Jeff’s message evokes standing ovations because he moves audience to embrace change with open hearts and minds. Drawing from the wisdom of contemporary and ancient cultures worldwide he o!ers us an uplifting vision that leaves attendees inspired and moved to action."
The Gap Inc.

"Breathtaking… What a success! Your unique approach to ‘service’ generated the kind of excitement that has already greatly bene"ted everyone in attendance. Thank you for creating an evening that will have a long-lasting e!ect on us all!"
Wells Fargo Bank

"Yesterday exceeded both the client’s and my own expectations, and I thank you! It was a very rewarding process by which teams were able to cut through all the "stu!" and get to their core truth. The team discovered what was really important to their collective identity and I believe they are ready to face it now as a team rather than as individuals."
Disney Consumer Products

"I was totally engaged and inspired by your speech - you took me to another place altogether and helped me to put into perspective a number of changes happening not only in our business but in my personal life as well. Your speech was not only entertaining and energetic, but your ability to connect emotionally with the audience far exceeded my expectations and to be honest is something I have rarely seen in other guest speakers at similar  events.  I received nothing but positive comments about your talk and many were still quite emotional about your stories well into the evening. We had an excellent discussion the following morning on leadership - and how your concept of "service to others" is really what leadership is all about - made possible by your talk.  Thanks again for making our conference a special and memorable event for all!"
Imperial Oil Canada

"Thanks very much for making such an enormous contribution to the success of our Winners Conference. Your presentation was exactly on target for our group. The time you spent tailoring your presentation to the speci"c needs of our group showed in the enthusiastic feedback of our attendees!"
Aetna Life Insurance and Annuity Co.