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John Caslione

Global Business Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author

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John Caslione: Global Business Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author

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Since 1991 John A. Caslione has assisted companies to develop and implement global marketing and business alliance strategies.

Mr. Caslione personally has implemented business strategies in 87 countries on six continents including the US, Canada, Europe, Russia and CIS, Central Asia, the Middle East, China, India, Australia, SE Asia, Africa and South America for many companies, large, medium and small, including ABB, BDBiosciences, ChevronTexaco Lubricants, ExxonMobil Chemical Films, GE, HewlettPackard, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Philips, etc.

John Caslione is also the founder and President and CEO of GCS Business Capital, Inc. (GCS), with offices in Chicago (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), and Nanjing (China). GCS assists middle market companies to globalize their business with a special focus on the US and Europe globalizing with China.

Mr. Caslione is recognized by many in China as a “global business guru”. As China’s business leaders desire to “go global” with the US and Europe’s middle market manufacturers, GCS’s team of experienced global business professionals, led by John Caslione, assists them by establishing new business in the US and in Europe via joint ventures, investments and acquisitions. GCS also assists US and European business leaders with their search for the best business investors from China.

John Caslione is highly sought after by business leaders and CEO’s worldwide as an expert on the new global economy and global business development. As his schedule permits, he delivers dynamic, and insightful keynote speeches in many globally influential business forums.

Caslione’s bestselling book entitled, "Global Manifest Destiny: Growing Your Business In A Borderless Economy” (DearbornKaplan Publishing), provides critical insights and a competencies roadmap for companies to become true “global organizations” to successfully compete in the new global business environment. Global Manifest Destiny is a featured book recommendation and has been chosen as one of the top business book selections for five consecutive years (2002 2006) by Harvard Business School’s “HBS Working Knowledge” (HBSWK).

Caslione’s first book, “Growing Your Business in Emerging Markets: Promise and Perils” (Quorum Publishing), is considered a leading authoritative book on developing sales and distribution strategies in emerging and global markets.  John Caslione has earned his Bachelors of Science and MBA from the University of New York (Buffalo, NY) and his Doctorate of Law (Juris Doctor) from Illinois Institute of Technology’s (IIT) ChicagoKent College of Law.

Presentation Topics

Compete Against Price In The New Discount Driven Global Marketplace
Regardless of Company Size. Create real Value Added Strategies™ to sell your company’s total organizational value versus just competing against price – learn how to design your Company’s Total Value Proposition™.
Compete Globally – Globalize Your Company or Expand Your Global Presence
Regardless of Company Size. Understand the road map needed to successfully globalize your company – to gain competitive advantage and successful topline as well as bottomline results.
China and Chinese Competition – The NEW Opportunity.
Create a road map on how US and European companies can capitalize on this very large opportunity. Learn what some forwardthinking leaders are now embracing – and that is, how to go global with China.
New Topic: The Next Wave In Business Globalization: China Gives Back – US Jobs and US Capital.

Understand this new and growing trend, as China becomes “friend versus foe” in the eyes of forwardthinking business leaders and politicians. A “friendly” China is now giving back US jobs and US capital by forming beneficial joint ventures, partnerships and acquisitions with small and medium size enterprises.

Caslione also provides customized engagements designed to meet an audience’s specific business goals.


"An excellent foundation of very insightful and practical strategies to create successful global and strategic supplier distribution strategies. John's workshops and guidance have provided a comprehensive and thoroughly researched guide for anyone who does or needs to develop global business activities."
ExxonMobil Chemical Films, Europe

"Phenomenal speaker! Content was excellent. John gave superb insight into Clarke and ideas on how to achieve true strategic supplier partnerships!"
Clark American

"If you want to win big, John Caslione's guidance and his strategies are nothing short of required if you want to be successful. Bottom-line, they work!"
R.J. Reynolds International

Past Clients

Bausch & Lomb
Caterpillar, Inc.
Ford Motor Company
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
Polaroid Corporation
Potash Company of America
Scott Paper Company
Thomson Information/Publishing
Timex Company

DECADE 2010: Shifting Path for Growth in The Age of Turbulence
John helps U.S. business leaders address one of their most perplexing questions confronting them today: How do I get my organization to understand that to be successful we must look beyond the U.S. (and Europe) and be committed to building our foreign business, especially in emerging high growth markets, to sustain our company’s mid- and long-term growth?

Domestic consumption in the U.S. was large enough for U.S. businesses to concentrate on America's market. But that has changed. In the 2010 Decade there will be much lower growth in the U.S. and much higher growth abroad. Consumer spending between 2010 and 2015 will be down by more than $600 billion – down to consumer spending levels of 1989-90. Consumerism in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other emerging markets are rising fast. The U.S. is no longer the consuming giant in the world. In fact, in 2010 the U.S. will account for only 27 percent of total global consumption
versus emerging markets at 34 percent – roughly the reverse of their shares eight years ago.

The Great American Shift is now underway. Is your company ready for it? Caslione delivers an information-packed keynote to business leaders and their management teams providing global insights and global business strategies (new platforms) for today’s Age of Turbulence.

DECADE 2010: GOING GLOBAL: Mandate for Growth
Amelia Earhart once said that, “Trouble in the air is very rare. It is hitting the ground that causes it.” The same is true with globalizing. Our 30,000-foot perspective isn’t the difficult part of globalizing; it is actually being on the ground and putting a global organizational execution and transition plan into action where it gets hard. If companies want to survive and thrive, globalization is not an option: it is a necessity for survival.

Globalize your company or expand your global presence; regardless of company size, you must understand the unique roadmap needed to gain competitive advantage and successful top-line as well as bottom-line results in the market place today. John is considered a leading authority on the globalization of business with a special focus on developing sales and distribution strategies in emerging markets. In his books, Global Manifest Destiny: Growing Your Business in a Borderless Economy, Growing Your Business in Emerging Markets: Promise and Peril, John provides critical insights and a competencies roadmap for middle market companies to successfully compete in the global business environment, and especially how to do so in high growth emerging markets.

In this content-rich presentation, John provides business leaders and their organizations specific approaches to successfully navigate the new world of high growth in emerging markets.

DECADE 2010: The Business of Managing and Marketing in The Age of Turbulence
All strategies wear out and do so even faster during times of turbulence. Chaotics is a disciplined approach for detecting sources of turbulence, predicting consequent vulnerabilities and opportunities, and developing critical, pragmatic and timely responses. Akin to continually "hitting the refresh button on your Internet browser", Chaotics ensures that business strategy and the organization’s ability to execute that strategy are continually refreshed, relevant and revitalized. This presentation is based on John’s book, CHAOTICS: The Business of Managing and Marketing in The Age of Turbulence co-authored by marketing guru Professor Philip Kotler. CHAOTICS defines the new era in which the world has entered, an age of increasingly frequent and intense periods of turbulence and chaos in the global economy.

Today’s crises have precipitated a need for businesses and government agencies to develop a new mindset and a new strategic platform to more effectively hedge risk and confront uncertainty as they navigate through intermittent and unpredictable periods of turbulence and chaos, in what Caslione and Kotler call, the new normality, i.e., unpredictable and intermittent spurts of economic prosperity intermingled with spurts of economic downturn.

CHAOTICS represents a new system, a new set of strategic behaviors and guidelines designed to help business leaders and their companies navigate turbulence and uncertainty to ensure their companies’ survival—and their ability to thrive—in The Age of Turbulence.

DECADE 2010: “Tap In” To The Rise of Consumerism in Asia
Without a doubt the next surge in consumer spending will not be felt in the U.S. or Europe. The massive surge of consumerism will continue to be evident in Asia. Learn what businesses are doing to “Tap In” and leverage this very big opportunity. [Caslione’s newest keynote presentation focused on the emerging markets 2011 is currently being development – for the Fall timeframe, 2010 engagements.]

DECADE 2010: Compete Against Price In Today’s Global Economy

Today’s competitive environment is not for the meek, but there are strategies that work when competing in a price-driven marketplace in today’s global economy. Caslione’s Value-Added Strategies™ are used within Fortune 500’s today. Since the successful workshop’s inception (10-years and counting),Caslione’s Value-Added-Strategies workshops have spurred this topic to be in demand as Caslione’s now Keynote speech for important sales meetings and management team’s events. More information can be found in August 2010 as the program is being updated to include the fast-growing emerging markets.

"An excellent foundation of very insightful and practical strategies to create successful global and strategic supplier distribution strategies. John's workshops and guidance have provided a comprehensive and thoroughly researched guide for anyone who does or needs to develop global business activities."
ExxonMobil Chemical Films, Europe

"It's a simple and profoundly important fact that the practice of management needs retooling as much as our economy and financial system in general. CHAOTICS is a superb start on the retooling process — especially its emphasis on imbedding resilience in organizations."
Tom Peters

"An unprecedented book — for unprecedented times! Should be required reading for all managers in today's chaotic world!"
Marshall Goldsmith

"There will be winners and losers emerging from this Age of Turbulence. CHAOTICS provides a timely framework for dealing with turmoil and prevailing in the zero-sum contest for survival. Readers will learn that the key is to stay flexible with your strategy, build a resilient organization and hone an ability to act on the early warning signals from the periphery sooner than your rivals."
George Day, Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor of Marketing Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

"Having been written immediately after the start of the current global financial crisis, and Kotler's and Caslione's timing is simply perfect. CHAOTICS offers tremendous insight into our new normality of turbulence and uncertainty — that most businesses are ill equipped to handle. CHAOTICS is an excellent strategy manual for business leaders and their organizations for handling and overcoming all crises, now and into "The Age of Turbulence."
Ferdinando "Nani" Falco Beccalli President & CEO GE International

"Turbulence is erratic — and it's unpredictable. Nevertheless, we must handle it. In CHAOTICS, Philip Kotler and John Caslione don't just remind us to pay attention to early signs; they give business leaders an outstanding map how to successfully navigate a company through crises."
Friedrich von Metzler Member of the Partners' Committee B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. Holding AG"Phenomenal speaker! Content was excellent. John gave superb insight into Clarke and ideas on how to achieve true strategic supplier partnerships!"
Clark American

"If you want to win big, John Caslione's guidance and his strategies are nothing short of required if you want to be successful. Bottom-line, they work!"
R.J. Reynolds International
Acadia Polymers
Acme Business Products
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American Business Resource
American Cyanamid
American Express
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