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Hugh Culver

Inspired Leadership at Work

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Hugh Culver: Inspired Leadership at Work

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Highly sought after keynote speaker and corporate trainer, Hugh Culver, MBA is an Ironman Competitor, Mountain Climber, 10 time Marathoner and successful businessman.  His powerful keynote presentations and training programs are thoroughly researched, content-rich and delivered with a passion for creating lasting change in audience’s lives.

Hugh Culver's humour and insights will entertain and educate your audience to the powerful choices that are always available in their work and their lives. His programs focus on Leadership, Motivation and Inspiration, Conflict Management, Time Management, and Personal Leadership in the workplace.

As the past owner of the world’s only tourism company in Antarctica, Hugh Culver’s best-known keynote presentations are based on incredible stories of adventures, misadventures and successes that even include golfing at the North Pole!

For the past 16 years, Hugh has presented his special blend of street smarts, humour and passion to over 450 organizations, including: Imperial Oil, Royal Bank of Canada, Sun Rype Products, Telus, Red Cross, KPMG as well as three universities and four colleges.

Hugh spent 15 years as a professional whitewater guide and manager of the largest adventure travel company in Western Canada. He pioneered and marketed adventure tours to the South Pole, mountain climbing expeditions and even golfing at the North Pole!

In addition to his training work, Hugh launched the largest conference in Canada on “Spirit in the Workplace” for business leaders, as well as the Dare2Dream™ youth leadership sea kayaking program on the West Coast of British Columbia.

Hugh also likes to create big wins in his personal life. He is a four time Ironman competitor, 10 time marathoner, past demonstration skier and nationally ranked whitewater kayaking competitor, has climbed the highest peaks in both Canada and the United States, holds the running record for the Chilcoot Pass in the Yukon and has even golfed at the North Pole!
It is possible to survive, even excel, in our new Age of Distraction – but only if you change how you think, plan, and act. Based on his best-selling book, Give Me a Break, Hugh Culver’s high-energy keynote is perfect for busy people with To-Do lists that never end. Consistently voted as "best of the event", Think, Plan, Act challenges audiences to rethinkwhat it means to be "effective" and how to create real results and a rich life.

"…insightful, educational, and entertaining… a perfect closing to end on a high note." Vik Kail, HR, Bayer CropScience Canada

Part motivational, part instructional, and part challenging, this content-rich keynote presentation is an exciting experience for any audience. Nurses, CEO’s, salespeople, and accountants have all voted with standing ovations to Hugh’s Think, Plan, Act. Will your audience be next?

What You Will Learn:
  • THINK – changing your results starts by changing your story (your audience willactually experience this)! This life-changing lesson continues to impact chronic procrastinators, frustrated leaders, and overwhelmed employees.
  • PLAN – interruptions are inevitable – poor planning shouldn’t be. Learn how to plan like a pilot and work from a Flight Plan that can literally create time.
  • JUMP START YOUR DAY – the secret power of habits can improve willpower, resilience, productivity, and result
Our habits create as much as 80% of the results in our day. Yet, in our rush to get more done we often overlook the remarkable power "small stuff" has to create the future we most desire.

Using powerful examples from Antarctica to the boardroom Hugh shares a remarkable model for changing habits to create brilliant results.

This unforgettable keynote experience is the perfect kick-start to your agenda, or an energetic wrap-up experience. Either way, your delegates will be talking about it for months.

What You Will Learn
  • REWARDS AND RETURNS – understanding why we do what we do is the first step to shifting our habits. Discover an exciting world that unlocks our most effective (and least productive) habits and the results we get.
  • HERO HABITS – habits drive as much as 80% of our behavior, yet we rarely stop to create habits that serve us better. Hugh will share how powerful “Hero Habits” can be for anyone wanting to create more success.
  • MASTER ASKING – discover how asking unlocks new opportunities and emotional connections, and creates win/win solutions. This simple lesson has profound potential for conflict resolution, client relations, sales, and personal success.
Conflict in relationships is inevitable—broken promises, personality clashes, insensitive comments, and non-verbal communication can lead to tension and even a breakdown. But, this may actually be a good thing!

Facing the Tiger is a remarkable program that teaches you a productive feedback model that can actually strengthen a relationship. Beginning with a better understanding of ‘Pinches’ (the source of all conflict), you will learn a powerful way to formulate your feedback to create a win/win solution.

This is a proven, pragmatic program* that also empowers you to make the first step to turning conflict into an opportunity.

What You Will Learn
  • Learn how unresolved ‘Pinches’ create dis-ease, stress and escalating costs.
  • See how conflict can be a good thing – if you know what to do with it.
  • Find out why you need to come ‘down off the ladder’ and move to curiosity.
  • Get a simple, practical four-step approach to creating healthy conversations.
  • Gain strategies for shifting ‘stuck’ relationships and creating win/win.
  • Discover the M.R.I. – your ultimate tool for shifting out of blame.
  • Practice going down the ‘funnel’ and ‘double clicking’ to get what you want.
*In one national study, 92% of graduates successfully addressed internal work conflict within 30 days of taking this course.

The Leadership Toolbox - ENGAGING OTHERS TO LEAD
Great leaders are not born – they have learned specific skills that allow them to accomplish great things with people. Leaders that consistently practice these skills can bring the best out of people by engaging them with clear direction and feedback.

The Leadership Toolbox is the ideal program for leaders with direct reports who wants to get the work done, while enrolling staff in a bigger vision and motivating them to work more effectively.!

What You Will Learn
  • Learn how leverage is the ultimate goal and how to create it.
  • Sharpen your communication skills with the brain/mouth formula.
  • Discover 10 ways to increase your staff Trust Score.
  • Understand the deception of our judgements and how to come ‘down off the ladder’.
  • Learn how to use the three motivators in great delegation to get results.
  • Increase your skills and comfort with the three follow up strategies: praise, feedback and coaching.
  • Practice ‘double clicking’ and summarizing to get more of what you want.
It’s easy to get busy – email, interruptions, meetings, and clutter can keep us busy and distracted from what’s important. Without better systems and habits, "busy" becomes an excuse for missed deadlines, procrastination, needless rushing, and mistakes.

ReClaiming the Clock is an exciting approach to getting more from your
minutes, without making more lists or working faster. Based on Hugh’s book
Give Me a Break, this proven model will show you how to create time for
planning, improving systems, reconnecting with staff and even creative

Consistently rated as ‘best of the event’, ReClaiming the Clock is the perfect addition to any conference or staff event.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover the secret of keeping your ‘Boulders’ rolling.
  • See how to avoid the Deadly Interruptis Disease.
  • Learn why you need to move from a "To Do" list to Planning like a Pilot.
  • Get eight ways to Jump Start your Day – in charge and in control.
  • How to adopt the 2 Minute Rule and quickly reduce distractions.
  • Get 12 strategies for putting meetings on a diet.
“I can’t tell you how many comments I have gotten from the team. You left us all on a high and renewed sense of energy and vigor as we face our challenges ahead.”
British Columbia Lottery Corporation

“You hit the spot for what we needed to hear and be working on as we continue to grow as a team. Thanks for all your energy and attention for our event!”
Bell Mobility

“Love your energy Hugh: inspirational and humorous! I am leaving here feeling powerfully passionate; you were awesome!”

“Your enthusiasm and humour was a hit and we hope to have you as a speaker again!”
Credit Union Central B.C.

“Hugh was able to inspire and regenerate everyone in the room…as if he was speaking to them directly.”
VP Custom House

“Hugh takes the time to personalize his presentations so that they make sense to his audience.”
University of B.C.

“Hugh gave us so many great tips for making the time for doing the right thing , setting the priorities and focusing on developing people. It was just excellent!”

Ministry of Transportation BC
BC Lotteries
Bell Mobility
Prospera Credit Union
Imperial Oil
Alberta Motor Association
BC Health Services
Custom House
Red Cross
Alberta Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Healthcare Anti Fraud Association
Shoppers Drug Mart
British Columbia Automobile Association
Sun Rype