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LuAn Mitchell-Halter

One of the 40 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World

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LuAn Mitchell-Halter: One of the 40 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World

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From America to Australia and Madrid to Mexico, inspired audiences are leaping to their feet after hearing international motivational speaker LuAn Mitchell-Halter's message of genuine hope, unwavering faith and personal commitment to action. LuAn is the woman who has overcome adversity on every front, and she can teach you to do the same. Her life is a story of tragedy and triumph, emerging every time to reach the pinnacle of business, family and personal success.

LuAn, an international bestselling author, teaches you to believe in yourself. Everything you need to achieve your dreams, everything you need to succeed, everything you need to be happy - the instinct, the guts and the drive - are already deep inside you, just waiting to burst out. LuAn shows you how to use those feelings to become a success!

If you want to get to the top, you need to start climbing. And who better to guide you than LuAn Mitchell-Halter, one of the top 40 businesswomen in the world?

Let this experienced entrepreneur, business executive, author, motivational speaker, philanthropist, wife and mother share her tips and advice for gaining success in your own life.
Follow Your Instincts
If you dare to do business, LuAn Mitchell believes you'll also have to dare to follow your instincts. At the core of LuAn's success is her belief in the 11th commandment - Go Gut. She is a speaker who motivates her audiences to face challenges head on, encouraging them to follow gut instinct in achieving success, fulfillment and happiness. Following those instincts can mean wrestling with yourself and some sleepless nights, but that's all a required part of getting rid of fear and achieving your goals. LuAn offers suggestions on how to recognize that voice inside and tap into it, rather than suppressing it. And if your instinct is buried under layers of conditioning, she has ideas on how to recognize instincts and begin to act on them. LuAn believes the more you rely on instinct, the more you'll recognize them, and the more you'll benefit from following your instincts.

Don't Give Into Long Odds
LuAn Mitchell has endured enormous challenges in her life. Just before her wedding, her husband was diagnosed with life threatening cystic fibrosis. She stood with him during a heart and double-lung transplant and a subsequent family storm that nearly drove their business into bankruptcy. Just before their company was to be listed on the stock market, her husband died, leaving LuAn at the helm of the massive family enterprise. She rallied her shareholders, employees, management, suppliers and customers to fight off corporate raiders intent on stealing the company's market share. She negotiated a strategic partnership that powered a $44-million expansion and workforce expansion to more than 1,600 employees. Business is not a spectator sport and LuAn's attitude is the best way to defy long odds is to jump in with both feet. " 'Put me in coach' has always been my attitude," LuAn tells her audiences.

Develop A Blueprint
LuAn Mitchell has been flat broke and she's been a multi-millionaire. It's formed her personal belief that living a "wellthy" life has got more to do with attitude than money. Key to LuAn's attitude is having a blueprint. She believes in identifying goals, developing a blueprint to turn those goals into reality and passionately pursuing those goals. She highlights the importance of a blueprint in not only keeping you on the path toward achieving your goals, but getting you back on track when the going gets rough. LuAn offers suggestions on developing a personal blueprint, giving it life and making it happen. With a blueprint as the foundation, LuAn offers a powerful message in encouraging other entrepreneurs - especially women - to grow and succeed.

Seek Alliances
LuAn Mitchell has seen her family business prosper and she's seen it almost perish. As head of one of Canada's leading food processing companies - Mitchell's Gourmet Foods - she believes alliances are the way of the future for successful businesses. Whether it's alliances with suppliers and customers, alliances with partners in a family business, alliances with strategic corporate partners or alliances with your work force, LuAn has definite ideas on how alliances are critical to the success of a business. She also offers advice on how to size up potential partners and decide which alliances to proceed with.

Open Your Eyes To Opportunities
LuAn Mitchell, Canada's Number One Female Entrepreneur, believes women who dare to do business are the most potent force in today's economy. And while all entrepreneurs face the intense challenges of the marketplace, LuAn believes female entrepreneurs face additional challenges in balancing business with families, relationships, home life and the strains of daily living. LuAn - a mother of three young children - discusses her ascent to be Chair of Mitchell's Gourmet Foods, one of Canada's largest food processing companies, and the impact it's had on her personal life and her family. She identifies the benefits female entrepreneurs bring to the economy as well as roadblocks women still face in the business world. And, of course, LuAn offers her specialty: advice on how to get around the roadblocks women encounter in the corporate and business world.

Be Prepared To Take Risks
Above all else, LuAn Mitchell is a risk-taker. Whether it's as chairperson of one of Canada's leading food processing companies, as mom to three young children or on a survival trek in the desolate Utah desert, LuAn rises to every challenge, turning it into an adventure and opportunity. As a guest of Self Magazine, LuAn completed a tough-as-nails desert survival trek that many wouldn't have dared. No food, no water, searing heat, snakes and coyotes. LuAn emerged triumphant, describing the trek as a spiritual awakening. Under the vast star-studded desert sky she faced her fears and experienced the rush of mastering a mighty challenge. Set against the landscape of her desert trek, LuAn delivers a powerful and moving message on surviving life's challenges with passion and panache.

Keep Moving Forward
There is no greater challenge for any business or organization than sustaining success in an environment that is not just competitive, but getting more hyper-competitive every day. LuAn Mitchell has been at the helm of her business, Mitchell's Gourmet Foods, when it's been near bankruptcy and when it's been wildly successful. She believes the best response in both situations is to bring a whole new meaning to education, where life-long learning and life-long adaptation are second nature to the business. That allows the business to build contemporary relationships with suppliers, customers, staff and the community that will keep the company current and successful no matter how much change swirls around it. No matter how hard you get hit, LuAn's advice is to get up and dress up - those who keep moving forward will eventually achieve their goals.

Live With Love And Laughter
LuAn believes life - and the business world - can be way too stuffy, and it's everyone's responsibility to lighten up and laugh a little. Whether it's in the boardroom or the laundry room, LuAn offers a range of ideas for injecting humor into how we live everyday life. Lightening up can also be a key strategy in handling heavy workloads and juggling - some call it balancing - home, family and work lives. LuAn doesn't believe in the conventional separation of work life and home life - her innovative approach is to involve those you love in the challenges you face at the office.
"Engaging the audience with her usual energetic style, LuAn Mitchell-Halter spoke at a Women of Influence luncheon in Calgary on the topic of overcoming adversity. Named Canada's top woman entrepreneur for three successive years and winner of the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World award, LuAn offered anecdotes on setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and living a rewarding life."

"I just wanted to personally thank you for the time you extended in your presentation at the Red and White Club. Over the years I have listened to many motivational and thought provoking speakers, but I must say that yours is one that I will not forget soon. I had a much needed dusting off this morning!!!! Please keep spreading the word. As a long time member of the Chamber, you should know that very few get a standing ovation.  I thought the interview in the Calgary Herald was excellent. Never hurts to be told what a remarkable individual you are! I am picking up your book for both my wife and myself. I told her about you and your revelations, and am sure we will both find it enlightening."
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