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Bill Carr

Creating Your Future with a Positive Approach to Change

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Bill Carr: Creating Your Future with a Positive Approach to Change

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Everyone knows about change.  They know it is the only constant.  They may even know ways of coping with it.  But it is still exhausting and unless properly handled can cause major fatigue in people and in their organizations.  Bill Carr uses his theatre background to develop strategies and perspectives that will help people not only cope with change fatigue but to actually transform the fatigue into a renewed drive.

Bill Carr’s brand new workshop ACTING UP shows how recreating, reinventing, restoring and renewing how we perform through change can not only relieve change fatigue but add new vigor and a sense of purpose and enthusiasm that may have been hard to find of late.

Using key concepts from the theatre world such as motivation, character development, plot, dramatic action, rehearsals and safety zones and with a keen sense of humor, Bill helps us discover new perspectives on the everyday realities that face us.  Continuing with his theme of ‘seeing ordinary things in extraordinary ways’ Bill Carr uses theatre as metaphor to recreate what we do and how we do it.

Says Bill:” I developed this keynote and workshop in response to the people I’ve been speaking to over the past decade.  They spoke often of a fatigue caused by the changes they were constantly confronting them. They wanted to know how to keep themselves ‘up’ and excited by what they were doing while constantly trying to recover from the last round of change!

Bill went to his years as a writer, actor, and director in the theatre and put together a strategy that is used by artists all the time when they are faced with growing demands in a constant state of flux.

Shakespeare said… “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.”  That being the case, what role do you play?  How well do you play it?  Who plays it better and what are their secrets?  What is the ‘arc’ of your character?  What is the plot of your existence?  Is there more than one role to be played? Are the subplots apparent to you?  Are you in the beginning middle or the end of this particular action? Who are the supporting players and are they supporting? What is your real motivation? Is it the right motivation for this particular job and is it enough? These are just some of the questions Bill will help you to explore as you prepare for your finest performance.

ACTING UP gives a whole new paradigm from which to take center stage in your world and will help you perform the role of a lifetime, your life time!

ACTING UP comes in two formats:  a 45-55 minute keynote which highlights all of the theatrical realities that can be brought to bear on our individual roles.  It can also take the form of a 90 minute to two hour interactive workshop. In the workshop format Bill leads the group through an exploration of the theatrical principles that can help renew, restore and recreate the workplace and the work person.

It should be stressed that the research component of ACTING UP is critical.  Bill will meet with some key players in your world to develop a clear understanding of your particular industry realities.  He will then massage his message to create a piece totally focused on the individual audience, you.  This is true for the keynote but even more vital for the interactive workshop.

Bill is known for the laughter and the fun of his material but also for his studied insights and his ability to teach people how to develop a new and dynamic perspective on what they do with their lives.  

Bill Carr workshops and keynotes:
It should be noted that all of these workshops are enhanced with research and each and all are developed with close consultation with the client. Most of these presentation can take the form of a keynote address or be presented as an interactive workshop or breakout session. Also it should be mentioned that different themes can be combined and entirely new presentations can be created specifically for your individual event.

Work Inspired
In this new, challenging economic reality – which faces us all, how can we learn to Work Inspired?
• What is life teaching you?
• Who and what is toxic in your life and who and what are the tonics?
• What does “best practice” mean in a radically changing environment?

These and many other questions are explored in Bill Carr’s - Work Inspired.

Humour and creativity have been Bill’s specialty for over twenty-five years.  In Work Inspired, Bill combines years of research in the area of creative response to change and keeping a healthy perspective in unhealthy times.  Using humour and insight, he lifts and celebrates what is the new reality in order to bring inspiration and passion back into the work you do.

Bill focuses on empathy (“contagious inspiration”,) mental force, and the draws from the newest ideas stemming from the latest research into how our brains work. Nurturing relations can re-wire our neural scripts and change surviving into thriving.  An inspired perspective can turn tragedy into strategy and improve teamwork to create a new and vital “inspired” work life.

“How we see the world determines how we feel and think, which determines how we act and how we act, determines our destiny.  Life teaches us something new every day – it’s up to us to learn from it.”  Bill takes these truths and shows how to apply them to our new reality.  He approaches these topics with humour and sensitivity as he explores with his audience exactly how to Work Inspired!

Deep Service: A Call to a Higher Level!
“You gotta serve somebody…” – Bob Dylan

Every industry is a service industry; every life a life of service at some level.  The deep truth is whether at work, in our community, or in our home life – we do, in fact, serve somebody. As leaders and managers, we serve our company, our fellow employees and our clients; and to an important, and often neglected sense, we serve our community, our society and our world. At home we serve our families, our neighbourhoods, and again our society and the world.

Using humour and a rich sense of humanity, Bill helps his audience explore how each individual, at every level of an organization, and the organization as a whole, can re-craft and reframe their work life and personal life to be one of *Deep Service*.

You will laugh; you will think, and you will change. Perception drives performance. When our lives are seen from a *Service* perspective, it deepens our understanding of our place and mission in the world; hence the title – *Deep Service*

Deep Service: /Servant Leadership explores the idea of servant leadership in your specific industry context. Servant leadership is a concept that is revolutionizing the workplace and adding depth and dimension to many lives and organizations.

Deep Service: /Servant leadership delves in to almost limitless possibilities of this idea when it comes to serving our internal and external customers.

*Note: All of Bill Carr’s keynotes and workshops involve research into each particular audience and the material is specifically tailored to your individual needs. This, in fact, is an example of *Deep Service* and adds real value and meaning to every presentation.

Lighten Up: Creating Your Future with a Positive Approach to Change

A word we often hear in the workplace is Change! In response to this, people are being told to “be creative and innovate”, “do more with less” -  resulting in ongoing cries of frustration and burnout! Quite simply, people who have been maintaining the status quo are not prepared for creative and innovative thinking, just as a couch potato is not prepared to suddenly run a marathon!

In this workshop, people are helped to prepare for creative action and innovative responses in the face of change. Myths about creativity are removed. You are shown the simple mechanisms of the creative process. You will learn how to develop a creative culture in your workplace and personal life, thereby enhancing your creative process and the creative potential of those around you.

Everyone is inherently creative. This workshop proves it.

•    To remove myths about creativity
•    Show the stages of the creative process
•    Open our language to creativity
•    Apply this workshop to specific problems
•    Set creative goals
•    Infuse enthusiasm into our careers and lives
•    Allow natural creativity to flow
•    Have a great time and laugh a lot!

Creating Your Future: A Positive Approach to Change

Any organization, as it ages, needs to rediscover what it is that motivated them in the first place and ask, in changing times – “What motivates them now?” Bill also asks that his audience “to see ordinary things in extraordinary ways” and proceeds to show them how to do just that. It is all about perspective and learning how to change ones perspective to meet the changing demands that this fast paced world offers. Bill touches on stress, perspective, motivation, and the true spirit of an organization and figures out what builds strength and what saps it. To use a maritime analogy, Bill discusses; what floats your boat and what sinks it? He also does extensive research into the organization to make his presentation relevant and timely.  He’ll make you laugh and think and show you how to change your mind. This session was designed to help organizations move forward, celebrating the successes while accepting the challenges that they face.

Some of the questions we play with are:
•    Where does creativity fit in your life?
•    What is a sense of humour anyway?
•    Are you a Bog Thinker?
•    What is the difference between serious and solemn?
•    How do interest, focus, freedom, wonder and engagement come into play in the creative process?
•    Do you moodle enough? Then of course, what is ‘moodling’?
What about communication of your creativity and humour? Not everyone gets it?

ACTING UP! – Taking Your Performance to the Next Level

William Shakespeare said… ‘All the world’s a stage…" What happens when we seriously apply this truth to our work and lives? Bill Carr uses his extensive professional experience as a theatre artist and using theatre as a metaphor helps you take your performance to the next level. By helping you understand your “leading role” Bill directs you toward achieving the performance of your life.

This entertaining, engaging, interactive workshop has been developed from Bill’s twenty-five years experience as a motivational speaker, and thirty years as a theatre and film professional. His extensive work as an actor, director, producer and writer combined with years of research into companies and organizations from across Canada and beyond in his work as a humorous motivational speaker feed into one another to become what Bill calls his "life’s workshop." Bill’s theological and theatrical training, combined with his business experience as an entrepreneur create a lively, fun, intensive, interactive and worthwhile event for you and your people.

Knowing that the fundamentals of theatre are in essence the fundamentals of one’s professional life- with effective dynamic communication at its very core, Acting Up! explores such issues as:
•    motivation, beyond the paycheck
•    internal and external expectations
•    the joy of improvisation through change
•    the significant dynamics of collaboration
•    the roles we play
•    action and interaction
•    the rules written and unwritten that permeate your culture
•    the nature of character, yours and the organizations 

Bill’s workshop can run for a morning or a full day. It also can be used as a keynote to open or close a conference or for a noon hour burst of enthusiasm and vision. Bill directs your people towards stellar performances.

Right On! Humour to the Point

For over twenty years Bill has been making people laugh at what’s trivial while helping them think about what counts. Bill’s unique blend of humour and insight inspires laughter and consideration; offering his audience a fresh perspective on what they face everyday. He studies his audience and takes on the themes of their event, to help everyone focus on those things that matter to them. His humour is always directed straight to the point of the event in order to help achieve the out comes which the organizers are working so hard to achieve. Aware of any and all sensitivities Bill takes aim at the foolishness and foibles while staying on point when it comes to those issues which really need attention.

Bill’s theory is we always learn best while laughing. Bill’s insights come from the individual research he puts into each and every speech as well years of researching and speaking to every major industry and organization in the country.  From health care and insurance industries, to educators and construction workers, from surgeons to interior design, from farm workers, to factory workers, white collar, blue collar and no collar at all Bill gets inside the audience and finds out what matters to them the most. Bill says, “You’re always the most ticklish where you’re the most sensitive.  That’s why the research is so critical.”  Right On! Humour to the Point will further the theme of your event while leaving the audience laughing and the mood positive and up-beat. Laughter is truly the best medicine and Bill offers just the tonic you need.

A Giving Spirit: Selling your Soul

This plenary session is about finding ways to communicate a spirit of giving and of seeing the role altruism plays in our society and in us in a new and dynamic way. Who, what, when and where are important questions in any gift planning situation; but not as important as the considerations around the “why?”.

This session will illuminate the deep 'why' at the heart of giving. This session will also celebrate where your mission is working and provides hope and fresh insights to those who spend so much time working on behalf of others.

WORKSHOP and KEYNOTE - Round Table Talking:

This workshop is about communication at a deep level. It is about talking and listening and creating and dealing with a group of only sometimes “like” individuals. It is about how to team talk, team think and team create by enhancing the ability of each member of that team to connect with one another.

Whether you dealing with intergenerational difficulties, creative visioning for the future, challenges currently being faced, teambuilding, talking down the silos that inhibit corporate growth and effectiveness, or just simply improving interoffice communications, Round Table Talking is a dynamic means to explore and recreate.

Round Table Talking incorporates the values and practices of aboriginal people’s talking circles from around the world with the understanding derived from recent advances in neuroscience and communication theory. How effectively we communicate is more complex than just being articulate. It involves a number of very human mechanisms, which use different aspects of our brain, our social reality and our individual experience.

Round Table Talking is more than just “talking” it is about how to set up conditions for real in depth discussion which can lead to break through ideas, deeper relationships and a safer, healthier work environment.

The session begins with a brief keynote on the fundamentals that will be at play in the workshop, followed very quickly by exercises of the principles involved in real Round Table Talking. 

Talking the talk comes before walking the walk and thinking the thought comes before that.

Round Table Talking explore such questions as:

Is what we are saying what we mean? - And how do we determine that?

Is what we are saying what people are hearing?  And how do we know?

What is “empathic listening”? How does it differ from simply listening?

Where is this coming from? What really generated the ideas and or emotions that are being manifest at any given time?

How do we talk about the “tough stuff” effectively? And do so without making it tougher?

How come I can talk to everyone but you? How do we talk when we don’t “get along”?

These questions and more are explored in a safe fun environment and strategies will be revealed that can make communication clearer, safer and more productive.

Special Keynote/Workshop-

Using his theories about the significance of perspective and how we see the world determines how we feel, think and act - choosing a safety perspective changes everything. In fact, it is everything because without it our world can come to a rather rude and abrupt end.

This is a special keynote but can also be adapted for an interactive two hour workshop.

Along with helping people see “ordinary things in extraordinary ways” Bill reveals that, “How we see the world, determines how we feel and think; how we feel and think, determines how we act; and inevitably -  how we act, determines our destiny.”

Bill discusses how to “see our world through Safety Glasses” and adopt a perspective that focuses on deep ideas around safety issues in all areas of life and work. With humour and insight, Bill explores such critical ideas as; complacency, capacity and keeping safety as a focus through all kinds of change.

While developing a film on safety in the mining industry Bill learned first hand that, “ People start to soften their focus after a while, and life threatening situations start to seem mundane until someone gets hurt, and then it’s too late to wake up to the safety realities that surround us.” Of injury; Bill tells a simple truth,” You’re no good, if you’re not there!” Says Bill,” I’ve worked with so many industries where they consider safety to be one of many concerns - instead of what it should be - the first concern of many!” 

Bill makes his audience laugh, think, and walk away with a renewed appreciation of how fundamental and critical the safety mindset truly is, “Celebrate safety and you’ll be there to enjoy the party!”

"I'm very glad I listened to you and booked Bill he was by far the best speaker I've had in!"
The presentation that Bill Carr delivered at our Annual General Meeting / Professional Day on Friday was AMAZING !!"
Independent Association of Support Staff Executive

"I'm very glad I listened to you and booked Bill he was by far the best speaker I've had in!"

"Simply put , Bill Carr's keynote presentation at our Faculty and Professional Support Conference was a tour de force: it set the tone perfectly for the rest of the conference.   Subsequently, I have received such compliments as: " FAPS conference ever!"; "...loved Bill Carr's message"; "brilliant choice for keynote"....and so many more!"
NSTU Community College Local VP Professional Development

“Your Story and experience was compelling and an inspiration to our quests.  We also appreciate you keeping your commitment to speak to our group even after receiving an invitation to meet with President George W. Bush.  That is just another example of your dedication and determination of character.”
“Many of our conference attendees come back, year after year, and several said that you were our best speaker yet!  We really enjoyed hearing your story and appreciate you taking the time to meet so many of our attendees.”