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Tim Breithaupt

Author of 10 Steps to Sales Success - Learn about leadership, effective communication and closing skills

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Tim Breithaupt: Author of 10 Steps to Sales Success - Learn about leadership, effective communication and closing skills

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Tim Breithaupt's competitive edge is his innate ability to connect with his audiences. His delivery style is referred to as entertrainment - a lively blend of logic, simplicity and humour.

With a Commerce Degree from the University of Toronto coupled with twenty seven years experience in the business community, Tim Breithaupt delivers real-world wisdom to foster a level of confidence that will boost results to exciting new levels.

Tim Breithaupt authored his first book, 10 Steps to Sales Success that reached Canadian Bestseller status within a year of publication. 10 Steps assists people to become "entrepreneurs" and thus more effective in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 10 Steps to Sales Success has rare endorsements from notable authors such as David Chilton (The Wealthy Barber), Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing) and Brian Tracy (Advanced Selling Strategies).
As a leading expert in the area of business development, Tim has been published in local, national and international publications.

Winning Attitudes: Five Pillars of Success Winning attitudes has proven to be a very popular topic among professionals. Attitude drives skills and is one of the core proficiencies essential for success. This program recognizes the importance of a positive mental attitude and delivers specific, tangible strategies to foster personal and professional growth. This humorous and entertaining keynote address is guaranteed to leave the audience with a "JUST DID IT!" attitude.
Take This Job & Love It: Ingredients of Success "Is it Friday yet?" Unfortunately, research suggests that a large percentage of people are unhappy with their job and are asking this question as early as hump day (Wednesday). This program recognizes both personal and corporate esteem and delivers proven methods to enhance feelings of confidence, embrace change and re-energize a commitment to one's career. This high impact, humorous keynote will leave the audience asking, "Is it Monday yet?"
Synchronized Selling: The Art of Win-Win Sales is the job of helping people make decisions they want to make. We must be in-sync with the person we are communicating with. This program has been designed to deliver the competencies of professional selling and provide fundamentals as well as new techniques to stimulate sales effectiveness. The presenter lends his twenty five years of selling and managerial experience to position real-world wisdom and current selling strategies.
Effective Coaching Skills: Management versus Leadership "Lead, follow or get out of the way!" Although similar, leadership and management are different. Leadership goes far beyond management. Leaders inspire others to achieve their best and model people by utilizing their own energy and initiative. This keynote presents the areas of paramount importance for managers including: communication, coaching and diagnosing individual needs.

Customer Service or Lip Service? Quality service can give companies a competitive advantage. Service is being the perfect host - customers must feel welcome and treated as guests. This program shows how to exceed customers' expectations, understand the service cycle and deal with different customers. This lively, interactive keynote will leave the audience stimulated to take positive action and avoid lip service.
Why People Listen To You Only 25% of the Time Poor listening is one of the biggest problems facing people today. Research reveals that we listen at about 25% of our potential. Businesses and relationships rely on clear, concise communication. This program discusses the challenges of effective listening and delivers concrete, easy to implement ways for improvement. This humorous, interactive keynote presents the first step in improving relationship skills to become a better listener.
Effective Closing Skills Customers today are tired and irritated by closing techniques that are offensive, manipulative, unethical, arm-twisting tactics. Confirming the sale is the pinnacle of selling achievement. This program identifies strategies to make buying easy for customers by confirming using a non-manipulative, straightforward approach and presenting a practical, value-added solution. This refreshing keynote presents the five magic words used to effectively confirm sales.

The Art of Getting To "Yes" Just as a good fire needs three ingredients to burn, so does a successful business relationship. Confirming does not happen in isolation from the total sales process. This program identifies the importance of engineering commitment throughout the entire sales process. This upbeat keynote will stimulate change to increase sales and double close ratios.
Dealing with Different People Understanding personality style types is proving to be one of the most useful tools in business and relationships. This program presents the four styles and instructs how to identify and adjust (not change) to different types of people. This humorous, interactive keynote will help each member of the audience understand their own preference and develop strategies in dealing with different people.
Effective Communication Skills Communication skills are the cornerstone for every relationship. This highly customized program will improve both internal and external relationships by providing key service requirements, effective listening skills and showing the importance of understanding and adapting to the needs of others.
"I personally recommend Tim Breithaupt and his company to anyone that wants to invest and develop their sales and management team. We have seen great utilization of the course concepts and it has paid dividends. The sales force is more confident and better equipped to face a very competitive and changing marketplace."
McCain Foods

"The staff from our company, that participated in your course, all agree that your technique is simple yet effective. Honest yet result yielding. Requires effort yet fun and enjoyable. Within two days of reviewing your material and putting into play some of Spectrum's philosophies; our company was able to secure a major contract. This contract was a huge coupe for our firm, as we were able to push aside our competition with honest, forthright selling techniques. We are confident that your seminar contributed, in part, to our success. Thank you!"
SPM Flow Control

"I would like to express my thanks for a seminar well done. Each participant left the seminar with an enhanced appreciation and awareness for customer service. Your dynamic style of facilitation and use of humour helped to make the material easy to comprehend and understand."

"The Management staff in Honolulu found your material and presentation skills extremely easy to comprehend and enjoyable. Most importantly, we have a clear and better understanding of what empowerment and the 1% Solution to Customer Service can do for an organization. Skills that are necessary in any Service Quality focused company."
Canadian Airlines International Ltd.
NEC Inc.
TD Bank
Kraft Foods
Royal Bank